Ben 10

Season 1 Episode 2

Washington B.C.

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 13, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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After Ben saves a child and parent from a burning building, Gwen and Grandpa Max come along with more bad news. In addition, there is a mad scientist roaming around Washington D.C. with a device that can change normal animals to mutant giants and also reanimate fossils of dinosaurs. The mad scientist, Dr. Animo, first encounters Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max at the M-Mart. After a grueling battle without the help of a hero, they chase down Animo to the Museum of Natural History. Dr. Animo has hidden secrets along with mutants. Will Dr. Animo defeat Ben's aliens with his powerful mutants, or will Ben learn the true power of his aliens?moreless

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  • If nothing else, funny.

    Ben 10 looks to follow the mold of the 90's action cartoons. Trouble is brewing in a city from a villain you won't see again, and then a hero comes out to save the day before the end of the episode. The problem with this formula is that it's been too played out; it's what an entire era of action cartoons was based on in the 90's. The execution wasn't bad, but the villain and story were just way too typical. If nothing else though it was pretty funny; the childish comebacks Gwen and Ben have for each other, and grandpa's obsession with eating abnormal "natural" food.moreless
  • I thought this was a good episodes.

    During a trip to Washington D.C., Ben confronts Dr. Animo, a disgruntled scientist who's Transmodulator can mutate living animals, and even resurrect dead ones, and eventually learns a lesson about what being a hero really means. It's In Washington D.C., Ben is starting his superhero career by rescuing some people from a burning building by using Heatblast. At the same time, he chases down some jewel thieves. Even though he's gotten the hang of the hero aspect, he still doesn't have the reward part down, since he expects recognition for all that he does. In another part of town, a scientist named Dr. Animo is trying to complete his Transmodulator, a device that can mutate normal animals into giant versions of themselves, as well as reanimate dormant cells, effectively bringing back the dead. The second function of the Transmodulator requires some parts, so he goes to the nearest M-Mart to get them, leading him into Ben. Ben saves the store, but Dr. Animo escapes. The trio pursues Dr. Animo to the Museum of Natural History, where he completes his Transmodulator and reanimates a T-Rex. Despite Ben's efforts, he escapes once again. On top of that, Gwen is kidnapped by Dr. Animo's giant bird. Some insight into Dr. Animo's past reveals that he is chasing after the Verites Award, which he had lost to a Dr. Kelly five years earlier. After saving Gwen, Ben is able to stop Dr. Animo quest for the reward. Seeing some of himself in Dr. Animo, Ben realizes that being a hero can be its own reward.moreless
  • Another great episode. When Ben 10, his grandpa, and Gwen go to washinton B.C. a crazey scienstist Dr. Animo tries to get a trophey from an old man with his mutayted creations.moreless

    Another good episode that features more aliens more villanes and new other things. I like Ben 10. Its a pretty ausume show. Its one of my faves. So as you may know I have written a lot of reviews so I have a lot of experience. Take my word that this was a good episode blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah yaaaa aaaa aa a aa aa dd dd dd dd d ddd aa aaaaaaaaaa aa a a a a yah. so to sum things up This episode was great so youdude123 off he he.moreless
  • I believe I have seen such storylines gazillions of times.

    I think this episode was pretty good in terms of the animation, but the plotline itself is far from innovative. I have lost count of how many times I have encountered dinosaurs from a museum coming to life thanks to the work of an evil scientists. Incidentally, I have seen thousands of episodes about crazy scientists seeking recognition through devious but ingenious ways. This kinda gives a bad impression of scientists. They are in reality not so clever, and not so evil either. As usual, Grandpa Max was flawlessly the "brains" of the whole operation, with Ben surprising viewers with intellectual decisions from time to time.moreless
  • Another great installment!!!!

