Ben 10

Season 1 Episode 6

Tourist Trap

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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After having a gross-out contest with the kid in the car next to him, Ben finds a propane truck tipped over and out to catch fire and make a huge blast. With that taken care of, Ben and the gang are off to Sparksville, a town which brings new meaning to the words "tourist trap." After exploring all of Sparksville's many attractions, Ben and Gwen head over to see "it," Sparksville's main attraction. When they finally see "it," they are thoroughly disappointed and decide to pull a little prank. After Ben turns into Four Arms, he looses control and sends "it" flying and destroying the town. Ben says he will move it back, but the Omnitrix powers down and Ben accidentally unleashes Megawhatt, a small little alien with a big sense of humor. Now, Ben must stop this creature from destroying Sparksville. Megawhatt is not alone, though! Can Ben handle the numbers and electrical shocks of the Megawhatts?moreless

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  • Yawn.

    Bad episode, and I thought this would have been full of promise with the major story development stuff in the previous one. It started off pretty interesting with a dab of humour; the whole "that's the monster that ate that kid!" scene was decently played off, and the whole premise of Shocksville being such a boring city was pretty amusing. The whole anticipation of "IT" was also nicely executed. Then it goes downhill from there with the introduction of Meggawhatts, an electricity engineered creature that loves to pull pranks. It was predictable right from the very beginning, lacking in action, and the conclusion was just even worse. Just a mediocre episode overall.moreless
  • good episode

    While in a tourist trap town called Sparksville, Ben plays a practical joke that accidentally unleashes Megawhatts, small creatures made from electrical energy, on the town. Ben must stop them from multiplying out of control and destroying the town with their dangerous pranks. Ben accidentally releases creatures made of electric energy and must use his own powers to recapture them.

    The episode begins where we meet up with Ben making faces at another kid in another car. They trade silly, stretched-out faces towards each other, including random tongue flapping. Gwen comes along and makes fun of Ben's faces, although she says that it would be an improvement if his face were to become stuck like that. The kid in the other car then decides to eat his hamburger and shows it all chewed up to Ben, and Ben refers it as the "seafood special." Ben decides to beat his game by ducking under the table to activate the Omnitrix. He then comes back up as Stinkfly and spreads slime all over the RV window. Instead of continuing the game, the kid is frightened by Stinkfly, as well as his own father, who notices Ben. The kid's father floors it to get away as fast as possible. Ben is unbelievable amused by his own joke, and rolls around the floor laughing while Gwen chides Ben for taking the prank too far. She then sits down, and Stinkfly sprays slime onto her seat. He says that going too far is impossible, because he claims that funny is just funny. Up front, Grandpa Max notices a situation outside and he tells Ben to come up front. Grandpa Max hits the brakes, and Stinkfly slides to the front. On the road ahead of them, a propane truck has overturned, and the truck driver is stuck inside. To make it worse, a fire is spreading. Grandpa Max explains that the truck will be a "rocket to the moon," once it is ignited by the fire.

    Stinkfly notices that the flames are too hot to get close and wished that he were Heat Blast instead. However, he must use what he has now, and Ben gets an idea. He flies above the wreck, and uses his slime to put out the fire. He then goes on top of the truck and uses his sharp tail to tear the metal off the roof. Ben creates a hole big enough to get the truck driver out, who was screaming until he is back on the ground. Stinkfly says that mucus saves lives, yet the kid from earlier is there. He points out that he is the one who "ate" Ben from earlier. Stinkfly excuses himself and leaves the site before people starts asking him questions.

    They continue along the road, and Grandpa Max has a plan for the kids. Gwen notices a sign that reads, "You'll have a ball with it." Ben asks Grandpa Max where they're headed, but he seems to be making it a surprise for them. They finally arrive at their destination, and once they got off the RV, they learn that they are visiting a place called Sparksville, a town that is nothing but exhibits for tourists. The mayor shows up to greet them in a monotonous voice, although it seems that he is an amusement park operator rather than a town mayor. Grandpa Max gives Ben and Gwen their tickets and heads to the motel to check in.

