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  • Animated action which i watched as little kid

    Overally good,but sometimes is just too scifi,as a normal show.

    Unnormal shows,like Amazing world of Gumball,can be even classified,cuz it is fantazy piece of random crap.

    By the way,this is American-style pokmon.
  • In my opinion, best show of all time.

    Ben 10 always got my adrenaline up, even with the intro. It has gorgeous animation and awesome voice acting. Each and every character named has at least some personality. The jokes actually make me laugh and very few shows do that to me. It's the most realistic show I've seen with aliens in it. Ben is my favorite super hero because he proves that a hero can be anyone, even someone who doesn't act like a hero. Out of all the movie worlds, this is the one I want to be in the most because I would love to travel around in the RV with them and joining in on their adventures. I almost cried when I finished the series and wish with all my heart it would come back. I watched the other serieses but they didn't give me the excited feeling Ben 10 gave me.
  • Like it as a kid, it doesn't hold up well.

    If you grew up with Ben 10, it's gonna be hard to admit this, but the show is terrible. Just go watch Batman: TAS and compare it to this.
  • Genius! Absolutely genius!!! :)

    While many people say their favorite show on Cartoon Network during the late 90s and throughout the 2000s was either Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack, it's not exactly the same for me. PPG was okay, Dexter was also okay, Johnny Bravo was okay then but now he comes across as creepy, Samurai Jack is clearly an animated masterpiece, but sadly pales in comparison to Ben 10. Hell yes, this was an awesome show; it had great characters, very nice animation, excellent voice acting and bust a gut funny humor. Our premise? Ben Tennyson (voiced by Tara Strong) spends the summer with his Grandpa Max and his cousin Gwen; while camping one night, he stumbles upon an alien pod that holds the Omnitrix. This then latches on to Ben's wrist and give him the ability to turn into 10 different kinds of aliens, each with their own unique super power. Why is this better than Samurai Jack? Well, while Jack is likeable and relateable, to adults and older kids. Ben is fucking 10 and he can become 10 different heroes all in one; what kid wouldn't want that?! He's not responsible at first, but through the guidence of his grandfather, he does mature over time. Gwen is also a great character because even though Ben has the Omnitrix, she still doesn't get along with him because they're the same age (unlike any other story where the hero has powers and all of a sudden even his worst enemies are his friends). Not only that but neither Gwen nor Max feel useless in any of the episodes; they still help Ben save the day even without powers. In the later episodes, it's revealed that Max was part of a MIB inspired organization called the Plumbers, Gwen learns magic, Ben makes an arch rival by the name of Kevin 11 and eventually comes face to face with more dastardly villains along the way. The humor is just so funny and spot on; I mean, you got professional voice actors like Steve Blum acting like a 10 year old. Like what?! Also Ben and Gwen's bickering is actually funny at times; no scratch that, it's always funny. They're always going at it and their dialogue is just so on point, it's funny. Then there's the animation; holy Jesus at the altar is the animation amazing! The character designs look reminisent of the DC animated series any the action pay tribute to those series. For example, in the first episode, Ben fights a giant robot in the form of Diamond Head and-SPOILER ALERT- he deflects the robot's lazors and disseminates it. If you were to see it for yourself, it's looked awesome; and that was just the first episode. This was a great show all the way through; with likeable characters, amazing animation and laugh out loud humor, this is show I'd recommend people of all ages check out. As for it's sequel series, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and Omniverse, in short, they're all okay; not bad, but they pale in comparison to the original.
  • I hope the theatrical movie coming soon

    I'm a big fan of Ben 10 and i hope their will be updates on the Ben 10 movie. If you see this Joel Silver please bring as soon as you can I love Ben 10 and see how it turns out on the Big Screen.
  • Fantastic

    Ben 10 sure is a good show. Now, before all you haters go "BUT I DOES NOT HAVE A STORY!"... I know. But this was made for kids, and a story can often confuse and/or make them bored. Honestly, for boys and girls around the age of 7-11; This is a dream for them. I remember watching this when I were nine years old, and how I loved the transformations! The fact that a normal boy who were not special at all could save so many people made me believe that I could become better than I was too. The action is exciting without any gore or blood, making up for the bad story.

    Animation/Art style: Beautiful

    Story: Decent for a kids show, low quality for older fans

    Characters: Pretty funny

    Action: Awesome

    Villians: XDDDDD

    Aliens: Wonderful designs
  • Bland and overrated.