    This episode is action-packed, especially the attack in the mart, that was pure awesomeness!!! Ben hopelessly wants the gold sumo slammer card as a reward, but Max goes all 'heroes don't need a reward' and Ben gets ticked off. Then they track him to a museum where he revived a mammoth and dinosaurs! Gwen is captured and breaks a cellphone in the process. They recover her and at the nick of time, the city is saved from wacko Animo. This is another great installment made by the writers of Ben 10, and should never be forgotten and be remembered as a great episode!!!moreless
Paul Eiding

Paul Eiding

TV Announcer/Security Guard #2

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Parrot/Security Guard #1

Guest Star

Richard McGonagle

Richard McGonagle

Dr. Kelly

Guest Star

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Young Boy

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (22)

    • Doctor Animo is 5' 6" tall.

    • Goof: When the mega-frog chomps on the landlord, it appears to have teeth. Real frogs have no teeth.

    • Look Closely: At the beginning of the episode, Dr. Animo has yellow teeth. Later on, in one scene, his teeth are white.

    • Look Closely: The reanimated mammoth that appears in the episode is green. It is a well known fact that not a single mammoth in history was green.

    • Look Hard: After Gwen sprays the fire extinguisher on Heatblast, several sheets of paper taped to the refrigerator can be seen.

    • Listen Carefully: The opening theme song in this episode is clearly rushed.

    • Pay Attention: Grey Matter manages to slip through and search at least a hundred boxes of cereal, despite having transformed and started searching only a few seconds ago.

    • Dr. Animo said that he could reactivate dormant cells, but that doesn't mean he could bring the entire T-Rex back to life. He could only revitalize the cells on the T-Rex's bones, because the majority of cells that made up its skin have rotted away.

    • Look Closely: When the T-Rex is reanimated, holes in its flesh are seen and pieces of bone are visible. The T-Rex should have pooled blood from these open wounds.

    • Pay Attention: Despite having broken through two different walls and destroying at least three different displays, there isn't so much as one alarm at the natural history museum. Also, there are no guards to be seen anywhere in the museum, despite the awful racket they were making.

    • Look Hard: In the opening scene of the episode, there is a billboard labeled "Good Times" in front of the burning building. On the left side, there's a picture of a bearded man smoking a pipe and giving a thumbs-up. On the right side, partially obscured by a tree, is another man giving a thumbs-up.

    • Look Closely: When Heatblast is about to cut a hole in the wall of the burning building, the window he points at clearly has bars on it. When the scene switches to an outside view, there are no longer bars on the window. In addition to that, after he cuts out the piece of the building and transports the woman and her son to safety, there is no debris on the ground where the piece fell.

    • After Dr. Animo leaves the M-Mart, the mega-frog is no longer seen. Why didn't it continue to follow Dr. Animo?

    • Look Hard: The display that Gwen takes the spear from is marked Sotopithicus. The first part is a nod to producer Alex Soto. The second part is a nod to Australopithecus, an extinct genus of the hominid family that are closely related to humans.

    • Look Closely: When Dr. Animo first brings back the T-Rex, the parts of skin on his torso are missing. Later when he's attacking Gwen and Grandpa Max, parts of skin are no longer missing from the torso but the mouth.

    • Look Hard: As Grandpa Max is driving, the freeway signs read Noraville and Malarzo Heights, from left to right. There is also a campground called Camp Pam shown under the Malarzo Heights sign.

    • Pay Attention: The T-Rex and mega-frog ran through glass and buildings several times. However, throughout the rest of the episode, there is no glass in them.

    • Look Hard: While most stores today claim to have one-hour photo service, the M-Mart sign has their photo service clocked at two hours. It also has a Pharmacy, a Vision Center, and a Tire & Lube Express.

    • Pay Attention/Outside Knowledge: In this episode, Grandpa Max complains that there wasn't an elevator to use in the Washington Monument. But in the real Washington Monument, there actually is an elevator.

    • Look Hard: The store manager's nametag says "Regis."

    • Listen Carefully: When Gwen uses her cell phone to call for help, Ben and Grandpa Max head to her location without ever picking up the phone. It can still be heard ringing as they reach the Washington Monument.

    • Pay Attention: After Ben transformed back to normal after being Grey Matter, it took what seemed a really long time for the Omnitrix to become usable again. However, towards the end of the episode, after he became Four Arms, it seemed to take less time for the Omnitrix to allow him to become Stinkfly after being normal again.

