Ben 10

Season 1 Episode 12

Side Effects

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 18, 2006 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Outside Knowledge: Contrary to what Gwen states, cockroaches can't resist the actual blast of a radiation bomb, but it rather can resist actual radiation left after the explosion. In either case, having a "bug suit" would not render Clancy immune, as radiation poisoning is based upon infecting cells when they divide. Cockroaches divides cells very rarely, while humans divide constantly.

    • If the nuclear meltdown was based upon the gamma rays overreacting, Heat Blast's ice would make no difference towards it. If it was the particles vibrating at an incredible fast rate, the ice would've melted as soon as it hit.

    • Outside Knowledge: Gwen's fact about ants was wrong. In reality, they can lift 50 times their own weight, not 10.

    • Outside Knowledge: We see several people in a dragon costume in Chinatown, which is around the Chinese New Year. The trip is during the summer, but the Chinese New Year is usually around February.

    • Outside Knowledge: Ben goes into the ice cream truck healthy and comes out with a bad cold, but the timing of the scene suggests that he wasn't in the truck for a long period of time. On top of that, cold alone cannot make you sick. A rhinovirus is the cause of the common cold. Cold conditions can precipitate the actual virus, though.

    • Neither Gwen nor Grandpa Max bother to wear radiation suits when attempting to shut down the nuclear reactor. Without the suits, they would have gotten a significant dose of radiation from being so close to it.

    • Councilwoman Liang wonders where Four Arms went after the apartment building collapsed, but makes no mention of when or where Ben came from when he's suddenly there with them. Also, despite her proximity to Four Arms, she doesn't seem to notice the very loud noise made by the Omnitrix when it reverts Ben to human form.

    • Look Closely/Pay Attention: Councilwoman Liang is covered in Four Arms' mucus after he sneezes on her, but is completely clean in the following scenes.

  • Quotes

    • (Ben tries to activate the Omnitrix, but can't)
      Gwen: I thought you turned Mr. Bug into a snow cone.
      Ben: He must have thawed out. (still can't activate Omnitrix) Oh, man, we're on our own. Any ideas how to get rid of them?
      Gwen: Ugh, not unless you got a six-foot candy bar to tempt them with.
      Ben: Nope, but I have the next best thing.
      (Clancy grabs Grandpa Max)
      Ben: Come and get it! (is holding Grandpa Max's cold medicine; all the insects flock to it)
      Clancy: What's happening? Stop!
      Ben: (tosses jar out the window) Fetch!
      (all the insects follow the jar; Clancy laughs nervously; Grandpa Max punches him out of the RV)
      Gwen: Good. That guy was really starting to bug me.
      Grandpa Max: I'm calling the police. I'll be right back.
      Gwen: (sneezes) Oh, no.
      Ben: Hey, what do you know? Everything really did work out after all.

    • Ben: Bad guy's on ice, the reactor's chillin', and I think, aah, that steam knocked out the last of my cold.
      Grandpa Max: Don't you just love it when everything works out?
      Gwen: (spots a cockroach; prepares to step on it) Sorry, Mr. Roach. This is going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me.
      (bugs begin crawling over every surface)
      Gwen: Ahh! Company! Lots of company!
      (the RV stops; Clancy walks in)
      Clancy: We didn't appreciate that cold shoulder you gave us in the power plant.
      (Grandpa Max tries to attack him; Clancy tosses Grandpa Max into the front of the RV)

    • Grandpa Max: (about the reactor meltdown) I can't override. All the manual controls have overheated.
      (Clancy starts running towards Ben)
      Grandpa Max: Ben, look out!
      (Heat Blast freezes Clancy)
      Automated Voice: Core meltdown in ten. (starts counting down)
      Heat Blast: Stand clear, I've got an idea. (freezes reactor)
      Automated Voice: (countdown stops at two) Core temperature falling. Returning to below critical limits.
      Gwen: All right!
      Grandpa Max: Way to go, Ben!
      Heat Blast: Thanks, heh heh. Now, can we please get some hot chocolate or something? (sneezes)

    • Heat Blast: (to Clancy) Oh, man. Maybe we can talk about this. (fires an ice beam at Clancy by accident; gasps) Hey!