    Yeah, you heard me. I hate this show. And I'm not talking about the new ones (even though those suck as well) ,I'm talking about the original. Yeah, I think the orginal is bad as well. It's one of the shows that caused the downfall of cartoon network along with out of jimmy's ass and squirrel bitch. Okay, Ill admit, this show is tolerable at times (not the new ones, those make me jump into a pit of sharks). But I still don't like this show.

    The premise is creative, but it's not executed well.

    The characters are so bland. Ben is a spoiled brat who is one of my worst characters of all time. Sure, he has his moments where he shows he has a heart, but those moments are few and far in between. Gwen is practically the same as ben. The only redeming quality about her is that she is kinda hot. Grandpa max is a fatty fat fatty fat with no personality.

    The action scenes, to me are forgetable and so are the jokes. The animation is good, but that's not enough to save this show.

    So overall, just a bad show. How does this show have a higher rating than the powerpuff girls? That show was great (and this is coming from a boy) while this show is just stupid.
  • Stupid, Bland, Boring, Idiotic, and very very dumb. Ben ten

    if you want to know what I think Ben ten is like look at the title (creative right). Ben ten really stinks real bad. All its about is a stupid (teen, ten year old, whatever) boy that has a watch that looks really stupid and it turns him into stupid aliens (he also has stupid cracks like electric!). If you think about it its like pokemon (another fail). Other shows like this are spongebob (a gay sponge with stupid friends) and regular show.
  • Ben is the Hero of Heroes

    Ben 10 is a creation of a genius. It is a fantasy of which every boy dreams. The original series are my all time favourite

    Alien Force required much importance to the aliens rather than the plot. But by the end of the day, IT IS BEN 10.

    Ultimate Alien had brought me back to the show again. New aliens like NRG, Armodrillo, and the ultimates are excellent. Even the plot is excellent, describing the life story of a true superhero.

    Even the Omniverse is okay and funfilled.

  • The Ben 10, I like is the original and 1st one.

    I loved the 1st Ben 10 series, after that all of them have sucked. Alien Force, Ultimate Alien and now, Omniverse are all disgraces to the 1st Ben 10 series. I gave the 1st Ben 10, a 9/10 rating. Not all the others, the others, I give a 1.5/10.
  • Use to be good

    The first show use to be good, but the current show, Alien Force, and Ultimate Alien are not good. I actually stopped watching the first show because of the dumb as hell live action movie, that was a mistake. So I don't hate this show, just not a fan of the next shows, and the movies were a huge mistake, they shouldn't have been made.

    the new ultimate alien episodes and new episodes after ultimate episodes sucks!!!!!

    I think that they are not taking any time for thinking while making episodes, logic's are good but stories are not good..... they must take more effort in buiding

    briefly speaking if ultimatrix is very powerful then why BEN always lag behind like an idiot always, it feels too stupid while watching this...that anyone can defeat him and he wins at last only....
  • It`s a okay show

    I can`t say it gets any better. The stories are good I feel like younger kids would love this alot more then me. It`s not directed towards adults. So of course kids will like it more. What I can say that is good about it the animation is cool. The plot always needs alittle work but for the most part the episodes are good. Me rating this for myself I would give it 6. But it is a much better show when you let go of the plot details and go with it. Also not alot of character grow from Ben everyone else though. The villians are cool I like most of them. The highlight of the animation is the Aliens becuase we haven`t seen anything like them and they look really good.
  • Great Show

    Ben 10,is a great show.This great shows about,Upon discovering a mysterious device known as the Omnitrix, 10-year-old Ben Tennyson is bestowed with the power to change into 10 different alien heroes. Each alien hero has its own unique and awesome powers. Although Ben now has the added responsibility to protect others and fight evil forces, he still manages to find time for some mischief and fun! Character Bios Heat....
  • A decent cartoon with good actions. Feel free to disagree, but read my full review, then you would know.

    Full Review (Please read the review)

    Art: 9/10 - Legendary and detailed.

    Storyline: 6/10 - Not that impressive, but has some good stories and back stories.

    Characters: 7/10 - Decent characters, even though sometimes Ben can be annoying.

    Voice-acting: 10/10 - Excellent performance.

    Plot: 7/10 - Some good parts like the fighting scenes, other scenes, not that good.

    Dialogue: 5.5/10 - Sometimes the dialogue is not done properly, especially when Ben tries to use an insult to Gwen.

    Animation: 7.5/10 - Nice animation, especially on the fight scenes.

    Presentation: 6/10 - The scenes are great, but the jokes they try to do aren't that funny. Overall, it's okay at best.

    Overall: 7/10 - It was a decent cartoon to watch. If you think this show is just for guys, you're either plain ***ed or a sexist pig. Girls can watch this too, even though I'm a guy. The show had a decent ending. Anyone can watch this. Decent show.
  • Hate it!