  • QUOTES (45)

    • Stinkfly: (To Gwen) I can't shake cracker-breath. You're gonna have to trust me.
      Gwen: Trust you?
      (Stinkfly tosses Gwen off his back, then grabs her and flies to the Washington Monument; Gwen screams)
      Grandpa Max: Come to Grandpa.
      (Stinkfly flies by Grandpa Max, allowing him to grab Gwen, then beats up the giant bird)
      Grandpa Max: Go! Stop Animo. We're all right.
      Gwen: Speak for yourself.

    • Dr. Kelly: (To tour group) And here is my Verities Award. Of course, it was an honor just to be nominated with a distinguished group of scientists.
      (Building shakes; Dr. Animo bursts through wall with his T-Rex)
      Dr. Animo: Kelly! I believe you have something of mine. (Jumps down and grabs the Verities Award) I'd like to thank the committee for this honor.

    • Ben: (As the giant bird flies off with Gwen) Gwen!
      Grandpa Max: (Drives up) Somebody call for a taxi?

    • Ben: I didn't get that gold Sumo Slammer card, but at least I snagged a trophy from Animo. (Puts Transmodulator in a box) Plus, I guess saving the city from Dr. Wacko was its own reward.
      Gwen: Don't forget, you saved me, too. Thanks.
      Ben: Yeah, well, that's what we heroes do best. Rescue dweebs.
      Gwen: You are such a major doofus.
      Ben: I know you are, but what am I?

    • Dr. Animo: (As the police arrest him) Let me go! I deserve that award! I've got it coming to me! I want it!
      Ben: For some reason, that sounds kinda familiar.

    • Dr. Animo: (After Stinkfly saves Dr. Kelly) What are you, you little pest?
      Stinkfly: I'm Stinkfly, and I'm here to kick some tail.

    • Dr. Animo: (After crushing Sumo Slammer card factory) Ah, I do love my work.

    • Gwen: (After beating up the giant parrot) Ben's not the only one with skills.

    • Gwen: Now would be a really good time to go hero.
      Ben: No duh. You guys get Animo, I'll take care of Jumbo. (Transforms into Four Arms)
      Four Arms: Let's wrestle.

    • Gwen: (Computer beeps) Bingo! Five years ago, Dr. Animo was a promising researcher in veterinary science. But it turned out he was doing all these twisted genetic experiments where he was mutating animals, and when he didn't when some big prize called the Verities award, he flipped out. Anything about this sound familiar, Ben?

    • Store Manager: (To Ben) You saved the store. If there's anything I can do to repay you, anything you want.
      Ben: (Looking at gold Sumo Slammer card) Well, now that you mention it... (Grandpa Max drags Ben away) Grandpa, I was finally gonna score the gold Sumo Slammer card!
      Grandpa Max: No time for that now, Ben. We have a giant parrot to follow.

    • Dr. Animo: Young fool, you cannot stop me! I will turn Washington D.C. into Washington B.C.

    • Ben: (Seeing a nearby motor scooter) I don't need to go hero to stop an overgrown furball.

    • Dr. Animo: (Motioning to his mutated animals) Behold the genius of Dr. Animo. Nothing can stop me from getting what I deserve. Mark my words, today I will make history, or should I say pre-history.
      Gwen: (To Ben) If you didn't go cereal diving, one of those heroes could be saving us from becoming hamster chow.

    • Ben: (To Dr. Animo) Hey, what do you think you're doing?
      (Giant frog uses its tongue to knock boxes on top of Ben)
      Dr. Animo: Don't be a hero, kid. Just run along and play.
      Ben: (Looks at uncharged Omnitrix) You are so lucky I can't go hero.
      Security Guard: Freeze! Get down off that giant... frog and put your hands up.
      (Dr. Animo rides away on frog)
      Security Guard: Uh, we got a grab-and-dash in Electronics. Male, five-foot-six, riding on a giant frog or toad. Trust me, you can't miss him.

    • Gwen: (hears Omnitrix activate) Ben? (walks into the cereal aisle to find all the boxes opened, finds Grey Matter digging through one of them)
      Grey Matter: Oh, man, another red card.
      Gwen: (grabbing Grey Matter) Gotcha. What are you doing?
      Grey Matter: Uh, looking for the gold Sumo Slammer card. Duh...
      Gwen: You're supposed to use your powers to help people, not find some stupid trading card.

