Ben 10

Season 1 Episode 3

The Krakken

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 14, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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While camping and swimming at a lakeside campsite, Ben encounters a sea-monster in the lake right after his joke on Gwen. Ben manages to escape, but Grandpa Max and Gwen don't believe Ben about his sighting. The next day, they go fishing and meet their fishing captain, Captain Shaw, who identifies the sea-monster as the Krakken. Throughout this adventure, Ben will meet untrustworthy people, hulking monsters, and he will also encounter his new found form: Ripjaws.moreless

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  • Pretty good!

    A step up from the Washington B.C. episode before. Although the two follow the same formula, the execution here was better and it had a more interesting story. Although it was a bit too predictable that the Friends of Fish was too fishy to be anything more than good, and the monster that attacks everyone just to protect its eggs or babies is not exactly the most original concept, it wasn't terrible, and it was backed up by some funny jokes and one liners between Gwen and Ben, and some really nice fast paced action. What's nice is that we get to see several of Ben's forms instead of just one per episode which gives the episode a nice variety in the action.moreless
  • It was awesome episodes.

    Ben encounters a sea monster called the Krakken and a fisherman obsessed with catching it. He soon finds out the creature is upset because Jonah Melville, a poacher in the guise of an animal lover, is stealing the creature's eggs. After Ben retrieves the eggs, a close scene is shown with the Krakken cuddling her regained eggs in her nest.

    While camping and swimming at a lakeside campsite, Ben encounters a sea-monster in the lake. Gwen and Max don't believe his claims at first. The next day, they go fishing and meet Captain Shaw, who identifies the sea-monster as the Krakken. Shaw is determined to capture it. They later meet Jonah Melville, who appears to be an animal lover but is nothing of the sort. They soon find out that Jonah has been stealing the Krakken's eggs. The three eventually end up at odds with the Krakken and each other, each with their own intentions towards the creature. Ben is eventually able to stop Jonah and return the creates eggs, appeasing it and getting Jonah arrested at the same time.moreless
  • Great episode reminds me of clips of Jaws and Jurassic Park but in cartoon.

    It is a great episode I love the way ben trys to turn into Ripjaws at the end and turns into XLR8 instead. Also great use of a marine alien transformation in the episode this can show that he can conquer air (Stinkfly), land (fourarms, diamondhead, heatblast) and sea (Ripjaws ((and sometimes XLR8 and Grey matter)) Great to watch because it has that Jaws but friendly twist to it ..... woops nothing else to say so i will fill with some dots. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .moreless
  • Shows just what Ben 10 is all about.

    This episode is the best for new viewers of Ben 10. It contains pulse-pounding superhero action, enough plot to back it up and all the strange things you could ever think of. It leaves viewers clueless about the existence of a sea monster but satisfies them with a strong plotline about a mother's protection of her eggs and the reality of poachers not caring a hoot about anything in order to earn money. This episode may fall short of fear, since the Krakken, for some reason, just does not strike fear in anyone, but hatred itself is directed towards humans rather than beasts, and that is an interesting twist indeed.moreless
  • Cool

    This is an awesome episode because of Ripjaws. I also found out that Grandpa Max kind of knew Captain Shaw as a friend. It was also about the villain known as Jonah Melville who is a fish hunter. He planned to capture the Krakken to win a trip to the Bahamas. Ben also tried to help Shaw defeat Jonah. At the end, Gwen used her cell phone to call the police on Jonah Melville. Then, finally, at the end, Jonah was arrested by the police, which I was glad. I hope he stays in jail forever, just like Dr. Animo in my last review on "Washington, B.C."moreless
Robin Atkin Downes

Robin Atkin Downes


Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Recurring Role

Jim Ward

Jim Ward

Captain Shaw/Bad Guy #2

Recurring Role

Fred Tatasciore

Fred Tatasciore

Krakken/Bad Guy #1

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Why would Max leave Ben outside alone, in the water, and go to sleep without bringing him inside?

    • Look Closely: When Ben comes into the RV in the beginning of the episode after he first gets grabbed by the Krakken, there is no bunk bed above Gwen for Ben to sleep on.

    • Even if Captain Shaw had such high-tech diver suits, he would've never had one that was a small enough size for Ben, and yet, Ben sees one that fits him perfectly.

    • Outside Knowledge: When Captain Shaw suits up to dive, he goes alone. The number one rule of divers is to never go alone, always have a buddy to bail you out if something happens.