    With nothing better to do, the kids decide to go around and start seeing the exhibits. They first visit the jackalope, and the mayor is there, who doubles as the ticket collector. Ben questions him in what he thought he was the mayor, but he replies that he wears the crown and is burdened by many hats. They enter the building, and the mayor makes sure to tell them to mind the signs. Inside, they take pictures of everything, making funny faces as they capture the moments. They take pictures of several different places, including: the front of the jackalope building, an "American Gothic" painting cutout, a planetarium in which an employee is replacing the "sunlight" bulb, a giant house of cards, a giant hot-dog, Ben getting sprayed with ketchup and mustard, Gwen getting a hot-dog tossed at her, Ben wearing jackalope horns and Gwen wearing googly-eye glasses, the world's largest fish bowl, them sitting on a bench bored, and an "It is this way" sign.

    They decide to finish up their day to see the barn containing "It," and the mayor says that it is the weirdest and wildest thing to ever reach Sparksville. They enter, and different warning signs are shown along the way to it, which each one forbidding any touching, taking pictures, or using electrical devices near it. After all that, they learn that it is just a giant rubber-band ball. The mayor walks up to ponder on what may be inside the giant ball. Ben is skeptical, and he says that it is more than a giant rubber-band ball. The mayor says that they can stay as long as they want, but he recaps to them to mind the signs. Ben and Gwen are annoyed by the rules. So Ben decides to have a little fun and he runs behind the ball to activate the Omnitrix. He picks up the ball as Four Arms, and starts playing with it. Gwen is actually with him this time, laughing at all the various jokes he makes with the ball. Four Arms tosses it from one hand to another, and Gwen warns him to be careful, otherwise he might drop it. Ben though ignored her statement and became confident that he can lift it with one hand, but ends up losing his grip and drops it. Gwen gets out of the way as the ball bounces off the floor and through the roof.

    The ball continues to bounce after it left the barn, it knocks over several exhibits and crushes a food cart, and Four Arms was able to slow the ball down, though it knocked over the house of cards before it stopped completely. Gwen smacks Four Arms for ignoring her warning. Ben claims that he can put everything back, but he reverts back to a human. He leans against the giant ball and contemplates the situation, while a small charge from the Omnitrix is drawn into the ball.

    At the motel, they work out what they will say to Grandpa Max. Ben says that they should play dumb and not say a word about what they did, though Gwen says that Ben is more experienced at it. Inside the motel room, it appears that the entire room has been turned on its side, including the beds and the door. Grandpa Max comes in to ask how their day went, and Gwen immediately shifted her behavior to be evasive at what just happened. Ben covers her by saying that they had a great time, and he can't wait to check out their bathroom.

    Back at the rubber-band ball, the charge has spread all over the surface. A small electric bolt escapes from it and starts to circle the power lines and exhibits. It then puts a hole through the welcome sign for the town. The bolt then reveals itself to what appears to be a yellow creature. A plus and a minus are on its back, much like a battery, and a lightning bolt is on its chest. Electrical charges can be seen from inside a hole on its head. It is amused by its work, and laughs and takes off.

    Ben and Gwen are sleeping, and Grandpa Max remarks that there is something out of place, and wakes them up and causing them to literally fall out of the sideway beds. Gwen immediately assumes that they are in trouble. Ben tells her to continue lying about the incident. Grandpa Max then calls out Benjamin and Gwendolyn, which continues to put more stress onto Gwen.

    Outside, the entire place has been trashed, far more than what Ben had caused much earlier. Grandpa Max comments that it looks like a tornado hit the place, and Ben thinks it's a good thing. Grandpa Max then sparks up his suspicions, but Gwen helps to get rid of them. The mayor comes by to say that he knows who did it, and Grandpa Max opens up his suspicions towards them again. The mayor says that something else did it, which them removed Grandpa Max's suspicions. Grandpa Max asks him who did it, and the little energy creature appears. It hangs around Ben and Gwen, making silly poses and faces, and pulls Gwen's shirt over her head. It leaves, and the mayor says that it is a Megawhatt. He says that no one knows where he came from, yet it is living lightning that runs amok. They are normally trapped inside the rubber ball. Gwen says that it might be an alien, but the mayor says that it is just crazy talk.