    It's terrible it's nothing much just about a 10 year old boy with his watch which can turn him into anything and his big sister is more annoying than he is very very annoying and the animation looks like anime which is a disgrace to anime this is my opinion also this show is more terrible than Robotboy ever was(that's a show full of gays) just cancel these shows Cartoon Network and put the good old shows like Dexter and Johnny Bravo on your block.
  • The worst show I have ever seen! >:(

    When I watched an episode of this it was the worst 30 minutes of tv I have ever watched. It is honestly the worst show cartoon network have ever shown. I do not know how anyone can like this! I would recomend for anyone not to watch this. If you like this show you must ethier be crazy or you will watch and like anything. If I could rate this even lower than 1.0 I would that is how much I hate this show. It should get cancelled and forgot about. It is my least favourite show and I hate it!
  • One of my favourite cartoons back in the day.


    I was a huge fan of this show back when I was a young child. I had all sorts of Ben 10 merchandise, the watch, posters, games, figures and even clothes and bed sheets. It was my favourite cartoon back then.

    I'm not afraid to admit it. This show is genius. I would have never thought of the concept for this show. The creators of this show deserve a pat on the back.

    This show is about an average, 10 year old boy on vacation. He stumbles upon an alien watch, known as the 'Omnitrix'. It attaches itself to his wrist. Ben can now turn into ten different alien heroes. Simple.

    I love the characters. Grandpa max is a father figure to Ben while he's on vacation, and he's a plumber for heaven's sake! Gwen is Ben's doofus cousin who prats about with him and drives him insane. But deep down, they are best friends.

    The main villain of this show is Vilgax, a squid-human thing. He's quite a threat to Ben and the gang. He has his own army of robot drones.

    There are all sorts of other cool villains. My personal favourite is Kevin.

    The music is great. Techno alieny music. It's hard to describe. Listen to it for yourself and you'll get what I mean.

    This cartoon will stay with me forever in my heart. Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien ruined the entire show.

  • Very repetitive boring show.

    Ben 10 is about a ten-year-old boy who one day finds a watch called the "Omnitrix". This can get him to transform into an alien. Sounds good? It's not.

    I watched this about three times before getting to the point that it was utterly boring. Whatever happens. Ben Tennyson wins. He has a cousin called Gwen who does NOTHING. A Grandpa Max just has modern devices to destory aliens.

    In every episode: Evil alien comes down to Earth. Ben uses Omnitrix to kill alien. If that doesn't work, Grandpa Max kills it. Vilgax loses. The end.

    Horrible show. Nothing is funny, nothing is enjoyable. You'll wish you didn't waste your half-hour on this if you watch it. Thank God they've stopped making this!
  • This should've lasted longer.

    This is another show that didn't even need a spin-off because it was great itself. Ben 10 is about a boy named Ben Tenyson who finds an alien watch which snaps to his arm. Now,he has the power to transform into different types of aliens. Of course,it ended up being great. Now let's start with the characters. You have Ben,the selfish kid who was actually funny,Gwen,his annoying sister,Grandpa Max,the parent and that it. That's all the characters of the show. The action scenes were amazing and awesome,the aliens were awesome,this show was awesome. However,did it really need a spin-off? Come on,the spin-off was just bad,boring and horrible like All grown Up. The live-action movies were bad too. But however,I thought this should've lasted longer than 4 years. In my opinion,this was one of CN's best cartoons and it deserves another chance.
  • Least funniest episode ever!!

    Why? Well, who wants to watch a show where they make Ben too young and immature? Huh? Not me! I did not like it at all. Sure, Ben 10 was a good show, but not all the episodes were spectacular. In fact, the people who wrote it? Were they trying to be funny? Having a baby stinkfly breaking wind to defeat enemies is SOOOO not my idea of funny! And that stupid truck monster? Forget it! Totally uncalled for! If they wanted to write about the Fountain of Youth, they could have at least made it a little more dramatic. It would have been cool to see Ben and Young Max skating or skateboarding together. But no! They had to turn Ben 10 into an immature, whiny 4-year-old kid! Uncool!
  • Boring.

    My brother watches this show all the time so i am forced to watch it sometimes. The jokes are really bad and i cant imagine anyone over the age of 7 laughing at them. The storylines are annoying and this makes it hard to watch and take seriously. I am not actually the right age group for watching this show so i am not going to give it a one, however it is much worse than some of the other childrens shows on T.V and so i felt 2.5 was appropriate. Overall i would rather watch Disney Channel than this.
  • Too bad there isn't a rating below zero.

