Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 13

The Visitor

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 21, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • good sesson finale.

    Two snowmobilers accidentally release an alien named Xylene from a strange container. Xylene locates the Omnitrix and attacks Ben, under the impression that he had stolen it. However, when Max comes to defend, the two recognize each other as old friends. Xylene and Max reminisce later that night. As Wildvine spies on them, Xylene asks Max to leave Earth and travel through the Universe with her. Distraught, Ben runs back to the campsite, where he is unable to ward off an attack by one of Vilgax's remaining drones and has to rely on Max and Xylene for help. There, Xylene reveals that she was the commander of the ship bringing the Omnitrix to Earth when Vilgax attacked it, and that she had intended to send it to Max; Ben received the Omnitrix by accident. Ben runs off in shock and Gwen follows. The drone attacks again and captures Max. Ben and Xylene reluctantly team up to save him. In the process, Xylene uses her knowledge of the Omnitrix to unlock a new form, Upchuck, which Ben uses to destroy the robot. At that, Xylene prepares to leave the planet and repeats her offer to Max. Max declines, claiming that Ben and Gwen are his whole world.
  • i guess Ben's previous statement nolonger aplyes

    In Back With A Vengence Ben said "Science experement. I'm seeing whitch alian hawks the best lugy." spits as heatblaset "defenentaly Heatblast!" Now that he has Upchuck and his explosive lugys Heatblast no longer does the best lugys. That must mean that he comes in 2nd place. I wonder who comes in third? I would gess that it would be Dimondhead. His probubly cristalixe when thy leve his mouth. Or they come out as cristales. I gess we will never realy know. What do you guys and gals out there in the world wide web think? I am sorry for all of the spelling errors in this but I never was the top of the class when it came to spelling. I was actualy closer to the bottom.
  • Not the best ben 10 episode I've seen

    Not the best ben 10 episode I've seen . questions had to be asked. 1.Why didn't ben ask for the master code ? 2.Why did I find the villan just to be a backround distration ?

    The only answers that I could think of were. 1. The show would become boring with ben beating the villans In 5 minutes of the show (having the writers think of something to fill up the other 17 minutes) and what I think is good because of the unsuitable mistransformations. 2. 1.The show needs a villan 2.The plot focused on setting the scene for season 4

    The good points are Ben gets upchuck (finaly) they've set the scene for season 4 and the knowledge of their probaly being a new major villan in season 4. Xylene quote "Take good care of that Ben Vilgax isn't the only one interested in it"
  • Xylene is the owner of the Omnitrix?

    One of the cool episodes ever!Ben,jealous of Xylene?Yeah I have a bigger chance of Gwen gettin' jealous of Ben.Max met Ben and Gwen's grandma in St.Louis.He's sad cuz she's gone.Poor Max.How the hell did Xylene get Upchuck for Ben I mean she could have given him the code of how to get more aliens?!So grose that Max and Xylene kissed!!!!!I freaked out sooooooooooooo much.
  • In this episode Xylene comes to Earth and finds a little more than she was looking for.

    This episode was awesome, only thing was i thought ben should of had xylene touch the watch and asked her for the master code. Gwen Max and Xylene show ben that they all can contribute to his fighting, mabye more than he can. Anyway, ben needs to lay off with others. He hated xylene just because max liked her, that wasnt her fault. Last this episode should of had Vilgax break out of the noll void projector. He needs to come back he is the main bad guy! I didn't think this would be the season finale but it was. Oh well just got to wait for the next one.
  • Ben and Gwen must team up with Xylene to save Grandpa Max from Vilgax's droid...

    I was very disappointed with this episode. The past season finales have been very exciting and wonderful, but this one was painful to watch. It's nice to know how the Omnitrix came to Earth. It makes sense that it was supposed to go to Grandpa Max and not Ben. I don't care for Xylene. Her powers are okay, but I don't like how she and Max have a romantic past. Seeing them kiss was just gross. I could have lived my whole life without seeing that. One thing I did like was the beginning part where Ben is telling Gwen to act more mature and be careful with her powers. Talk about irony (lol). It was nice to hear about Vilgax again. I really liked him - I hope he comes back soon.
  • An old friend returns, and Upchuck!

    Two guys on snowmobiles come across a pod containing an alien and accidentally release it, turns out thea lien is an old friend of Grandpa Max's named Xylene, and after all the shooting is done with, she and Grandpa Max get to catching up, as well as to explain where the Omnitrix was to really end up. But since Ben has it, too badfor Grandpa Max, but soon they're all attaked by a robot droid that Vilgax launched onto her ship, and it's able to use parts from other machinery to rebuild itself, and the only thing capable of stopping it, is the gearest alien to ever have been put in the watch (in my opinion), that little green, four tongued, endless pit of a stomach alien, named Upchuck!
    Plus, Max and Xylene kiss at the end.