    Near a soda machine, the Megawhatt sees the chance to cause even more trouble. It enters the machine and causes it to fire soda cans. Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max dodge the cans, while the mayor continues his explanations, seemingly to be unconcerned of his safety. He says that Megawhatts feeds on electricity, making them more powerful. They also have a dangerous sense of humor. The barrage continues, and the four takes cover from a nearby overturned car. Grandpa Max asks why they would keep such a dangerous object, the mayor says that it would be better if people minded the signs, and Grandpa Max confirms his suspicions to Gwen and Ben. Grandpa Max decides to deal with the problem later, and he asks the mayor how they'll stop the Megawhatts, though he says that they are the ones who released it, so they need to be the ones to catch it.

    The three start looking for the Megawhatt. As they discuss where they might possibly find it, it sneaks up behind Grandpa Max and gives him a wedgie, literally lifting him off the ground. Grandpa Max doesn't find the pain funny. Ben, in response, activates the Omnitrix and becomes Upgrade. Gwen questions Ben why he became Upgrade, though he only answers that it was a complicated decision. She then pointed out the watch did not let him become the alien he wanted to be.moreless
  • Basically about a pesky alien wrecking the whole town.

    I do not usually like watching shows about little imps with extraordinary powers creating headaches, and the superhero rescues everyone with heroic antics. This does not even reflect the power of the superhero at all, since the enemy does not mean to kill in the first place. The only reason I like this episode is that the beginning was full of suspense leading up to the revelation of Megawatt. The effect of curiosity was created very well, rendering viewers eager for a glimpse of It. However, an anti-climax was produced when It turned out to be just a battery-sized mutant menace that was really easy to trap. Good episodes usually have good baddies. This one unfortunately does not.moreless
  • It's OK.

    I don't really like this episode, but I like it okay. When the Tennysons stumble upon a town called Sparksville that has its very own dangerous event, Ben and Gwen let Megawhatt out of a giant rubber band ball. At the time when Ben, as Four Arms lifted that rubber band ball, he dropped it because he had 3 hands behind his back. This episode was not great, but it was OK. So I give it a 6.2/10.moreless
  • When the Tennysons visit an old run down town named Sparksville, they discover that the main attraction has its own dangerous secret.

    This episode was both very funny and very interesting. My favorite scenes include: the slideshow of pictures at the beginning of the episode (especially the one where Gwen pours mustard and ketchup on Ben - resulting in Ben throwing a hot dog at Gwen), the beginning scene where Ben and the kid in the next car are making funny faces at each other, and the scene where Ben falls out of his bed towards the middle of the episode. The only part about this episode that I didn't enjoy was when Stinkfly put out the fire with his goo. That was wrong.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (16)

    • Think Back: When Ben turned into Upgrade, Gwen makes a line about "not getting the alien you wanted." However, Ben's only prior mistransformation, in "The Krakken," came when Gwen was not on the scene.

    • Look Hard: When Heat Blast sticks his tongue out to the Megawhatts, it is made of fire.

    • Look Hard: The Megawhatts have a plus and minus sign on their backs, just like a battery.

    • It stands to reason that if the Megawatts couldn't exit the fishbowl through the glass, then they couldn't enter through the glass, and since they came at it from the side and not the top, it's safe to say they didn't enter through the open top, making how they came to be trapped in it questionable.

    • Outside Knowledge: How did Heat Blast make the kissing noise he used to lure the Megawatts into the fish bowl? You need two things to make a kissing noise (or to kiss), suction and moisture. Heat Blast is made out of rock and on fire, meaning he is the only one of the ten heroes that can produce neither.

    • Pay Attention: In this episode, Stinkfly uses his slime to put out a fire. However, in a later episode with Kevin, it is shown that Stinkfly's slime is highly flammable.

    • In the wide shot of Ben, his family, and the mayor as the Megawhatts invade the soda machine, focus on Gwen: She looks fairly different from the others and from her other appearances on the show, as if she's not part of the scene as the others are. It's possible the animators forgot to put her in the shot initially, and imposed a design sketch in her place at the last minute.

    • Look Closely: When Ben is making funny faces at the kid in the car next to him, the kid eats a burger that has a brown bun and red patty, but when he sticks out his tongue, it is all green.

    • Look Closely: When Ben and Gwen walk into the Barn holding the giant rubber-band ball, they are in a pitch black area with several signs telling them things to do and not to do around it, but when the area lightens up, there are no signs and they are only a few feet from the entrance.