    • Look Closely: At some points in the episode, the Krakken's tentacles seem to be attached to the side of it's mouth, but at other times, they seem to join up in its mouth.

    • Look Hard: When Gwen is showing Ben the website with information about Jonah, there are pictures of a large crate, Jonah holding a fish, Jonah holding a gun with his foot on a rhino, and a picture of Jonah by himself.

    • Look Closely: Just before Ben transforms into Stinkfly, he is wearing a diving suit. But when the Omnitrix powers down, it leaves him with his normal clothes.

    • Why would it be unbelievable to Gwen and Grandpa Max to have a monster in the lake when so much other strange stuff has happened (the Omnitrix, Transmodulator, etc.)?

    • Look Closely: When describing his first sighting of the Krakken to his grandfather, Ben says that it had red glowing eyes. Not only does it have blue eyes, but Ben looked directly into one of its eyes when he was pulled underwater.

    • Look Closely/Pay Attention: Before Ben dives down to the Krakken's nest, the Omnitrix is shown to be fully-charged. After he comes back up, however, it is out of power.

    • Look Hard: When Bad Guy #1 is first seen, his nametag reads Duane. Later on, after Ben stops the Krakken from taking the crate from Jonah's boat, Bad Guy #2's nametag can be seen. It reads Jack.

    • Pay Attention/Look Closely: When Grandpa Max and Ben ready to fish, Gwen tells them that she will just stay back on the docks to catch some sun. It's cloudy outside though and there isn't much sunlight.

    • Pay Attention: After Stinkfly takes Captain Shaw back to Grandpa Max's trailer, Shaw somehow gets his hat back, even though it was on his boat when Jonah blew it up.

    • Pay Attention: When Stinkfly is being chased by Jonah in the speedboat, the distance between the two increases with every scene instead of getting smaller.

    • Look Closely: In the beginning of the episode, pay attention to Gwen's eyebrows after she tells Ben to get some sleep. They disappear completely after going far enough in the perspective. Then when she heads back to check on Ben after she noticed that Ben was "drowning," they re-appear again.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Grandpa Max: Ben, I don't want you to put too much stock into what Mr. Shaw says. I don't think he has both oars in the water... if you know what I mean.
      Ben: Why? Just because he saw the Krakken, too?

    • Ben: (pretending to be pulled underwater) Hey! What's happen-
      Gwen: Very funny, Ben. I'm not falling for it. (shines flashlight on the water) Ben?
      (Four Arms comes out of the water; covered in seaweed)
      Gwen: Aaaah! (falls over; flashlight shines on Four Arms) Ben?!
      Four Arms: You should have seen the look on your face! Ah, priceless.
      Gwen: (angrily) You are so busted when I tell Grandpa!

    • Gwen: (pounding on the bathroom door) Come on, Ben! What did you do? Fall in?

    • Ben: (to Grandpa Max) You're just being stubborn.
      Gwen: (sarcastically) Yeah. Don't you just hate people like that?

    • (Omnitrix beeps)
      XLR8: (to Jonah) Sorry. Gotta run. (dives into the water and starts running back to Captain Shaw's boat) Almost there. I think I'm gonna- (reverts back to Ben)
      Ben: (in the water) Make it.

    • Grandpa Max: (watching the police arrest Jonah) Good riddance to bad rubbish.
      Captain Shaw: (rowing his boat to shore with Ripjaws in a net) Got one! I finally got me a Krakken. One of the eggs must have hatched. Imagine this trophy mounted on my wall.
      (Ripjaws reverts back to Ben)
      Grandpa Max: I think your catch of the day isn't exactly as advertised.
      Captain Shaw: (looking at Ben trapped in the net) But I could have sworn...

    • Grandpa Max: (to Gwen) Any sign of Ben and Shaw?
      Gwen: (looking through binoculars) Not yet.
      (sound of Omnitrix beeping overhead draws their attention; Stinkfly reverts back to Ben and he falls on top of the RV)
      Ben: (groans) I hate it when that happens.

    • Stinkfly: (flying Captain Shaw to shore) Almost there! (Omnitrix beeps) Oh! Not again!

    • Ben: (picking up a handful of worms and showing them to Gwen) Breakfast?
      Gwen: (screams) Ben, gross! (to Grandpa Max) What with the bucket of slimies?
      Grandpa Max: Bait.
      Gwen: Yeah. Well, I think I'm going to pass on the fishing thing. I'll stay here and catch some sun instead.
      Grandpa Max: Okay, but you don't know what you're missing.
      Gwen: (walking away) I'm pretty sure I do.

