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  • A decent cartoon with good actions. Feel free to disagree, but read my full review, then you would know.

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    Art: 9/10 - Legendary and detailed.

    Storyline: 6/10 - Not that impressive, but has some good stories and back stories.

    Characters: 7/10 - Decent characters, even though sometimes Ben can be annoying.

    Voice-acting: 10/10 - Excellent performance.

    Plot: 7/10 - Some good parts like the fighting scenes, other scenes, not that good.

    Dialogue: 5.5/10 - Sometimes the dialogue is not done properly, especially when Ben tries to use an insult to Gwen.

    Animation: 7.5/10 - Nice animation, especially on the fight scenes.

    Presentation: 6/10 - The scenes are great, but the jokes they try to do aren't that funny. Overall, it's okay at best.

    Overall: 7/10 - It was a decent cartoon to watch. If you think this show is just for guys, you're either plain ***ed or a sexist pig. Girls can watch this too, even though I'm a guy. The show had a decent ending. Anyone can watch this. Decent show.