    • Pay Attention: The Megawhatts take control of the planetarium exhibit, and the Mayor says they are off to the dam to power up. But when we get to the dam, they are trying to destroy it and let all of the water out, even though they hate the water.

    • Look Closely: When Four Arms reverts back to being Ben, the Omnitrix lets off a spark. Never before had it done that.

    • After Ben reverts from being Upgrade, Grandpa Max and Gwen pull up in a truck carrying a thermometer, and he gets in via the left side door. The shot cuts to the interior, and he's sitting in the far right seat.

    • There is a lot of debris flying through the air in this episode, including toothpicks the size of spears and soda cans shot out of a machine - through it all, the Mayor of Sparksville never flinches. He appears unperturbed by the dangerous goings-on in his town and sits back with popcorn to watch the Tennysons try and save the day, as if he knew what would happen already.

    • Look Closely/Pay Attention: The paint on Grandpa Max's RV doesn't appear until after the Megawhatts start walking away with the planetarium. Since the RV was in their field of view when the planetarium left its building, how could the Megawhatts have painted it without being noticed?

    • If the townspeople didn't want any electrical devices near the giant rubber-band ball, then why did they have a sign with flashing lights right in front of it? It could just as easily release the Megawhatts as Ben did.

    • Look Closely: Ben's eyes are a near-yellow color for most of this episode instead of the normal bright green seen in other episodes. This was probably a color rendering error.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • Ben: I think I'm pranked out for a while.
      Grandpa Max: There's a time and a place for a practical joke.
      (Ben looks at Grandpa Max and then opens the RV door, causing a bucket of water to fall on his head)
      Grandpa Max: But funny is funny, especially when it's not on you.
      (Gwen & Grandpa Max laugh at Ben)

    • Grandpa Max: Nice touch using the fish bowl. With non-conductive glass sealed up tight, sparky and his pals won't be going anywhere.
      Gwen: Once again, science saves the day.
      Ben: With a little help from science fiction.

    • Gwen: Hey, mega-wimps. You wanna see something really funny? You guys are all wet. (sprays the possessed planetarium with a hose, then dodges its attempt to step on her)
      Heat Blast: (holding a large fireball) What's the matter? Can't take a joke? (throws the fireball and destroys the planetarium; the Megawhatts leave the wreckage) You really got burned with that one. You guys should quit while you're behind.

    • Waitress: Well, there's something you don't see every day. They brought that planetarium exhibit to life.
      Grandpa Max: Come on. We're headed off in the... (sees that the Megawhatts have painted graffiti on the RV) Oh, my.
      Ben: "U am lame"? That's weak.
      Gwen: Don't even get me started on the grammar and the spelling.
      Mayor: I reckon they'll head for the big hydroelectric dam to power up. After that, they'll just wipe out the next town and so on and so on. They think it's funny. Yep. Megawhatts got a real twisted sense of humor.
      (Ben & Gwen see the giant fishbowl)
      Gwen: (to Ben) You thinking what I'm thinking?
      Ben: Yeah, beat those pranksters at their own game.

    • Grandpa Max: Those creeps' idea of good, clean fun is gonna have us all pushing up daisies.
      Gwen: Don't just stand there, doofus. Dial up some help.
      Ben: (sarcastically) Duh, like I haven't been trying.

    • Waitress: (as the Megawhatts destroy the town) Uh-oh. Now they really did it.
      Gwen: Ben Tennyson, don't say a word.
      Ben: Hey, I'm just glad I wasn't the one who screwed up this time.

    • Ben: (after Megawhatts hit giant thermometer) What happened?
      Gwen: We just used the biggest thermometer as a lightning rod. Who needs an alien superhero when you've got good old-fashioned brain power?
      Mayor: Of course, the ground's basically just one big conductor.
      Ben: What does that mean?
      Gwen: Oh, no. It means the Megawhatts are just zipping around underground until they find some way to get back to the surface.
      (electricity covers all the telephones and they begin ringing)
      Grandpa Max: They're in the underground phone lines.
      (Megawhatts begin pouring from the telephones)

    • Upgrade: That's it! I'm pulling the plug on this guy's pranks. (picks up sewer lid) Hey, sparky. Catch. (throws the sewer lid, splitting the Megawhatt in half; each half grows into a new Megawhatt)
      Upgrade: (looking surprised) Okay, so that wasn't the best idea.