    • Grandpa Max: (hears wasps) Uh-oh. Remember the old expression: mean as a hornet?
      Automated Voice: Meltdown in five minutes.
      (Gwen & Grandpa Max find a hose and spray the wasps)

    • (Gwen & Grandpa Max run passed Clancy)
      Clancy: You can't escape us. (sends wasps to chase them)
      Heat Blast: That's it. Time to turn up the Heat Blast around here. (tries to make a fireball, but sneezes and nothing happens) Hey, what happened? You should be a bunch of briquettes by now. My cold, it froze my flames.
      (Clancy punches Heat Blast)

    • Gwen: (after Ben transforms into Heat Blast) Wait, something's weird about you.
      Heat Blast: We don't have time for you to diss me. You guys shut down the reactor. I'll take care of bugsy.

    • Clancy: Came for a front row seat?
      Ben: This place goes nuclear, you're going to wind up blowing along with the rest of us.
      Clancy: We don't think so.
      (cockroaches form a suit around Clancy)
      Clancy: When the reactor goes super-critical, we'll be snug as bugs in a rug.
      Gwen: Of course! Scientists think cockroaches are the only things that would survive the blast.
      Ben: So the guy's gonna wear a bug suit to protect himself from the meltdown?

    • Ben: (after reverting back from Four Arms) Good thing I can't feel my head.
      (Clancy climbs out of the rubble; all of his insects are dead)
      Clancy: No, no, no! You will all be sorry. We will exterminate the entire city. (a swarm of wasps arrives and picks him up)

    • Clancy: You are trespassing.
      (a swarm of fire ants makes a fist and hits Four Arms)
      Clancy: We will rule mankind.
      (the ants turn to Grandpa Max)
      Gwen: Grandpa, look out!
      (Grandpa Max dodges the ants; termites begin eating the floor beneath Gwen)
      Gwen: Termites!

    • (Four Arms breaks through the doorway and picks up Gwen & Grandpa Max; Gwen notices Four Arms' smelly hives)
      Grandpa Max: It's your hives. The cold must have turned them into pus-filled pockets of-
      Gwen: -your putridness.
      Four Arms: I can't help it, I'm sick.
      Gwen: You're telling me.

    • Gwen: (about Clancy's apartment building) Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live here.
      Grandpa Max: Let's all stay together.

    • Councilwoman Liang: (covered in spiders) Please, don't hurt me.
      Clancy: Black widows. You shouldn't make any sudden moves. Our grandfather built this building. We grew up here. Just me and my little friends. They are the only ones who understand, and no one is evicting us.

    • Gwen: Got it. Bug guy said something about knocking down his apartment building. Well, the only apartment downtown left for demolition is at 8610 Chester Street.
      Ben: (hiding cold medicine) What Grandpa doesn't know, won't hurt me.

    • Gwen: (sighs after Grandpa Max prevents the fireworks from lighting) Thanks, Grandpa.
      Grandpa Max: Just hope you don't mind smelling like chicken dumplings.

    • Gwen: (trying to guide the blinded Wildmutt) Go left.
      (Wildmutt turns right)
      Gwen: No, your other left.

    • Ben: (activating Omnitrix) This looks like a job for... (sneezes and transforms into Wildmutt)
      (Wildmutt's nostrils are clogged with mucus, rendering him unable to sense anything; he runs around aimlessly, smashing into things)
      Gwen: Has Ben gone rabid or what?
      Grandpa Max: Ben's cold must be affecting Wildmutt's sense of smell. With his schnoz clogged, he can't tell where he's going.
      Gwen: Okay, furball. (jumps on Wildmutt's back) I'm driving.

    • Councilwoman Liang: Ladies and gentlemen, I want to thank all of you for your support of my downtown redevelopment program. It's truely a dream come true.
      (a swarm of wasps fly in)
      Clancy: Better make that a nightmare, councilwoman.
      (the wasps attack everything in sight)
      Gwen: Wasps!

