Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 8

Under Wraps

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 10, 2007 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

In order for Ben and Gwen to learn the value of hard work, Grandpa Max takes them to a farm. Meanwhile, an alien mummy arrives to uncover a rare and dangerous energy source. Will the group find the source before the new alien finds it or will the entire world crumble to the power of the new alien?moreless

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  • ben got a new learn.

    In order to teach Ben and Gwen the value of hard work, Grandpa Max takes them to a farm. However, a farmhand tells Ben and Gwen of a mummy that had recently arrived in a flash of purple lightning, prompting their curiosity. The two of them find it digging for a strange stone, but it attacks them as soon as they see it. XLR8 fights it to no avail, but the mummy flees in the confusion. Max discovers that the strange rock is an unstable chemical called "Corrodium," which causes severe mutation in earthly organisms. The Tennysons track the mummy down to an ice cream factory, but end up in danger when the mummy proves to be invincible. In the resulting struggle, the mummy touches the Omnitrix and inadvertently adds its DNA, allowing Ben to use that form; however, the Omnitrix decides to transform Ben into Upgrade instead. Upgrade possesses a liquid nitrogen containment tank and sprays the mummy with the chemical, effectively freezing it. The family then flees the farm for fear of more manual labor.moreless
  • Ben get a new alien and learns the value of hard...

    To learn the value of hard work Max takes Ben and Gwen to a farm only to encounter an alien mummy.The best parts I liked was ben using all his aliens to get out of chores,gwen using her powers (took me by surprise),and ben gets a new alien for the 4th time.
  • Ben freeze de mummy!


    Ben freeze de mummy with Upgrade!

    My favorite alien is Upgrade

    That's right!

    My favorites aliens:

    1 Upgrade( ultra-tech. :) very good)

    2 Cannonbolt (ball?of course! great alien!)

    3 Heatblast (blast, fire? is hot!)

    4 Benwolf (very freak :)

    5 The Mummy ( soo very freak :x )

    6 Wildmutt ( animal? dog? ;p is a good alien)

    7 Wildvine (a plant alien? this alien is a very expert and great)

    8 Ripjaws ( aquatic? this is a also alien!)

    9 Diamondhead (a diamond alien... good resistance!)

    10 Ghostfreak (a expert ghost :p) 11 Stinkfly (whoww! is very stink! ugh!)

    12 Fourarms (very force! muscles in a lot! ;p)

    13 Grey Matter :) (what's this! "A" in all tests!)

  • While working on a farm, the Tennysons discover an alien mummy.

    This episode isn't as good as I thought it would be. I was very disappointed at the end of the episode when Ben wasn't able to transform into the mummy alien. I really wanted to see what he would look like. I also didn't care for the part where the mummy turned the security guard into a mutant. That was a very...well...gruesome part if you ask me. The only part I really liked was at the end when Gwen started screaming and claiming that Ben was turned into a mutant by the mummy alien. I liked the expression on Ben's face.moreless
  • The Tennysons are city kids,not farm kids!!!!

    I can't rate this episode amazing.Guess why?I dunno either.I wanted to see Ben turn into that alien mummy dude.Gwen made Ben do all the work and Ben didn't mind at all!Weird!Todd looked so messy with all that manure duty.So gross doing that.I could have thrown up but at least my cousin did it.Thank god it didn't mutate Ben.I would have got a nightmare.I thought Ben was gonna use all his aliens but he used XLR8 and Diamondhead twice.I guess there was use.If this family were a farm family,I would have not seen this show.Sorry if this review sounds dum.I don't hate episodes.moreless
Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Ben Tennyson/Upgrade

Jim Ward

Jim Ward

Diamond Head/XLR8/Wildvine

Meagan Smith

Meagan Smith

Gwen Tennyson

Paul Eiding

Paul Eiding

Max Tennyson

Richard McGonagle

Richard McGonagle

Four Arms

Rob Pinkston

Rob Pinkston

Todd Maplewood

Guest Star

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Joan Maplewood/Teen #2/Cowgirl

Guest Star

Jim Ward

Jim Ward

Security Guard

Recurring Role

Khary Payton

Khary Payton

Teen #1

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • After the alien mummy grabs Ben's wrist and all the aliens cycle through the Omnitrix before it shows the mummy's silhouette, it shows the old Ghostfreak's silhouette despite the fact that this episode premiered after "Ghostfreaked Out" and before "The Return". So Ghostfreak's DNA shouldn't have been inside it since he had earlier freed himself.

    • Look Closely/Think Back: The scanner Max uses is the same one in "Ghostfreaked Out."

    • Think Back: In "Ken 10," Benmummy's clothes were similar to the original mummy's, this could give us a hint that the original mummy was an adult.