    • Upgrade: (after getting shocked by Megawhatt) Ugh. Do not touch the electrical guy when you're made of living metal.

    • Upgrade: (after firing positronic blast and nearly hitting Megawhatt) Whoa, that's new. (turning to Megawhatt) Not so funny now, is it?

    • (Megawhatt enters inside his pants and gives Grandpa Max a wedgie)
      Grandpa Max: That's not funny, just painful.
      (Megawhatt laughs)
      Ben: Don't worry, Grandpa. I know just the hero to deal with a troublemaker like this.

    • Mayor: (about Megawhatt) Some say it might be a ball of lightning come to life. Others think it's static cling run amok. Tough to say.
      Gwen: Maybe it's an alien.
      Mayor: Alien? That's just plain kooky talk.

    • Heat Blast: (to Megawhatts) This is your only warning. Knock off the funny business, or I'll fry your twinkling butts.

    • Mayor: (monotonous tone) There goes the world's largest toothpicks. Oh, the humanity.

    • Grandpa Max: How are we gonna ground that electric devil?
      Gwen: Grandpa, you're a genius!
      Grandpa Max: Well, thank you, Gwen. Why?

    • Mayor: (monotonous tone) Is it just me, or is there a lot of excitement today?

    • Gwen: Why go Upgrade?
      Upgrade: It's complicated. You wouldn't understand.
      Gwen: Watch didn't let you change into what you wanted it to, did it?
      Upgrade: Shut up!

    • Grandpa Max: (about Megawhatt) You left that thing inside a rubber-band ball all this time? Isn't that kind of dangerous?
      Mayor: Not so long as people minded the signs. (stares at Ben & Gwen)
      Ben: All right, we did it. We're guilty.
      Gwen: So much for admit nothing.
      Grandpa Max: We're going to talk about this later, you two, but for now, how do we stop this thing, Mr. Mayor?
      Mayor: Whatcha mean, "we"? You let it out. You catch it.

    • Ben: Whoa! What happened?
      Grandpa Max: I don't know. Looks like a tornado tore through here overnight.
      Ben: Good.
      (Grandpa Max stares)
      Ben: I mean, yeah. It was just one of those freaky nature things, right, Gwen?
      (Gwen nods)
      Mayor: I think it's pretty clear who's responsible for these juvenile acts.
      Grandpa Max: Juvenile acts? Huh. If I didn't know better, that sounds like--
      Mayor: Oh, I'm not talking about these youngsters.
      Grandpa Max, Ben, & Gwen: You're not?
      (Grandpa Max glares; Ben & Gwen smile)
      Grandpa Max: Yeah, well, if they didn't do it, who did?
      (Megawhatt shows up, pulling Gwen's shirt over her head and laughing)
      Ben: What's that?
      Mayor: Megawhatt.
      Ben: Mega-what?
      Mayor: Exactly.

    • Grandpa Max: What the heck happened here?
      Gwen: He knows everything. We are so busted! We have to come clean and tell Grandpa everything.
      Ben: Sometimes it's hard to believe you're really a kid. Never admit anything until you absolutely have to. Got it?
      Grandpa Max: Benjamin, Gwendolyn, get out here.
      Gwen: Gwendolyn? We're doomed.

    • Ben: (looking at a giant rubber band ball) This is "it"?
      Gwen: It's a big ball of rubber bands.
      Mayor: And who knows what secrets lie within.
      Ben: Uh, more rubber bands?

    • Grandpa Max: Ah, is this place great or what?
      Ben: Uh, I'll go with "or what."
      Grandpa Max: Come on. What's more exciting than the world's biggest fish bowl?
      Ben: Um, everything.

    • Stinkfly: (after rescuing trucker) Loogie saves lives.
      Kid: Ahh! That's the monster that ate that kid!
      Stinkfly: Well, look at the time. Gotta fly! (flies away quickly)

    • Grandpa Max: (about Stinkfly) Come on, folks. Give the... bug a chance to work.
      Stinkfly: The fire's too intense. Oh, I wish I was Heat Blast!

