Ben 10

Season 2 Episode 6

The Galactic Enforcers

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 13, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

At a museum, Ben sits and reads a comic, daydreaming about himself as a super hero. As Gwen interrupts him, she is not happy how Ben treats the artwork. His day has been a bore, but when an alien vessel arrives, an alien named Volcanus and the bounty hunter Sixsix come to pursue the Biocenthium alloy to complete a mixture with Element X to create a bomb, strong enough to destroy a whole solar system. Suddenly, Ben meets The Galactic Enforcers, a group of three who serve in protecting the galaxy under the conduct code. Ben is intrigued by their heroic appearance, but are they really something to be looking up to?moreless

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  • Galactic Enforcers to the rescue! Kind of?

    The biggest prominent thing of this episode is one that Ben 10 has been sorely lacking; comedy. The humour the members of the Galactic Enforcers brought was refreshing, like the irony of the name of the big brute women "Tiny", the rather thick and extensive rulebook of the Galactic Enforcers, and Ultimos' weakness to chocolate, possibly a parody of Superman and his weakness to kryptonite. Lots of funny remarks, and consistently too. Another thing it did well is the underlying development of Sametek and his dislike for Ben. It wasn't too obvious until the end that he had a crush on Tiny; a small yet insightful piece of character development. Hopefully this isn't the last we see of these superhero whackos, and I hope this is a sign that the writing in Ben 10 is only getting better.moreless
  • It's not bad, but it's not too good either.

    Most of the Ben 10 episodes are like this, it seems. The plot feels rushed, lots of weird stuff happen that don't add up to anything, and when the show ends you feel as if you've witnessed the whole plot before. In a word, cliched.

    Superheroes from another part of the galaxy take on the responsibility of taking down evil villains, but it turns out they're too rigid and it takes a little Earthling innovation to set things right. Let's see, how many times have I seen that before?

    Oh, and I feel I've got to mention something. ELEMENT X? WTF? A more intelligent name, please?moreless
  • good episode

    When a pair of bounty hunters plan to use raw minerals from earth to build a devastatingly powerful bomb, Ben joins a group of alien super heroes, the Galactic Enforcers, in order to stop them. However, all is not well with the new group, as a small gift of Ben's chocolate is all that's needed to weaken the group's leader, Ultimos. This causes his second, Cynaptak, to take the lead in order to try showing Ben up. However, the Enforcers tactics involving 'commanding presence' backfire on them, and nearly getting Tiny hurt in the process. However, after Ben goades Cynaptak into rescuing Tiny from a landslide, Ben and the Enforcers put aside their differences to finally arrest the bounty hunters.moreless
  • Ben gets the chance to become the hero he's always dreamed of becoming when a team of super heroes called the Galactic Enforcers show up and request his help in catching two aliens.moreless

    This episode was pretty good. I didn't care for the way Ben acted in this episode. I didn't like the fact that he was very cruel to both Gwen and Grandpa Max when the Galactic Enforcers asked for his help. I did like the part where Ben emerged from the dressing room and he tripped and fell on his face. I also liked the fact that SisSix returned. I wonder what happened to Kraab? Oh well. A scene I particularly enjoyed was the scene at the beginning of the episode where Grandpa Max asks Gwen where Ben is and then they see the explosion and agree that's where he is.moreless
  • An alien group of superheroes recruits Ben to help stop an escaped mercenary and his partner.

    I think the major point of this episode was to rip on the Superfrieds, which is cool seeing as everyone else does it nowadays. The rest of the episode was pretty enjoyable. Interesting fight scenes, a funny conflict between Sametek and Ben over the attention of Tiny and the establishing of Sixsix's role as a recurring villain. Plus, it leaves open the possibility that the Galactic Enforcers may return to Earth because of some great threat that the Tennyson family can't handle on their own. All in all, this was a pretty enjoyable episode, despite the fact that half of it was devoted to making fun of classic superheroes.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Listen Carefully: Ultimos mispronounces Incarcecon several times in this episode.

    • When Cannon Bolt gets a hold of the Element X, why didn't he just curl into a ball and roll away, he wouldn't have been nearly as vulnerable and would have been able to move much faster, and it's established in many other episodes that he can hold something as large as a human while in his ball form.

    • Look Closely/Pay Attention: The radar dish-like device Sixsix used to incapacitate Synaptek came out of the same compartment as his missile launcher.

    • Look Closely: When she is first seen, Tini has pale, red skin. Later, in the space ship, her skin is Four Arms' regular color.

    • Pay Attention: When Ben offers Ultimos some chocolate, Tini is at Ultimos' right side, but when they are about to teleport, she appears at his left side.

    • Pay Attention: Before leaving the space ship, Synaptak puts an energy field, but when Grandpa Max and Gwen are going to teleport, the energy field is gone.

    • Ultimos says that he is the deciding vote as to whether or not Ben would go with them, but he was the one who suggested Ben go with them, so he had already voiced his opinion.

