Ben 10

Season 2 Episode 2

The Big Tick

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 30, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A new hero comes into town.

    We see a bit more in this episode of what comprises the charm of Ben 10; powerful alien beings with the personality of a child. With Cannonbolt being introduced to the family, we get to see more of this humour. Just a sneak peak though which only lasts for the beginning of the episode. Everything else about the episode is below average. The conflict at hand? Nothing exciting, a big bad insect thing is absorbing the earth and of course Ben finds a way to destroy it. The antagonists? Would be more interesting if we got to know them better, unfortunately the time span of a half hour cartoon show doesn't allow us that. If the conflict was better developed and the aliens stuck around longer, this could have been a great episode. Too bad that's not the case.
  • There are many loose ends unexplained in this episode.

    This episode's plot seems to be lacking in something. It attempts to portray Cannon Bolt as a hero, but they could have used a better storyline, certainly, what with all the loopholes and ridiculous elements throughout the show.
    First, how is it possible that Yellowstone Park is completely devoid of a single person whatsoever? It was daylight when they reached, and not some ungodly hour, so why is it that not a single soul is seen in the show besides Ben and his family?
    Second, the idea of a giant insect suddenly crashing down on Earth right in front of Ben is downright impossible. The probability is very minute, and no one seemed to question that.
    Third, the fact that none of the alien heroes could even hurt a hair of the monster's head except a big bouncing Cannon Bolt ball is laughable. If even Heat Blast's fire, Diamond Head's spikes and Ghostfreak's creatures could do nothing to it, how is that hitting its innards would work?
    I know they're just trying to show us Cannon Bolt's strength, but it is not convincing at all with such a paltry plotline.
  • good tv show.

    During a trip to Yellowstone National Park, Ben discovers a new form on the Omnitrix: Cannonbolt, an armadillo- and beetle-like alien. At the same time, a meteor crashes nearby unleashing a giant, tick-like alien called the "Great One" that intends to devour the planet. On top of that, it has its very own worshipers, who intend to make sure it completes its task. Ben easily defeats the worshipers, but the Great One is impervious to all of his original alien forms. Since nothing else works, Ben has to rely on a form he knows nothing about in order to defeat the Great One. He quickly discovers that Cannonbolt is impervious from any attack when rolled into an armored ball and penetrates the Great One's armor in that form, killing the alien from the inside. The worhippers proclaim Ben the new Great One, but change their minds once he reverts back to normal.
  • theres a big tick about to destroy the earth. ben has to stop him.

    cool episode! this is the first episode with the awesome cannon bolt! hes a new alien that can roll up in to a ball and roll around super fast!!! hes cool. one of my faves! the tick is destroying the world and ben has to stop it. theres also three other aliens who come to see the mighty tick destroy. they say hes wonderful and that hes pruifying the earth and they should rejoyce. they are pretty funny too. ben gos about all the aliens in this episode and the new one CONNON BOLT! but at the end he destroys it from the inside out with CONNON BLOT! I love this episode. Its real cool to see it the first time cause of the new alien. one of the great ones! cool.
  • niiiiiice episode

    at the yellowstone national park ben discoveres an alien who has never seen before , a large alien who can roll inside his hard shell called cannonbolt . when a large meteor falls to the ground . inside was the great one which is actulally a huge tick like alien who sucks devours the planets untill they become small lifeless rocks . when ben tries to destroy him , he looks invinsible with his super hard shell . when things just get worse after three aliens come to the earth who protect the great one as it is some sort of a god to them . they try to stop ben and make him , gwen and grandpa tick's slaves . now it's all up to ben to save the earth .
  • Not my favourite episode but its alright. Didn't really like the story plot much.

    In the part where stinkfly is carrying gwen and grandpa max, and those tentacle things grab max's ankle, couln't stinkfly just chop it off with his spade-tail? Also, when Ben is cleaning tick goo off the Rustbucket, couldn't he just go alien like Fourarms or XLR8 to clean it off?
  • When an alien 'god' appears to devour earth, Ben must rely on a new Omnitrix alien to defeat him.