    • (Gwen smacks Four Arms after the run-away rubber-band ball comes to a stop)
      Four Arms: Ow. What was that for?
      Gwen: For turning me into a criminal.
      Four Arms: Don't get your shorts in a twist. I'll just put everything back the way it was. No problem.
      (the Omnitrix beeps and Ben reverts back to human form)
      Ben: Okay. Maybe a little problem. (ball reacts to Omnitrix)
      Gwen: What are we going to tell Grandpa?
      Ben: Nothing. We just play dumb.
      Gwen: Easy for you. You're a lot better at it than I am.
      Grandpa Max: Hey, there you are. Isn't this place a riot?
      Gwen: Why, did you see? We don't know anything about it.
      Ben: She means it's great, Grandpa. Can't wait to check out the bathroom!

    • Gwen: (about Four Arms' prank with the giant rubber-band ball) Got something special in mind?
      Four Arms: I don't know. Maybe the world's biggest booger.
      (Gwen laughs; Four Arms tosses the ball back and forth)
      Gwen: Careful, dweeb, you'll drop it.
      Four Arms: Not a chance. (balances the ball on one hand) I could lift this thing with three hands tied behind my... (drops the ball)

    • Ben: (about the giant rubber-band ball) Look at this place. These guys are full of "it." We've been punked.
      Gwen: It is pretty lame. I can't believe Grandpa was so excited about this place.
      (Ben moves next to the rubber-band ball, smiling)
      Gwen: I know that look, Ben. What are you thinking?
      (Ben moves behind the rubber-band ball, transforms into Four Arms, and then picks it up)
      Four Arms: One good prank deserves another.
      Gwen: For once, I agree with you.

    • (Ben rings the bell at the jackalope exhibit; the Mayor shows up)
      Mayor: Tickets, please.
      Ben: I thought you were the mayor.
      Mayor: He who wears the crown is burdened by many hats, son. (as Ben and Gwen enter the exhibit) Mind the signs.

    • Grandpa Max: Ben, better get up here.
      (Grandpa Max hits the brakes, sliding Stinkfly to the front of the RV)
      Grandpa Max: Oh, good. You're all ready to go. We got trouble ahead.

    • Gwen: (after Stinkfly has scared the kid) There is such a thing as taking a joke too far, you know.
      (Stinkfly continues to laugh, then sprays some slime on Gwen's seat; Gwen sits on it, then growls at him)
      Stinkfly: Impossible! Funny is funny.

    • (the kid on the other car eats a hamburger and shows it to Ben)
      Ben: Oh, man, the seafood special. Time to pull out the secret weapon. (transforms into Stinkfly and makes faces at the kid)
      Kid: Ahhh!
      Father: Ahhh! (steps on the gas)

    • Gwen: (as Ben makes faces at the kid in the other car) I'd warn you that your face might freeze like that, but, seeing your face, it would be an improvement.

    • Heat Blast: Missed me, doofus! (blows kisses to Megawhatt)

  • NOTES (20)


    • Megawhatts: Powers & Personality
      The Megawhatts are similar in powers and personality to Experiment 221 (aka "Sparky") from Lilo & Stitch: The Series.

    • Megawhatts: Kremzeek
      The Megawhatts are very similar to Kremzeek from the original Transformers series. Both are electrical, small, and are very mischievous.

    • Scooter Soda: Name
      The soda machine attacked by the Megawhatts is labeled "Scooter Soda." "Scooter" is a reference to Scooter Tidwell, one of the show's directors.

    • Gwen: You thinking what I'm thinking?
      This is possibly an allusion to Pinky and the Brain, in which Brain would say a similar statement to Pinky just before revealing his intentions. Since Gwen is often portrayed as the smart one and Ben as the dumb one, it would seem to fit.

    • Snapshots: American Gothic
      One of the snapshots that Ben and Gwen take show their heads replacing those of a man and woman in simple clothes standing in front of a house. The man is holding a pitchfork. This is a parody of a famous painting by Grant Wood called American Gothic. It is now more than 75 years old.

    • Exhibits: Jackalope
      Among the various "world's largest" object exhibits is an exhibit for a jackalope. Jackalopes are basically jackrabbits with antlers. They are a common tourist ploy in many towns, as well as one of the most popular ones. Click here if you want more information on jackalopes.

    • Previous Episode: Seafood Special
      In "Hunted," Ben uses the term "seafood special" to describe what he's going to do to Kraab.

    • Episode Title: Tourist Trap
      The title is a reference to places whose income relies almost entirely on tourism. These places are called tourist traps.