    • (Gwen & Grandpa Max are in the reactor room)
      Automated Voice: Core temperature critical. Meltdown in one minute.
      (Heat Blast freezes one of Clancy's bug arms; it falls off and grows back; Clancy tackles Heat Blast and they fall into the reactor room)
      Gwen: Grandpa, I can't hold these bugs off much longer.
      Automated Voice: Meltdown in thirty seconds.
      Heat Blast: Somebody call for a hero?
      Gwen: I don't get it. Since when are you an automatic ice cube maker?
      Heat Blast: I guess for some aliens getting a cold isn't just an expression.

    • Automated Voice: Core temperature critical. Meltdown imminent.
      Grandpa Max: All the controls are smashed. We'll have to shut it down manually.
      Ben: How do we do that?
      Grandpa Max: Just outside the reactor core there's an emergency override system.
      Gwen: Let me guess, you learned about nuclear reactors from a monk in China.

    • (alarm goes off)
      Ben: What's happening? Is that bad?
      Gwen: No. I'm sure anytime an alarm goes off inside a nuclear plant it's good news.
      Automated Voice: Core temperature rising. Approaching critical.
      Grandpa Max: He must be fooling around with the reactor's controls. Let's go!

    • Gwen: (looking up info on her laptop) Wow, listen to this. Ants can lift ten times their own body weight, grasshoppers can leap one hundred times their length, and cockroaches can hold their breath for over an hour.
      Ben: We don't need their resumes. We need to know how to squash them.
      Gwen: Duh. I'm saying insects are pretty tough little suckers. Short of another ice age or tanker full of pesticide, looks like holding a bug barbeque is our best option.
      Ben: And I know just the chef.

    • (in the RV)
      Ben: Turn on the heat, Grandpa. It's freezing in here.
      Grandpa Max: It's already on, Ben. But you're shaking like an earthquake. Gwen, get him another dose of my San Ju Yen Pien.
      Ben: (gasps) N-No! I mean, I just finished it off. All gone. I'm sure it's gonna start working any minute now.

    • Councilwoman Liang: This has been a really weird day.
      Gwen: Welcome to our world.
      Ben: At least my hives are gone.
      Councilwoman Liang: Where'd that smelly, four-armed guy go? I wanted to thank him.
      Ben: I'll let him know.
      Grandpa Max: Can you find your way back home?
      (Councilwoman Liang nods)
      Ben: So, where do you think bug-brain crawled off to?
      Grandpa Max: (thinking; staring at nuclear power plant) Only one way to exterminate a whole city.

    • Four Arms: (to Clancy) You want to be king, get ready to be crowned! (runs to Clancy, but is covered in ants along the way) Ahh! Ants in my pants! (stumbles about the room while trying to scratch the ants, breaking the support beams as he does)
      Clancy: You're destroying our home!
      (Four Arms continues)
      Clancy: No!
      (wasps surround Clancy)
      Gwen: The whole place is coming down.
      Councilwoman Liang: We have to get out of here.
      Grandpa Max: No time.

    • Councilwoman Liang: (lying on floor; covered by black widows) Stop... black widows!
      Gwen: There's gotta be some way to help her.
      (Four Arms sneezes, covering Councilwoman Liang in mucus; gets rid of insects)
      Four Arms: Oops.
      Councilwoman Liang: Uh, thanks.
      Four Arms: Don't mention it.

    • (in the abandoned apartment building)
      Grandpa Max: They've gotta be here somewhere.
      Gwen: (notices insects) Something tells me we're getting close.
      Grandpa Max: Where's Ben?
      (a giant shadow approaches them)
      Gwen: Ahh! Mega-bug!
      (Four Arms steps out of the shadows)
      Gwen: Ha ha, real funny.
      Four Arms: I thought so.
      Councilwoman Liang: Help!
      Grandpa Max: That came from right above us.
      Four Arms: I'm on it.

    • Ben: (drinks medication) That was so grim.
      Grandpa Max: Don't worry. After ten or so doses, you'll start to get used to it.
      Ben: Oh, I don't know what's worse: the cold or the cure?

