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  • One of my favourite cartoons back in the day.


    I was a huge fan of this show back when I was a young child. I had all sorts of Ben 10 merchandise, the watch, posters, games, figures and even clothes and bed sheets. It was my favourite cartoon back then.

    I'm not afraid to admit it. This show is genius. I would have never thought of the concept for this show. The creators of this show deserve a pat on the back.

    This show is about an average, 10 year old boy on vacation. He stumbles upon an alien watch, known as the 'Omnitrix'. It attaches itself to his wrist. Ben can now turn into ten different alien heroes. Simple.

    I love the characters. Grandpa max is a father figure to Ben while he's on vacation, and he's a plumber for heaven's sake! Gwen is Ben's doofus cousin who prats about with him and drives him insane. But deep down, they are best friends.

    The main villain of this show is Vilgax, a squid-human thing. He's quite a threat to Ben and the gang. He has his own army of robot drones.

    There are all sorts of other cool villains. My personal favourite is Kevin.

    The music is great. Techno alieny music. It's hard to describe. Listen to it for yourself and you'll get what I mean.

    This cartoon will stay with me forever in my heart. Ben 10 Alien Force and Ultimate Alien ruined the entire show.