    • Look Closely: When the mummy alien grabs Diamond Head after he questions his immunity to the corrodium, the two bandages extending from the mummy's back are solid black.

    • Look Closely: At the part where Gwen saves Ben from the falling silo, if you slow it down, you can see that if Ben were allowed to stand there, he would have narrowly missed being crushed.

    • Look Closely: When the mummy alien grabs XLR8, the white on the Omnitrix symbol turns grey for a brief second.

    • Pay Attention: Grandpa Max and Gwen were hesitant about approaching the mummy without the Hazmat suits, but when Diamond Head revealed the corrodium in the ice cream factory, they just walked right up to it without hesitation.

    • Look Closely/Pay Attention: When the mummy grabs the Omnitrix, and it shows the silhouettes of all the aliens, it goes from Four Arms to Grey Matter to Upgrade, then to Grey Matter again, then to Upgrade again.

    • Look Closely: Just before Ben turns Upgrade, he's wearing a special suit Grandpa Max gave him to stop him from mutating. But when he reverts back to Ben, he's wearing his normal clothes.

    • Look Hard: When the Omnitrix is shuffling through symbols after absorbing the alien mummy's DNA, you can see Ghostfreak's symbol for a brief moment.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Ben: (after mummy grabs him) Grandpa!

    • Gwen: Okay, mental note: never try to perform a spell from inside a Hazmat suit!

    • Grandpa Max: Guess we'd better head back to the farm. I'm sure Joan has more chores for us to do.
      Ben: Yeah, about that, Grandpa. Gwen and I just want to say...
      Ben & Gwen: ...Don't make us go back there, please! We've learned our lesson, Grandpa! We'll do our chores from now on - promise!
      Grandpa Max: Oh, thank goodness. I'd forgotten how much I hated working on Uncle Jedediah's farm when I was a kid. Now, let's get out of here before I get stuck with manure duty again.

    • (Upgrade reverts back to Ben)
      Gwen: (screams) The Coronium turned Ben into a hideous mutant! Oh, wait. That's how you always look.
      Ben: (sarcastically) Ha ha ha. That's so funny I forgot to laugh.

    • Ben: This is gonna take forever... unless we get a little special help.
      Gwen: Ben, Grandpa told you specifically not to go alien to do this stuff.
      Ben: Yeah, I guess you're right. You wouldn't want to miss out on the experience of milking all these cows?
      Gwen: So, what are you waiting for? Change already.

    • Todd: (milking a cow) Just squeeze and pull. Squeeze and pull.
      Ben: Don't they have machines for this?
      Todd: Ma doesn't believe in them. Says they spook the cows.
      Ben: Isn't there something else we could do?
      Todd: Well, the manure needs to be shoveled.
      Ben & Gwen: Milking!

    • Ben: Grandpa, what gives?
      Grandpa Max: What gives is that I ran out of water in the shower... again. It's your job to keep the tank full, Ben.
      Ben: I will, just later.
      Gwen: Sure. The same way you're "going" to make your bed or take out the trash.
      Grandpa Max: Well, you're a fine one to talk, young lady. You think those dirty dishes are just gonna wash themselves?
      Gwen: But it's summer vacation, Grandpa.
      Ben: Yeah, if we wanted to do chores, we could have just stayed at home.

    • Ben: Time to fight mummy with mummy. (transforms into Upgrade)
      Upgrade: Upgrade? Aw, man!

    • (Grandpa Max sticks a device on Gwen and himself, which covers them in some kind of protective suit)
      Grandpa Max: Level 10 Hazmat suits. Don't think your parents would appreciate me bringing you home all mutated.
      Diamond Head: Hey, what about me?
      Grandpa Max: As long as you're in alien form, you should be safe from the mutation effects.
      Diamond Head: "Should be"?

    • (Ben tries to sneak out of the chicken coop at night)
      Gwen: Going somewhere?
      Ben: Same place you are.
      Ben & Gwen: Mummy hunt.

    • Grandpa Max: Mmm, good grub, Joan!
      Gwen: Yeah, with no actual grubs in it for a change.

    • (Grandpa Max hands a bag to Ben)
      Ben: Oh, man, there's gotta be, like, a thousand of these things. Looks like a job for...
      (Grandpa Max grabs his arm)
      Grandpa Max: ...Ben "I'm Too Lazy To Fill A Water Tank" Tennyson. And only him, if you know what I mean.

    • Cowgirl: (on the radio) Y'all ready for a little fresh air? Want a chance to commune with the animals? You know someone who needs to learn the value of some good old-fashioned hard work? Then sign your whole clan up for a week at Dairyville's Family Fun Farm Camp and experience life on a real working farm!
      (Grandpa Max appears to have an idea)
      Ben: I do not like that look in his eye.

