Ben 10

Season 3 Episode 8

Under Wraps

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Mar 10, 2007 on Cartoon Network

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  • ben got a new learn.

    In order to teach Ben and Gwen the value of hard work, Grandpa Max takes them to a farm. However, a farmhand tells Ben and Gwen of a mummy that had recently arrived in a flash of purple lightning, prompting their curiosity. The two of them find it digging for a strange stone, but it attacks them as soon as they see it. XLR8 fights it to no avail, but the mummy flees in the confusion. Max discovers that the strange rock is an unstable chemical called "Corrodium," which causes severe mutation in earthly organisms. The Tennysons track the mummy down to an ice cream factory, but end up in danger when the mummy proves to be invincible. In the resulting struggle, the mummy touches the Omnitrix and inadvertently adds its DNA, allowing Ben to use that form; however, the Omnitrix decides to transform Ben into Upgrade instead. Upgrade possesses a liquid nitrogen containment tank and sprays the mummy with the chemical, effectively freezing it. The family then flees the farm for fear of more manual labor.
  • Ben get a new alien and learns the value of hard...

    To learn the value of hard work Max takes Ben and Gwen to a farm only to encounter an alien mummy.The best parts I liked was ben using all his aliens to get out of chores,gwen using her powers (took me by surprise),and ben gets a new alien for the 4th time.
  • Ben freeze de mummy!


    Ben freeze de mummy with Upgrade!

    My favorite alien is Upgrade

    That's right!

    My favorites aliens:

    1 Upgrade( ultra-tech. :) very good)
    2 Cannonbolt (ball?of course! great alien!)
    3 Heatblast (blast, fire? is hot!)
    4 Benwolf (very freak :)
    5 The Mummy ( soo very freak :x )
    6 Wildmutt ( animal? dog? ;p is a good alien)
    7 Wildvine (a plant alien? this alien is a very expert and great)
    8 Ripjaws ( aquatic? this is a also alien!)
    9 Diamondhead (a diamond alien... good resistance!)
    10 Ghostfreak (a expert ghost :p) 11 Stinkfly (whoww! is very stink! ugh!)
    12 Fourarms (very force! muscles in a lot! ;p)
    13 Grey Matter :) (what's this! "A" in all tests!)

  • While working on a farm, the Tennysons discover an alien mummy.

    This episode isn't as good as I thought it would be. I was very disappointed at the end of the episode when Ben wasn't able to transform into the mummy alien. I really wanted to see what he would look like. I also didn't care for the part where the mummy turned the security guard into a mutant. That was a very...well...gruesome part if you ask me. The only part I really liked was at the end when Gwen started screaming and claiming that Ben was turned into a mutant by the mummy alien. I liked the expression on Ben's face.
  • The Tennysons are city kids,not farm kids!!!!

    I can't rate this episode amazing.Guess why?I dunno either.I wanted to see Ben turn into that alien mummy dude.Gwen made Ben do all the work and Ben didn't mind at all!Weird!Todd looked so messy with all that manure duty.So gross doing that.I could have thrown up but at least my cousin did it.Thank god it didn't mutate Ben.I would have got a nightmare.I thought Ben was gonna use all his aliens but he used XLR8 and Diamondhead twice.I guess there was use.If this family were a farm family,I would have not seen this show.Sorry if this review sounds dum.I don't hate episodes.
  • Tiring of Ben and Gwen's lack of work ethic, Max takes them to a "Family Fun Farm" where they spend a few days living like farmers. While there, the kids stumble on an alien mummy who is appearently looking for some radioactive crystals.

    This episode is a direct continuation of the story started a few episodes back in "Benwolf." Apparently, alien versions of Earth monsters are doing something, though their real purpose (at this time) is unclear. The werewolf built a machine of unknown purpose (supposedly it is a communication becon) and the mummy was looking for a few radioactive gems. It is believed that the becon was used to call other aliens (including the mummy seen in this episode.)

    Personally, I can't wait to see what the next monster is going to be. A skeleton? Or a vampire perhaps? One thing is for certain, these guys are going to keep coming until their job is done.

    It should be noted that Ben did gain a new alien (the mummy) this episode. It was acquired in the same manner as the werewolf in "Benwolf." Unfortunately, the slow transformation process was not shown on screen.
  • :O ben gets a new alien!!

    A great episode and another alien for ben's omnitrix(a mummy). Once again the bad guy is a monster from an old horror movie I wonder where they come up with all these ideas.

    Ben , Gwen and Grandpa Max go to a farm to help out and make Ben and Gwen realise the importance of chores(but like they'll ever learn). While working ben uses XLR8, Four Arms, Wildvine, Diamond Head and Wild Mutt to help them out. One of the kids who lives at the farm tell them about a mummy he say so Ben and Gwen decide to check it out. He finds the mummy and has a fight with it but reverts back to Ben. The next morning Ben as Diamond head fights the mummy but reverts back and the mummy touches the watch and it glows yellow which tells us the watch took the mummys DNA. Ben then goes upgrade and kicks the mummys butt!!
  • a new alien for ben!!!!!!!

    The episode starts when 3 kids are going cow tippin when a mummy comes after puprle lighting the same way the warewolf came. After the theme song ends ben says i love summer vaction you do nothing all summer then they go to a farm.They go to a farm because max thinks the kids are being lazy. On the farm ben and gwen have to do work. Ben uses wildvine, XLR8, wildmutt, diamandhead and fourarms to help. But when one of the kids tells ben and gwen about the mummy. They run to max and tell him about it. He gets a device that tracks what the mummy is looking for. When they get to the place, a diary factory, the alien comes and ben goes diamandhead and they fight. Whlie they are fighting gwen trys to use a spell but she just turns into a big ball and lands on one of the things that was running after them. Back to ben. The watch times out and the mummy starts running after him when the mummy grabs the watch it gets its DNA like the warewolf. And just like that ben has a new alien.
  • Another great installment for Ben 10, and the Omnitrix!

    Taking place in South Carolina, Ben and Gwen working on farm isn't your average idea for a Ben 10 episode, but add a crazy mummy and an odd chemical element and you'll get your typical Ben 10 adventure. Surprisingly, there were more aliens than usual, which is always nice to see. Also, even though Ben didn't transform into his new alien mummy, he still has a new addition to the Omnitrix, which is just as good, because eventually we'll see it. And let's not forget about Gwen. It seems she's been studying Charmcaster's book of spells, and seems to be making progress as well!