    • Ben: Ouch! Oh, man, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.
      Grandpa Max: Here, this'll help. (gives Ben a glass)
      Ben: (smells medicine) Ew! Yuck!
      Grandpa Max: Don't worry. It smells worse than it tastes, or is that the other way around? It's not just you I'm worried about. It seems like your bug has spread to all your aliens, as well. No telling how it'll affect them.

    • Clancy: You are not tearing down our apartment building! We won't let you!
      Councilwoman Liang: (gasps) You're the nutjob who wouldn't leave.
      Clancy: Nice to know we've made an impression.
      Councilwoman Liang: (wasps begin to cover her body) What are you doing?!
      Clancy: Just bringing you home for dinner. You're the main course!

    • Grandpa Max: You know, it's so hard to find fresh potaigadon anymore. It's all freeze-dried nowadays.
      Ben: Can I get a milkshake or something? My throat is killing me.
      Grandpa Max: Don't worry. The Stinkweed Honey and San Ju Yen Pien coat your entire esophageal area. (gives Ben the jar)
      (Ben takes lid off; smells it)
      Ben: Ew! And that's a good thing?
      Gwen: So, where exactly did you learn how to make this stuff, Grandpa?
      Grandpa Max: I picked it up from a monk in Guangdong, China.
      (Gwen stares at him)
      Grandpa Max: They have plumbing in China, too, you know.

    • Gwen: (taking items from a box) Cold tablets, decongestant, cough suppresant, hospital mask.
      Ben: I don't need all that junk.
      Gwen: They're not for you, dweeb! They're for me. Once a bug like that gets out, there's no stopping it.
      Ben: Why don't you just lock me away in some closet somewhere until I'm better?
      Gwen: (gasps) Can we, Grandpa? Pretty please!
      Grandpa Max: All Ben needs is a dose of my famous San Ju Yen Pien cold remedy. Let's go. Chinatown's just down the block.

    • Grandpa Max: Sorry, Ben, it's official. You have a summer cold.
      Gwen: Maybe from now on you'll think twice before having snack time inside an ice cream truck.
      (Ben attempts to sneeze; wipes his nose on Gwen's blouse)
      Gwen: Hey, that's my new blouse!
      Ben: (sneezes) Maybe from now on you'll think twice about leaving your new clothes lying around.

    • Grandpa Max: Where's Ben?
      Gwen: Long case. Hot day. I'm thinking... (motions towards ice cream truck)
      (Grandpa Max opens the truck; Ben is inside, shivering)
      Grandpa Max: You okay?
      (Ben sneezes)
      Grandpa Max: I'll, uh, take that as a no.

    • Thug: (to police) Look, I'm telling ya, th-th-that motorcycle, i-it was driving itself.

    • Upgrade: (spots an ice cream truck) Well, I did just nab the bad guy. (unmerges from motorcycle and opens truck) Now we're talking!

    • Upgrade: (yelling at the thug) Hey!
      Thug: Huh? (sees Upgrade driving up)
      Upgrade: (uses a positronic blast to blow up the trunk of the thug's car; money flies out) Some people just can't hang onto their money. (forms a spike on one wheel and pops one of the tires on the thug's car; the car crashes)
      Thug: (noticing the Upgrade bike has no driver) No way!
      (Upgrade burns rubber in front of the thug, covering him with smoke)

    • Upgrade: (while driving on the sidewalk) Look out! One side! Coming through!

    • Thug: Oh, they'll never catch me.
      Gwen: (in the RV) There he is!
      Grandpa Max: You sure?
      Gwen: Totally.
      (Upgrade drives by merged with a motorcycle)

    • Clancy: Get out of our home.
      Bob: (chuckling) Yeah, well, I hate to break it to ya, pal, but this building's condemned by order of Councilwoman Liang.
      Joe: Yeah, so move it or lose it. This place is coming down, like it or not.
      (Clancy uses wasps to pick up and restrain Bob)
      Bob: (struggling) Get these things off of me!
      Clancy: Well, if you think we're bugging you now... (grins malevolently)

    • Bob: (operating a wrecking ball and tearing down a building) Getting paid to smash stuff. (laughs) You gotta love this job. (continues smashing)

  • Notes

    • Main Allies: Councilwoman Liang.