    This show is horrible! It's just another worthless brainwashing junk-series made just for money! Everywhere where I look in the market there are ben10 cards,ben10 figures,ben10 pencils etc. I would be impressed if they made ben10 toothpicks.

    Now,what's wrong with the show?

    If they meant to popularize it so much,the quality shouldn't be so mediocre. The main character is Ben &%$#*&% Tennyson,some ignorant annoying irritating brat who has that Omnitrix device which turns him into various aliens. Now,no matter who fights him , Ben never loses.NEVER.You don't have to be a psychic to know how will episode end. Also the main villain looks like a GMO brain-damaged octopus and he's quite annoying. The character of Ben's cousin,Gwen,is poorly defined too. Their Grampa Max is there for nothing. He has a brain of a size of a peanut and he is there just to have that modern devices which destroy evil aliens etc.
    Oh,and humor? I didn't know that this poorly written sarcasm has to do anything with comedy.
    Ben10,you fail in all ways of figuring out is there something good related to this show. Don't watch this.
  • i used to like this when i was young,now?its bullcrap

    ben is a 10-year old geek with biatchy cuzon they are forced to co-operate in a mission called operation:nerdity ben 10 is going throught nerdity he used his new tegnique the poo - me - poo - me - poo wave and hi strustworthy wee blast snot missile snot cannon snot blsat snot wave snot - bomb i know you are what whaddam i ya poo poo fart brain this place smells of month old turkey poop grr r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r rr r oh fartinskey d shhf wu dfig du
  • Fairly decent show

    I'll be honest. When I first saw the trailers for this show, I was impressed. Finally, a show would come along to rescue the poor television viewers like me who had been forced to suffer through an unbelievably long span of terrible programming on the part of Cartoon Network. When I saw the show, I was only mildly let down. It was still a fabulous escape from bad television. However, there were a few problems. One. An often foolish ten-year old boy whose device of power often fails him or malfunctions does not a hero make. Two. The constant Ben/Gwen feud left me often changing the television despite the shows' appeal. And I was glad to see that this problem was mostly eliminated in the sequel series. Finally, I grew tired of the monotonous freak-of-the-week-esque tone that the show took. Otherwise, it was an okay show.
  • Was an good show, but there are cracks in it.

    I was once an addict of Ben 10. I only got to know of this show in late 2006 (that's when it was broadcasted in Cartoon Network SEA). Was fascinated not only because of the characters, storyline etc. we're going to get, people finally got to see fantastic work from Cartoon Network after a 2-3 year long drought of stuff worth watching.

    Sometimes it makes me want to turn away from the TV when Ben does something that gets him into big trouble (eg. When he ran away in "Kevin 11" episode and befriends with Kevin), but meh. They clearly depicts Ben's character as a mischievious boy.

    What I'm not impressed:
    1. Mild humour. Most episodes didn't give me an opportunity to laugh out loud like what I do in Spongebob, Tom and Jerry etc. Not that I'm asking for classical violence or satirical comedy, but the show could have done better in comedy, but of course maintaining the same amounts of action.
    2. Ripoffs. Sorry for the other 2 sequels to Ben 10, but they have both destroyed my interest in watching any of the 3 shows. I mean, why follow the footsteps of Beyblade or Looney Tunes?

    Could have given this show a higher rating, but most things aren't perfect when they have defects (Sorry to say this, because I'm studying aircraft engineering and we can't tolerate cracks O_o).
  • Ben Tennyson, on his summer vacation with his Grandpa Max and cousin, Gwen, unintentionally gets an alien device, the Omnitrix, that has the ability of transforming him into superpowered aliens. He uses these powers to fight crime.

    Words just can't describe how great this show is! But I'm gonna give it a go: GREATEST EVER!!! I know what I just said, but it is still, in my opinion, THE greatest show EVER, and I think everybody should watch it (it's just a suggestion, because some people may not like it). What I like about it is that I can relate to Ben in a lot of ways: We both have a want to help people. Plus, we both have brown hair. But what I don't have that he does eyes. You probably thought I would say the Omnitrix, did you?
  • I don't watch a lot of cartoons, and due to the plague of suckness infecting modern TV, a cartoon as good as this is a rare thing today

    OK, I could remember I was probably 10 when this show came out, and like it was created to do, it had me hooked from the first commercial. Before I talk about it, this is from the standpoint of a huge anime fan and someone who can watch anything, cartoon or not, as long as it's good. I'm no loser who stays home watching Spongebob on his saturday nights, but I can still appreciate good animated series.