    This has got to be the worst Ben 10 episode ever!!! It was both very disgusting and disturbing. This was the first episode my sister watched and, to tell you the truth, I was embarrassed I watched this show. At that time, I kept Ben 10 a secret, but I told my sister about it and managed to persuade her to watch it with me. This episode was on that night and she watched it with me. She hated this episode too, and now she has the wrong perspective of Ben 10. The scene I hated the most was when Cannonbolt killed the alien by bouncing around in his insides. I also don't like the scene where Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max are forced to wash the alien. That goopy stuff was gross!
  • This just open up a can of worms.

    This just open up a can of worms.

    When this episode aired, I thought that this was a new chapter for the series. I mean, ever since I saw this episode, all I thought was how many more aliens were on the Omnitrix? Why hadn't we seen Cannon Bolt or any other aliens besides the first ten? Why did he have access to only those ten aliens? Hopefully, we'll get answers soon. Anyway, the villain of the week is the Great One, a Galactus-like entity who comes to Earth to "purify" it by rotting the earth on the inside and then digesting it. He is followed by his three heralds to do the Great One's bidding. It's the standard "uses all ten forms - doesn't work, then uses Cannon Bolt - works and the Great One is destroyed" ending.

    Anyways, a fine episode that creates a whole slew of questions.
  • To stop "The Big Tick" that sucks the life of a planet, a new alien appears. While ten aliens can be amazing, one more can add to it even more.

    There is a giant alien referred to as "The Great One," according to its worshippers. It has the most unusual, yet the most effective way of destroying planets. It literally roots itself towards the Earth's core, and eventually branch it out. It then sucks the "life" of the planet, very similar to how a tick extracts its nutrients. When the Tennysons meet up with the giant menace while hiking in the woods, they attempt to destroy it, but with all the powers of every alien on the Omnitrix, Ben is unsuccessful.

    But Ben learns of the new form he acquired before meeting up with the Big Tick. His name is Cannon Bolt, and the alien is from a species that comes from a planet that was destroyed by the Great One. It seems that the Omnitrix holds what is left of such a race. As Ben tries out his newfound form, it was much more effective than the other 10, but not does it only beat up the giant alien, it also represents the loyalty towards the race that once was.
  • Interesting...

    The episode was ok. The whole "Tremendous One" devouring the Earth was an interesting way to go with this episode. The new alien form looks ok but it keep falling on its back. Overall the alien named Cannon Bolt is funny and cool though. The villains were stupid in my opinion and they got on my nerves. Who would honestly want to devour a planet? I also liked how Ben rushed the aliens one after another, that was really cool. Overall, this is a an ok episode that has its good points and has its bad points but otherwise it is good.
  • Ben gets a new alien power thats gets him no where when faced with a giant tick.

    This episode was good but it was slow at the same time with not much action but the fact that all the tough aliens could not defeat the tick and the weakest alien( the new one rollipolliish one) did it from the inside.

    When a new evil comes to earth ben finds himself out matched with a new alien that does nothing but roll around defensive style. In this episode a giant tick known as the great one comes to rot the earth from the inside out and then absorb the earth up.

    This episode was great but there is not to much to talk about except for the new alien and ben\'s feelings for it. I give this episode a 8/10 because it was good but not great.

    Next weeks episode looks like a great episode in which all the aliens are out of control and ben has nothing to do with it. I cant wait!
  • ARGH!!! Season 2 is now ruined.

    Ok, It starts out with Ben finding a new alien on the watch. That means the title is now useless. Plus there was a lack of good comedy, the only funny things are Ben moaning. I mean Ben 11? That makes no sense? Plus those weird alien guys and the big tick make the plot so heavy alot of the comedy is gone. The directors made one huge mistake, and now this weird dude is locked in, and THERE BetteR NOT BE 100 ALIENS. AThat means the 10 originals will barely had any screentime! NO more new aliens plz im ok with these