    • We learn that Upgrade can produce energy constructs (in this case, a spike) from his body, and he sees in a green, electronic style of vision.

    • It is revealed in this episode that, despite lacking a nose, Four Arms still possesses a sense of smell.

    • This is the second time Gwen has ridden on Wildmutt's back. The first time was in "Permanent Retirement."

    • Wildmutt's lips and claws turned green when he was under the influence of Ben's cold.

    • Starting with this episode, the names of each of Ben's alien forms is mentioned at least once.

    • Cartoon Network (UK) airdate: Saturday, May 20th, 2006.

    • In several previous episodes, a hot dog cart was thrown or otherwise damaged. In this episode, since it is Chinatown, a cart full of steamed chicken dumplings is thrown instead.

    • This is the second episode where Ben uses Four Arms to pull a prank on Gwen, the first being, "The Krakken."

    • This episode did not include any transformation sequences from the four alien forms used.

    • Though their names aren't mentioned nor pinpointed who is who in any way, the two construction workers are credited as Bob and Joe.

    • Although his name goes unmentioned, the main villain in this episode is credited as Clancy.

    • This episode made its debut on Cartoon Network's official Ben 10 website on March 13th, 2006, a few days before its Saturday TV premiere. This was done for promotional purposes. It was removed the next day.

    • Main Villain Bio: Clancy - Clancy is a man who has the ability to control insects. He lives at 8610 Chester Street, which is an abandoned apartment building. When Councilwoman Liang tried to redevelop the area and have his home torn down, he kidnapped her and intended to feed her to his insects. Luckily for her, Four Arms was able to stop him. After that, Clancy tried to cause a meltdown in the city's nuclear reactor, which would kill everyone and everything in the city, except for the cockroaches. He made himself protective suit out of cockroaches in order to survive the blast. Heat Blast was able to stop this plan, using his reversed cold powers. Finally, he attempted to take revenge on Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max, but Ben was able to stop him by using Grandpa Max's San Ju Yen Pien cold medicine to attract the bugs and override Clancy's control over them.

    • Main Transformation(s): Heat Blast.

    • Grandpa Max continues to know more than he lets on, and this time he shows that he has been to China at some point in his life, where he learned to make cold medicine. He's also well-versed in the operation of nuclear reactors.

    • New Alien Ability: When Heat Blast gets a cold, he can fire freezing powers.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) Upgrade.
      2) Wildmutt.
      3) Four Arms.
      4) Heat Blast.

    • This is the first episode where Ben becomes ill. The cold virus causes strange side effects in his alien forms.

      1) Four Arms has paler skin and sneezes very large amounts of mucus. He also develops rather pungent hives on his underarms.
      2) Heat Blast's powers reverse completely. His body colors shift to a mix of blue and red instead of orange and red, and he is given the ability to control cold instead of heat.
      3) Wildmutt's nostrils are clogged with mucus, making him unable to sense anything going on around him.

    • Main Villain(s): Clancy.

  • Allusions

    • Clancy: Powers
      Clancy's powers are quite resembling to Shino Aburame's bug-using ability from Naruto.

    • Clancy: "We"
      Clancy continuously refers to himself in the plural, obviously suggesting he is part of a hive mind, like bees or ants, rather than a single mind, as a normal human is.

    • Clancy: Appearance
      When Clancy covers himself in cockroaches, he somewhat resembles Edgar from the first Men in Black movie.

    • Clancy: Powers
      His concept may have been acquired from it, and yet, Clancy's powers are somewhat similar to the villain Roach Coach from The Powerpuff Girls episode, "Insect Inside." Both Clancy and Roach Coach lived in an abandoned apartment building and had the ability to control insects. In addition, they both covered themselves with cockroaches for protection.

    • Chinatown Celebration: Chinese New Year
      The celebration in the streets of Chinatown are common for the Chinese New Year, which usually takes place sometime between January and March.

    • Motorcycle: Dusty Abell
      "Dusty" is written on the side of the motorcycle that Upgrade merges with. This is a reference to Dusty Abell, the props designer for Ben 10.