    Ok, let's begin. Ben 10 is a cool and original concept, involving Ben Tennyson, a 10 year old boy who gets an alien watch that let's him turn into 10 different alien warrior species. Behind the overused 10 theme in this show, it is actually surprisingly good. The action in this show is reminiscent of anime, and really well executed. For the first few episodes, Ben stuck to the script, but as the series evolved, I marveled at how Ben always seemed to be doing some different kind of thing. At first it was meet an alien, turn to an alien, fight, go home. Then, it completely splattered into wild adventures escaping dream worlds, alternate realities, fighting Sorcerers, capturing electricity creatures, clashing with an age-old creed of evil Knightlike scientists, and discovering family ties with a secret government organization that fights aliens.

    Also, you have to give props on how the writers were able to incorporate 10 different but equally cool alien fighters. They all have different powers. Sure, they used the obvious ones everyone uses(Shooting fire, superspeed, superstrength, flying) but also has some random and interesting ones, such as Upgrade, a form able to merge with and manipulate technology. Or Ghostfreak, whose able to do ghost things like flying, turning invisible etc., but also possesses the random ability to rip his chest open and spurt out claws, lightning, tentacles and something that we don't get to see that apparently scares everyone who sees it. So, aside from cool and original powers, an engaging and mysterious story, and well executed action, there's still some things I don't like about this show. For one, I guess the writers were trying to relate to kids by having Ben and his cousin Gwen bicker all the time. That oddly never gets too annoying, but what does is the extremely weird "teen slang" they use. They call each other the randomest crap, like "Megadweeb". No one talks like that anymore! Actually, I'm not even sure if there ever even was a point in time where anyone said things like that. Plus, I'd like to state how Ben fits the stereotypical "growing boy" you've seen in commercials. Despite the great power and responsibility bestowed upon him, he acts completely stupid for most of the time he's not fighting aliens. I mean, you just wonder why no one gets annoyed by him, and you see why he gets bullied by the losers "Cash and JT" at his school. Gwen, for most of the beginning, is completely void of purpose other than providing rude comments to Ben, or get in the way in the middle of a fight. Like, there are literally scenes where Ben's fighting some alien robot thing and Gwen tries to intervene and jumps in the middle of it, resulting in Ben getting her out and getting trashed as he lets his guard down. Another downside is the later season's closing episodes. As the series was nearing an end, the story just pretty much fell apart, only to be brought back together for the sequel show. What I mean is, Ben gets all these new different alien forms, then fights all these monster ripoff aliens (ie a Mummy and Frankenstein biteoffs), and the writers knew this sucked, because they didn't even bother to give these new forms original names. Ben would beat the monster and then get the form to turn to it at any time. No lie, the mummy form was named "Benmummy" and the werewolf "Benwolf". We went from Upgrade and Ripjaws to Ben-mummy! Plus they tried to throw in this "purple lightning" crap, that didn't work. And, personally I dislike the idea of Ben getting additional alien forms. It's Ben 10 not Ben 14, and if they were gonna do that they could at least be original with it, not bite off already done things and just put "Ben" before their actual names.

    All in all, this show is a great thing for kids 9-15 to get into, and anime fans of all ages to watch. It's a cartoon that can be taken seriously, as is anime. Action/Adventure-9
    Originality-10(no pun in10ded)
    Overall-8/10....Original, and interesting show with action and an engaging story, but falls apart later on and fails to capture certain aspects of realism
  • Teen Titans was replaced with this?

    First, I would like to say that the characters are weak. Ben just seems like a self obsorbed brat. All he seemed to do is play pranks on Gwen and use his powers for self-gain. Though he does use them to save others, it seems like he's in it only for glory. Though Gwen is a little better, she just seems like a stereotypical 10 year old girl who always tells on the her brother. Though they are only 10, they just seem like weak characters. Max seems like the only strong major character. One thing that helped Teen Titans is that the characters were a little more mature and seemed to interact quite well.

    There isn't anything special about the aliens either. Though a couple of them are pretty cool, most of them have boring designs. The voices are also pretty poorly done.

    Aside from Kevin 11, the villians aren't anything special. Slade from Teen Titans was both intimidating and clever. I have yet to see any cool villians on Ben 10. It also doesn't help that it's always the same hero that saves the day. There aren't any other superhero characters on the show to add for a little variety.

    All in all, it seems like a typical superhero show that is dull and boring. Cartoon Network really should have come up with a better show to replace Teen Titans.
  • Dumb show.

    I really can\\\'t believe I watched this show. I gave this show one chance to prove how good it is but I could\\\'nt stand 2 minutes of it! I watched the first episode for 2 minutes and I knew this show was going to be dumb. They should cancel this show right now.
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