    • Dr. Animo: So close to having what is rightfully mine. All I need is a few lousy components to finish my work.
      M-Mart Commercial: So whether you're in need from hair spray to state-of-the-art electronics, you'll find them under one roof at the grand opening of the district's newest Mega Mart.
      Dr. Animo: Ah, just what the doctor ordered.

    • Dr. Animo: (to landlord) You must be an animal lover. (takes a frog out of its cage and sets it on the floor) Then you're gonna love this. (puts on Transmodulator)
      Landlord: (laughing) What's that? You a member of the moose lodge or something?
      Dr. Animo: This is my Transmodulator. Phase number 1: it creates and accelerates mutations at the genetic level. Observe. (activates the Transmodulator, changing the frog into a giant version of itself, the landlord screams as the frog eats him)
      Dr. Animo: I'm sorry, I can't hear you. It sounds like you have a frog in your throat. (laughing) Or is that the other way around.

    • (Dr. Animo sneaks up on the landlord, making him scream)
      Dr. Animo: How did you get in?
      Landlord: (composing himself) Pass key. I am still your landlord, remember? Maybe not, since your rent is six months past due.
      Dr. Animo: All of my funds go into my research. Now get out! You're disturbing me.
      Landlord: Hmm. Looks like you were disturbed long before I got here, pal. Listen doc, you and your furry friends are out on the street, unless you pony up the green.
      Dr. Animo: Pony up? Interesting choice of phrases.

    • Landlord: (knocking on Dr. Animo's door) Yo, Animo. I know you're in there. Open up. (opens the door and walks in, looking at all the animal cages; recoiling at the smell) Phew, smells like a zoo in here.

    • (roof collapses, but doesn't fall)
      Boy: (looks up to see Heat Blast holding roof) Who are you?
      Heat Blast: I'm here to help. (leads them to stairwell) This way.
      (staircase collapses)
      Heat Blast: Uh, on second thought, that way.

    • Ben: Un-huh! That's right! Not even giant hamsters can mess with Ben Tennyson!
      Employee: (over intercom) Cleanup aisle six.

    • Heat Blast: (hits criminals' car with a fireball) Strike!

    • Stinkfly: (to giant bird) Watch the nails there, Polly!

    • Grandpa Max: (climbing up stairs) Like it would have killed the Founding Fathers to install an elevator.

    • Stinkfly: (sees a gold Sumo Slammer card in a pile of rubble) Hey, I struck Sumo Slammer gold!
      Dr. Kelly: Somebody help me!
      Stinkfly: (sees that Dr. Kelly is about to be eaten by the T-Rex) Oh, man, this hero stuff ain't easy!

    • Grandpa Max: (to Gwen on cell phone) Hang on, Gwen. We're coming.
      Gwen: I can't hold on much longer. (drops cell phone)
      Grandpa Max: (seeing Gwen's cell phone hit the ground) Oh, no. Gwen will be next.
      Ben: Not if I can help it. It's hero time!

    • Ben: (sees display) Huh? Yeah! (walks over to display) Cool. Sumo Slammer cards; a complete set.
      Grandpa Max: Let's check out the pet department.
      Gwen: Please tell me you aren't looking for our breakfast.

    • (giant parrot turns back to normal size; the parrot flies up and perches on Gwen's arm)
      Gwen: Oh, don't even try to kiss up to me now.

    • Grandpa Max: So, why are we buying all of this cereal?
      Ben: Well, we would have only had to buy the one that I found the gold Sumo Slammer card in if Gwen hadn't butted in with her big butt.
      Gwen: Hello, you were trashing the whole cereal aisle just to find some stupid piece of cardboard.

    • Store Manager: (clears throat) Just what do you think you're doing, young lady?
      Gwen: It wasn't me. It was my doofus cousin.
      Store Manager: Well, someone is going to have to pay for all this.
      (Gwen grunts)

    • (Gwen falls and screams, then Stinkfly grabs her)
      Stinkfly: Gotcha!
      Gwen: (looking surprised) Huh? Butterfly!
      Stinkfly: (looks at her) Stinkfly.
      Gwen: Yeah, whatever. Anyway, thanks for the save. (sees giant parrot and gasps) Incoming!

