Ben 10

Season 2 Episode 8

Ultimate Weapon

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 06, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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In Texas, a group of men discover a mysterious mask belonging to Ah Puch, the Mayan god of death and destruction. The mask is the key to the ultimate weapon in the world, known as the Sword of Ekchuah. However, when Grandpa Max and his grandkids learn that the mask is discovered, he impatiently sets out to obtain the mask, so that it does not fall in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, they find out that Enoch of The Organization is after it as well. The kids worry of how Grandpa Max has become, but with Enoch in the way, will Grandpa Max find the sword before him?moreless

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  • ThhhhhhhhhGgv

  • The plumbers needs their own spin off.

    Ben 10 goes Indiana Jones on us giving us the whole ancient artifact thing that leads to an even more ancient ruins with lots of booby traps, and of course, a weapon that can enslave humanity. If only the episode was as good as the movies. This episode is pretty average, a fall out from the great writing the previous 2 episodes have given us. The whole dungeon set up is pretty good, adventures are always exciting, but what really threw us all off is Grandpa Max's random obsession over the sword. Episode spent a lot of time developing this obsession and not giving us a reason at all as to why he developed it in the first place. Seeing him in that gadget filled suit is awesome though.moreless
  • It always is when Grandpa Max takes centre stage and reveals that he can do more than he's letting on. If he's so capable, why do we still need Ben?

    Precisely what I said. Grandpa Max, since the beginning of Season 2, has proven to be too perfect to be true. He's a member of an alien-busting team, can wield all sorts of cool equipment, knows everything there is to know about aliens of all shapes, sizes and forms, and even his van proves to be no ordinary holiday vehicle! I think that we are learning too much about him, making this show not as interesting anymore. If he is really so awesome, Ben's Omnitrix abilities pale in comparison significantly, since Ben has this big weakness of changing back into a human at the worst possible moments.moreless
  • ben was awesome on this episode too.

    Max's Plumber equipment detects that an ancient mask had been unearthed. This quickly triggers a change in Max's attitude; he claims that this artifact would lead to the most powerful weapon ever designed, and that he should retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands. Max immediately becomes more impatient, worse-tempered, and far stricter. Upon retrieving the mask, the Tennysons come into conflict with The Orgainization, now called the Forever Knights, who want to find the weapon themselves. The Tennysons end up with the mask after a struggle and use it to find the ultimate weapon, the Sword of Ekchuah, inside of a Mayan pyramid. There, Fourarms faces off against an ancient fiend while the Forever Knights fight Max for the sword. In a painstaking decision, Max decides to save his family instead of claiming the weapon, realizing which was more important. His choice was not in vain, as the antique sword crumbles to dust once Enoch takes it. The temple collapses, and though Max warns Enoch not to stay, Enoch remains inside in an attempt to collect the dust that was once the ultimate weapon.moreless
  • This is an episode about how grandpa max finds a clue to find an ultimate weapon. so they look for it. but the forever knights want it too and at the end ben gos fourarms and theres a big battle. GREAT EPISODE!moreless

    I like this episode alot its real cool and it has some funny parts and the battle at the end is really cool! ben grandpa and gwen go looking for an ultimate weapon! its kinda like indana jones in a way. fourarms is cool and I like grandpa max in this one two! The forever knights are awesome one of my favorate villiens in the whole show! theres also a cool moster at the place of the ultimate weapon and fourarms fights him! I like the ending to! GREAT EPISODE! ben 10 is a great show and this episode is one of the really cool ones I think.moreless
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