    • (As the Krakken attacks the dock)
      Captain Shaw: I knew it! I told ya the beast was real!
      Grandpa Max: Sail now, gloat later!

    • (Gwen is relaxing on the dock)
      Gwen: (to herself) Ah, finally, a little sun. And with my big-mouthed cousin nowhere in sight, I can just lay back and relax.
      (Captain Shaw's boat is coming closer to the dock)
      Gwen: (referring to Ben) How many times does that doofus think I'm gonna fall for this?

    • Grandpa Max: Now, Ben, this is a fishing trip, not a monster hunt.
      Captain Shaw: It's called the Krakken.
      Ben: You know about it?
      Captain Shaw: It's my business to know about it. (shows Ben a picture of the Krakken) I've been on its tail for years. Folks say my rudders not right.
      Grandpa Max: Why doesn't that surprise me?
      Captain Shaw: Sightings go back hundreds of years on this very lake. Some say it's a myth. Not me. I could take you to a spot where I personally laid eyes on the beast. That is, if you got the stomach for some real adventure.

    • Ben: It's hero time! (transforms into Stinkfly)

    • Ben: Cannonball! (jumps into lake) Judges scores... yes! Perfect 10! Yeah! (imitates crowd roar) The crowd loves him!
      Gwen: (shines flashlight at Ben) A perfect dweeb is more like it.

    • (Ripjaws hangs an unconscious Jonah on some wreckage)
      Ripjaws: Hang here for a while, until the police find a nice, dry cell for ya.

    • Grandpa Max: All right, buddy. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.
      (Gwen & Grandpa Max knock out one of Jonah's henchmen)
      Gwen: Is this the easy way, or the hard way?

    • Ben: But what about the Krakken?
      Jonah: The Krakken? Not that old fish story. Look, I'm a marine biologist and anybody who tells you they've seen a monster in this lake is casting without a hook.

    • Ben: Don't worry, I'll take care of it. (uses Omnitrix, jumps into water, and turns into XLR8)
      XLR8: I said Ripjaws, not XLR8! Stupid watch!

    • XLR8: You okay?
      Gwen: (coughing) I think so. Thanks for the save.
      (XLR8 runs off, splashing mud in her face)
      Gwen: Hey, you did that on purpose!

    • Grandpa Max: Ben, you feeling okay?
      Ben: Yeah. I'm just keeping an eye out for the lake monster. That thing's not taking me by surprise this time.
      (a dark figure shows in the distance; Ben points to it)
      Ben: Whoa! There it is!
      (tree branches with a tub float by)
      Ben: Oh, my bad.

    • Ripjaws: (presses himself against Jonah's suit) You want a monster? Try me on for size!

    • Bad Guy #1: (points at the sky) Is that a bird?
      Bad Guy #2: Nah. Looks like a plane.
      (Stinkfly heads closer to them)
      Jonah: (looks up at Stinkfly) It's a bug!

    • XLR8: (hisses) What's so important in that crate, that you'd risk your life for it?
      Jonah: Um, our lunch.
      XLR8: You almost got munched, for a few sandwiches?

    • Ben: Come on, dive in!
      Gwen: Please, who knows what nasty, slimy things are slithering around in there. (points flashlight at Ben) I rest my case.

  • NOTES (22)

    • Second appearance of Four Arms, XLR8, and Stinkfly.

    • There is an online game based on this episode called Power Splash. It was first released February 2007 on the UK CN website. It later followed onto USA's in February 2008.

    • Omnitrix malfunction(s):
      Ripjaws - XLR8

    • We learn that Grandpa Max wears pajamas with a lightning bolt pattern on them.

    • Main Ally Bios:
      Captain Shaw - Captain Shaw is a fisherman. He relentlessly pursues the Krakken, a beast that roams the lake in which he fishes. Upon first seeing this creature, he swore to "capture" it (by means of a harpoon cannon) in order to verify his claims. This mission has earned him a less than favorable reputation among the nearby residents. Most think of him as crazy. Ben helps him to reveal the existence of the Krakken, but Shaw is unable to capture it, instead capturing Ripjaws only to have him revert back into Ben.