    • Look Closely: When Ben wears the costume, the Omnitrix is covered by a glove, but when he uses it to turn into XLR8, the watch is magically over the glove.

    • Pay Attention: Immediately after Ben transforms into XLR8, he instructs the Enforcers to attack Vulkanus while he serves as a distraction. Shortly afterward, as they attack Vulkanus and save Ben, he tells them that they were supposed to be fighting Sixsix.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Ultimos: Ben, I have something to show you. (presses his belt buckle, which causes a large book to fall from the ceiling) The Galactic Code of Conduct! Every Galactic Enforcer must learn the rules, so that they may LIVE the rules.
      Ben: Aw, man! Superhero homework?
      Ultimos: Well, the first 12,000 pages are admittedly a bit dry...

    • Four Arms: Okay, tough guy!
      Vulkanus: A Tetramand? Ugh, this planet really is a dump!

    • Ben: (speaking about Ultimos, one of the Galactic Guardians, who has succumbed to the toxic-to-his-species effects of a piece of chocolate that Ben gave him as a goodwill gesture) Chocolate is a weakness? You have to admit, that's pretty lame!

    • Tini: Are you finally going to become a Tetramand?
      Ben: Not if I can help it. (turns into XLR8)

    • Tini: What's a big, strong alien like you doing on a planet like this?
      (Omnitrix starts beeping)
      Four Arms: Yes, saved by the beep.

    • Gwen: You really mean all that stuff you said to Ultimos about already being part of a super team?
      Ben: Nah. But who wants to hang with a pack of wackos like that? I'm better off with you guys.

    • Ben: Presenting Ultra Ben, Galactic Enforcer. (trips on his cape) Uh, I meant to do that.

    • Ultimos: His name is Sixsix. He escaped incarceration and formed an alliance with the cretin Vulkanus.
      Synaptak: A Detrabyte. Limited mental capabilities. All brawn, no brains. (looks at Ben) You know the type.

    • Ben: How cool is this? I'm in super hero heaven!
      Gwen: Close your mouth, super dweeb. You're drooling all over the place.

    • Synaptak: (to Ben) So, is this true? The Omnitrix is in the possession of a child. We heard you were a somewhat limited mental capacity. No offense.
      Gwen: Don't worry. He gets that all the time.

    • Gwen: Ben, that's a work of art, you know, not your personal butt rest. You're going to get us kicked out of the museum.
      Ben: I don't have that kind of luck.
      Gwen: One afternoon of culture won't kill you.
      Ben: Unless it bores me to death. (eats a piece of chocolate)
      Gwen: Hey, can I have a piece of that?
      Ben: Sorry. Chocolate's for super heroes only.
      Gwen: More like super jerks only.

  • NOTES (25)

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • The Galactic Enforcers' ship resembles the Twilight from the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the TV series named after it.

    • Sixsix: Powers & Appearance
      Sixsix resembles to Boba Fett, or Jango Fett, from the Star Wars saga, they all are bounty hunters, have guns and explosive, wear an armor, and they all have a rocket on their back.

    • Aliens: Chocolate
      When Ben gives Ultimos chocolate, he grows weak from it. Apparently, aliens cannot eat chocolate. Another example of this is from The Fairly OddParents. Mark Chang (the alien) says chocloate would kill him.

    • The Galactic Enforcers: Group
      Green Lantern Corps. is also a team of aliens patrolling the galaxy that follow similar rules, which is similar to The Galactic Enforcers.

    • Ultimos: Element X.
      The way Ultimos says "Element X" is similar to the way everyone on The Powerpuff Girls say "Chemical X." Also Ultimos (Tom Kane) is voiced by the same person who voices for Professor Utonium in The Powerpuff Girls.

    • Quote: "Saved By the Beep"
      This is obviously referenced from the frequently used saying, "Saved by the bell."

    • Tini: Name
      Tini is a strong, physically towering character with a name that is ironic. This tact has been used for years, such as with the character Pipsqueak in the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode, "Jet," and most notably in the legend of Robin Hood, with the muscular "Little John".

    • Vulkanus: Capes.
      "Capes" is a term used derogatorily by villains in comic books in reference to heroes. This is indicative of episode writer Joe Kelly's established career as a comics scribe.

    • Vulkanus: Take me to your...
      Vulkanus' declaration to be taken to the Biocenthium compound is a parody of b-movie Aliens, who would often demand to be taken to the leader of the world.

    • Foot Statue: Appearance
      The foot statue Ben is sitting on is reminicent of a visual pun from Monty Python's Flying Circus, wherein a giant foot would comically crush everything the viewer had been watching.

    • Manga: Name
      Ben reads a comic called Manga. In Japan, comics are referred to as manga.

    • Ultimos: Powers & Appearance
      Ultimos has the powers of Superman (including a parody weakness to chocolate), and the appearance of an obscure Marvel hero called Sleepwalker. He also talks like the announcer to Superfriends.