  • NOTES (31)

    • Omnitrix malfunction(s):

      Benmummy - Upgrade

    • When Ben turns into Diamond Head, during the transformation sequence, if you look closely you can see the very first Diamond Head crystal emerges from the face of the Omnitrix.

    • In this episode Gwen starts to try magic spells as herself (and not as Charmcaster), slowly turning into a master magician (as we see her in "Ben 10,000").

    • Diamond Head's transformation sequence is seen again for the first time since "Hunted."

    • Main Transformation(s): XLR8.

    • Both the mummy alien and the werewolf alien in "Benwolf" seemed surprised when the Omnitrix powered Ben down.

    • This is the fifth time that Ben becomes the same alien twice in the same episode, and the first time he becomes two aliens twice in the same episode.

    • Grandpa Max's pajamas have the same lightning bolt pattern as his underwear did in "Tourist Trap."

    • Cartoon Network (UK) airdate: April 2nd, 2007.

    • This marks the second time Gwen has called Ben by his full name (first and last). First time was in "Ghostfreaked Out".

    • If you take a good look at the Omnitrix, you can see that, like in "Benwolf," it can only absorb new alien DNA when an alien touches it, and only when Ben is in human form and when the Omnitrix is red.

    • Gwen cannot use her magic inside of a Hazmat suit, as it cannot penetrate the suit and winds up stuck inside the suit with her. Luckily she used a type of air spell to try to blast away the alien mummy, which inflated her suit for a few minutes, rather than a fire spell, or the like, for her first attempt at casting a spell inside a Hazmat suit.

    • This is the first time Gwen has used magic, but it backfired on her inside the suit.

    • Ben gets the ability to transform into the alien mummy in this episode.

    • Exposure to Corrodium radiation will cause animals and humans to monstrously mutate into distorted black forms with glowing purple eyes and defining edge marks. Limited exposure is only temporary, and after the effects of the Corrodium radiation end, the target changes back to normal.

    • Grandpa Max has a set of Level 10 Hazmat (Hazardous Material) Suits, used to protect himself, Ben, and Gwen from the effects of the Coronium radiation. They appear to be disks with three prongs around the edges that are slapped onto the chest, and extend material outward from them when the centers are pressed to form a full hazmat suit around the wearer, fit to size, including a full transparent faceplate. The suits can be torn.

    • Main Villain(s): Mummy Alien.

    • Ben mentions the "Yenaldooshi" alien from "Benwolf." Max and Gwen believe the Yenaldooshi and the alien mummy have a connection because they both arrived to Earth with purple lightning. The alien mummy's arrival may have something to do with the satellite that lit up at the end of "Benwolf."

    • This is the second time that the Omnitrix absorbs another alien's DNA. The first time was in "Benwolf" when it sampled genes from the alien werewolf, now it sampled the alien mummy's.

    • Digby Dairy produces Ben's favorite brand of ice cream.

    • Max Tennyson had an uncle named Jedediah who owned a farm where he used to work during the summer. Max did not enjoy it.

    • This episode takes place at the fictional Dairyville Family Fun Farm Camp in South Carolina.

    • This is a direct continuation of the story that began in "Benwolf."

    • At the beginning, we see Ben listening to the portable radio from "The Big Tick."

    • At the beginning, Gwen was reading Charmcaster's spell book from "A Change of Face."

    • Ben now has a total of 13 aliens in the Omnitrix.

      1) Four Arms.
      2) Diamond Head.
      3) Grey Matter.
      4) Ripjaws.
      5) Upgrade.
      6) Wildmutt.
      7) Stinkfly.
      8) Heat Blast.
      9) XLR8.
      10) Cannon Bolt.
      11) Wildvine.
      12) Benwolf.
      13) Alien Mummy.

      Ghostfreak's symbol makes an appearance when the Alien Mummy's DNA is acquired by the Omnitrix.

    • Ben uses his alien forms to do the farm work easier, such as:

      Four Arms - Used to milk the cows.
      XLR8 - Collect chicken eggs.
      Wildvine - Feed the pigs.
      Wildmutt - Plow a field for planting.
      Diamond Head - Dig holes for fence posts.

    • Ben gains a new alien form, but Ben doesn't transform into him, as the alien mummy touched the watch, and it absorbed its DNA. It appeared twice in the series, and was credited as Benmummy.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) XLR8 (2 times).
      2) Four Arms.
      3) Wildvine.
      4) Wildmutt.
      5) Diamond Head (2 times).
      6) Upgrade.

    • This episode has another instance of Gwen's magical aura, when she performs the spell on the mummy in her Hazmat suit. The spell was "Mulcha Objectia" and grew her into the size of a giant balloon.

    • Running Gag: Ben using his aliens to do farm work.


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