Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 11

The Return (1)

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 07, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • It was a great installment.

    A shuttle launch at NASA is interrupted by a purple lightning storm. This attracts the attention of Ben, Gwen, and Max, who hope to discover the origin of the alien werewolf and mummy. While at NASA, Ben runs into an ill-tempered scientist by the name of Dr. Vicktor. Surveilence tapes associate him with the purple lightning storm, and he is quickly shown to be in cahoots with the two creatures. Ben, Gwen, and Max encounter the creatures again, in addition to Doctor Vicktor in his true form. Following a losing battle, the Tennysons split up: Max and Gwen board the space shuttle that Doctor Vicktor launches, and Ben follows Vicktor as XLR8. The mummy's onboard the space shuttle, and Vicktor sends the werewolf to New Mexico in a flash of purple lightning through use of a teleportation device. But as Ben confronts Dr. Vicktor, the scientist reveals that he is not carrying out his own plan. To Ben's horror, Vicktor revives his master: Ghostfreak.
  • A Thep Khufan, a Loboan and a Transylian revives Ghostfreak. Can Ben stop them?

    One of the best episodes of Ben 10 ever! It is also the first time Ben uses our mummy friend, Benmummy but did not use him well. Grandpa Max also mistakes Benmummy as the evil mummy alien! Dr Vicktor, a Transylian has extremely good reflexes, a really smart brain, can survive in space without a spacesuit and disguises himself as a professor working in NASA teleports the mummy and the werewolf alien to their destinations on Earth to revive Ghostfreak via the mysterious purple lightning. Ben also learns that it is better to work as a team. This is the first two part episode, too!
  • Purple lighning!!! The return of Ghostfreak!

    being hit by a bus driven by convicts Ben decides to stop them. but can't so Grandpa tries his idea but cuts the bridge in half and sends the bus full of convicts in to the water below while Gwen uses a spell to make sure they don't get away They then hear of a space shuttle launch that has been delayed due to purple lightning so they go decide to investigate and find a scientist called Dr. Vicktor who was the cause of the purple lightning while the Wolf and the Mummy help dr. Vicktor to get ready for the return of Ghostfreak and his master plan.
    A Great episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The Wolf, The Mummy, and Dr. Vicktor prepare Ghostfreak's coming back party.

    After being hit by a bus taken over by the criminals, Ben decides to stop them, but ends up as Stinkfly, who isn't getting the job done, so Grandpa jumps in with his own way, but cuts the bridge in half and sends the bus full of convicts over the edge, while Gwen uses a spell to make sure they don't swim away. Back in the Rust Bucket, Grandpa hears a space shuttle launch has been delayed due to purple lightning, so the three head over to investigate, and find that Dr. Vicktor is more than human, while the Wolf and the Mummy head to there stations to prepare for the return of their master, as well as the final acts of his plan to shroud the world in darkness.
  • Benwolf,Underwraps and Ghostfreaked Out are back with a new scientist.

    Why do that werewolf and mummy have to come back?I don't mind Ghostfreak coming back but more animal aliens egyptian scientists????????!!!!!!! The last sentence is sorta confusing but get used to it.I didn't know Gwen had her magic back.Now she can use them to prank Ben.But Ben has to learn that you can't go hero without your family and friends.He's gonna have to learn it the hard way.Who's this Dr Vicktor and why should he interfere with the others.Who was a computer geek again? When the werewolf saw Ben as that mummy he should have thought that it was the enemy mummy.Can't wait for the next part.
  • This episode literally left me speechless.

    This episode was perfectly plotted. The episode brought back some familiar faces, an old "friend" of Ben's, and we see him use his newest alien, Benmummy. The alien assortion was very good, Gwen got to use more of her magic, and we get to see a little more into Grandpa Max's past. This episode had everything that makes Ben 10 so amazing. It was done so well, it needed two parts, and hopefully, the second will be better than the first. On the plus side, the next episode isn't the season finale, so there's still another episode after that. Go Ben 10!
  • Ben faces off against the werewolf, the mummy, frankenstein and ghostfreak.

    Ben went up against the mummy (benmummy said in the credits for his omnitrix mummy form), the werewolf (benwolf is the name of its omnitrix form), some frankenstein monster and, ghostfreak! dum dum duuuummmmm! We finally found out why the werewolf wanted thyose sattelites and why the mummy wanted all that chronium. but it won't be found out till the next episode. still, a great episode. this was the first ben 10 episode which had "to be continued" at the end, meaning its the first 2 part episode in ben 10 history. great to see ghostfreak back, great to see benmummy in action, great to see a frankenstein reference
  • It's the Return... of Ghostfreak!

    It's seems just like a normal episode: Ben tries to save the day while stopping runaway criminals, but ends up making a mess of things (as usual), leaving Gwen and Max to clean up after him and never once learning the value of teamwork. But that was just a warm-up. The purple lightning is spotted again and before you know it Ben, Gwen and Max are running from the Yenalduchi (wolf alien), Wraps (that's what I call the mummy alien) and a new alien monster posing as a scientist. And the episode is still warming up! The three aliens behind the purple lightning are behind an even more sinister plot to take over humanity (like all badguys strive to do). And things get worse: Ben is all by himself! Gwen and Max have been catapulted into space. AND, like we all expected, everyone's favourite rogue alien Ghostfreak is back! Ben looks on in horror as Ghostfreak is reborn. The spectral monster advances upon Ben and- The end credits roll after following a To be continued sign. Grrr... But overall, a very good episode and, I hate to say this to all fans who are desperately waiting for the next episode, I have seen part two and, well I won't spoil it for you, it is well worth waiting for.
  • Why does it have to be continued!!!???

    This episode was really good! I'm a little mad that it is a to be continued, but that just adds excitement and suspense. I'm suprised to learn that Grandpa Max worked for NASA and was supposed to be the first man on the moon. I'm also suprised that the mummy alien and the werewolf ghost are both working for Ghostfreak. I never really saw that coming. I'm really glad Ghostfreak came back. He was one of my favorite aliens on the watch and I was a little upset to see him go. As much as I'd hate to say it, the cliffhanger was really good. Max and Gwen are trapped in space with the mummy alien and Ben is trapped in NASA with Ghostfreak and that Frankenstein looking guy. I like how the Omnitrix timed out just as Ghostfreak saw Ben. I can't wait for part 2!!!