Ben 10

Season 4 Episode 1

Perfect Day

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 14, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • Literally. Enoch tricks Ben into believing he's having the perfect day while he tries to steal the Omnitrix, but the perfect day turns into Ben's nightmare when Grandpa Max and Gwen try to interfere.

    The beginning part of it was a bit weird, but it was also kind of funny. I liked how Vilgax reappeared. He's my favorite character and it was great to see him again, even though it was only an image and not the real Vilgax. It was funny how Ben only knew Gwen was really Gwen when she called him a series of names and then told him Vilgax would try to steal the Omnitrix before trapping him in the Null Void. It was also funny how Ben was playing the Sumo Slammer game while the Grandpa Maxs and the Gwens were fighting in the background. Ben was oblivious to the whole scene. Ben's worst nightmare was sort of funny because he was trapped in the school. When he realized where he was, he screamed and started running away begging to be let out. School is bad, but it isn't that bad. I liked the scene when Ben thought he could wake up from the nightmare by having Gwen hit him. Gwen gladly hit him, but it didn't wake him up. I think it's funny (and kind of sad) how Ben only got through the third grade by choosing C for every mulitple choice answer. Ben's Ultra Ben disguise was pretty funny. I thought he had given up on that dream, but he used it to fight Enoch. It was sort of disturbing seeing Grandpa Max wearing the same outfit as Ben, but it was funny seeing Gwen as a mouse. I liked the scene when Ben woke up from the dream world and kicked Enoch's men away while Enoch was yelling at somebody. He didn't see anything. The kick me sign Ben put on Enoch's back was funny. That bad guy Enoch was serving that showed up at the end of the episode was pretty cool. I wonder if he'll be as bad as Vilgax?