      The Krakken - The Krakken is a massive sea-creature that lives in the lake Ben visits. This particular Krakken seems to be a female, since it has a nest. There are aquatic species in which the males take care of the young, but this may not be the case with the Krakken, and Ben does refer to it as a she. It is highly territorial and protective of its brood, risking just about anything to defend them and lashing out when its nest is disturbed. The Krakken looks slightly similar to a plesiosaur, possibly being an off-shoot of the species. The main differences between the Krakken and a plesiosaur are that it has two tentacle-like tongues, each with a "mouth" on the end, and large skin-flaps connecting its fore-legs to its body. Also, the fact that it has legs, and very powerful ones at that, is a major difference, since Plesiosaurs had flippers. Also, Plesiosaurs generally had long necks, whereas the Krakken has a shorter neck (relatively speaking). Its eyes and teeth vaguely resemble Ripjaws'.

    • Main Allies: Captain Shaw & The Krakken.

    • Jonah Melville planned to go to the Bahamas after he sold the Krakken egg.

    • The Krakken's body in this episode is slightly similar to XLR8's.

    • Cartoon Network (UK) airdate: Saturday, March 11th, 2006.

    • Running Gag: Ben transforming into one of the ten aliens, then transforming back to normal right before he can complete what he's doing.

    • The Omnitrix malfunctions for the first time. Instead of changing Ben into Ripjaws as he had intended, it changes him into XLR8.

    • Main Transformation(s): Ripjaws.

    • Main Villain Bio: Jonah Melville is a hunter of rare animals, more commonly known as a poacher. He takes the animals he captures and sells them to the highest bidder. He often uses the cover of an animal-rights activist in order to disguise his activities.

    • New Alien Ability: Stinkfly reveals another ability he can do with his slime: he can spit out a thread of slime from his mouth, and use it to reel him to the area it landed on.

    • Since it was shown that XLR8 can run fast on the surface of the water, we can conclude that his speed is around 300 mph.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) Four Arms.
      2) XLR8.
      3) Stinkfly.
      4) Ripjaws.

    • Main Villain(s): Jonah Melville.

    • New Alien Form Bio: The aquatic alien Ripjaws is an extraordinary swimmer since he can breathe underwater and change his legs into a long tail with fins. He's remarkably fast and agile in the water and can fight with his claws or unhinge his powerful jaws to deliver a devastating bite.

    • This episode starts to really hint at the fact that Grandpa Max may have some type of hidden past, which has yet to be revealed. Previous episodes have also had some subtle hints as well. In this episode, Grandpa Max is showing using hand signals commonly associated with government service of some type.

    • New Alien Form(s) Accessed: Ripjaws.

    • Stinkfly cannot fly if his wings are wet, just like some winged insects cannot.

    • Premiered at a special time: 10:30am EST/PST.


    • Krakken: Loch Ness Monster
      The Krakken being a lake monster that has been sighted over the past thousands of years is similar to the Loch Ness Monster sightings over the past few thousands of years.

    • Captain Shaw: Quint
      Captain Shaw in this episode is a reference to Quint from the movie, Jaws. Quint was played by Robert Shaw.

    • Jonah Melville: Inspiration
      The poacher Jonah Melville may be named after two other men - the Hebrew prophet Jonah who was swallowed by a fish, and Herman Melville, who wrote Moby Dick, the classic story of a sea captain hell-bent on destroying a big white whale.

    • Krakken: Dinosaur
      With the exception of its extremely large tongues, the Krakken bears a striking resemblance to a Plesiosaur.

    • Friends of Fish: Organization
      The group "Friends of Fish" is indeed a real organization. Click here for more information.

    • Jesus Christ Lizard = XLR8: Speed
      Since XLR8 can walk on the surface of the water because of speed, he is like the Jesus Christ Lizard, a lizard that can walk on water by running fast. The lizard acquired its name because Jesus Christ could also walk on water. Not only is it that XLR8 can do the same as the lizard, XLR8 looks like the lizard. You can see a picture and more information on the lizard here.

    • Loch Ness Monster: Silhouette
      The debris floating in the lake that Shaw and Ben thought was the monster looks strikingly similar to that of the silhouette of the Loch Ness Monster of Scotland.

    • Bad Guy #1: (points at the sky) Is that a bird?
      Bad Guy #2: Nah. Looks like a plane.
      This is an obvious reference to Superman.

    • Krakken: Monster
      The Krakken is based off of a real mysterious monster of the same name (though it's spelled with only one "k") that is said to live off the coast of Norway and Iceland. Supposedly, is it an octopus-like monster of gargantuan size, and many sailors have said to be attacked by it. There is also a poem entitled, "The Kraken." Coincidentally, it was written by a person called Tennyson.