    • Gwen: (while being carried by the giant parrot, and reaching for her cell phone) Well, my mom said only use in an emergency. (short pause) I guess this qualifies.

    • Gwen: (riding on Stinkfly's back) Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick.
      Stinkfly: Spew on me, and you'd better learn to fly quick.

    • Gwen: (while being carried by the giant parrot; mockingly) "Spend a summer with your Grandpa, honey. It'll be an adventure."

    • Dr. Animo: You are very persistent. I hate persistence.
      Ben: We all know about you and your freakazoid experiments, Dr. Animo. It's over.
      Dr. Animo: Oh, but, it's only just begun. See, I only needed a few components to push my work into phase 2 -- the re-animation of dormant cells.
      Ben: (confused) Uh, does this guy come with subtitles?
      Dr. Animo: Breathing life into that which has been long since lifeless. Observe. (re-animates mammoth) Behold the genius that is Dr. Animo.

    • Grandpa Max: (about the giant parrot) Lost him. He could be going anywhere in Washington D.C.
      Gwen: Or Washington B.C.
      Ben: (gasps) That's it! I know where he's going: the Natural History Museum.
      Grandpa Max: (after Ben finds a giant feather at the museum) Something tells me we're on the right track. Good thinking, Ben.
      Gwen: Guess even a doofus can surprise you once in a while.
      Ben: And you should know.

    • Grandpa Max: Ben, what's the matter?
      Ben: I save an entire Mega Mart from being a giant hamster's chew toy, and what do I get? Nothing. It's not fair.
      Grandpa Max: Being a hero isn't about others knowing you did something good; it's about you knowing you did something good. Being a hero is its own reward.
      Ben: What, were you reading the greeting cards at the Mega Mart?
      Grandpa Max: Well, yes.

    • Grandpa Max: (while following giant parrot) Ah, just like the good old days, before I retired.
      Gwen: So, exactly, what kind of plumber were you, Grandpa?
      Grandpa Max: Uh, a darn good one.

    • Ben: (noticing the giant hamster and parrot) Oh, man. What kind of pet food are they selling around here?

    • Grandpa Max: Ben, now I can appreciate how much this card means to you, but don't you think you're getting a little obsessed?
      Ben: Maybe you're right, Grandpa. I don't deserve a Gold Sumo Slammer card. I mean, it's not like I rescued a bunch of people from a burning building or anything like that.
      Gwen: Superhero guilt: pretty low.
      Ben: Hey, whatever it takes.

    • (At the grocery store)
      Grandpa Max: Only canned octopus? I thought this store prided itself on wide selection.
      Gwen: Uh, Grandpa, no offense, but can we have a normal dinner for once? You know, once that doesn't involve stir-fried tentacles?
      Grandpa Max: Nonsense. Now where do you suppose they keep the sheep's bladders?

    • Heatblast: (To robbers) Unless you punks want a permanent sunburn, hands against the wall. You punks picked the wrong day to be bad- (Transforms back into Ben)
      Ben: Guys.
      Robber #1: Huh? What? Hey, it's just a kid! Get the jewels!
      Ben: (Realizing he's back to normal; sirens are heard in the background) Wow. Time sure flies when you're having fun. I've decided to let you guys off with a warning this time.
      (The police arrive)
      Police Officer: Freeze!
      Ben: They're all yours, officers. I know you all want to thank me, but-
      Police Officer: Step aside, son. This isn't playtime.
      Ben: Playtime? I'm the one who captured them! It's not fair! I'm the hero! Oh, man...

    • Grandpa Max: (Driving the RV; sniffs) I knew I should have bought those asbestos seat covers when I had the chance.
      Heatblast: Sorry, Grandpa. I can't help it. I'm hot.
      Gwen: (Sprays fire extinguisher on Heatblast) 10 superheroes on that stupid watch and you picked the one with the flaming butt?
      Heatblast: Jealous?
      (Gwen sprays him again with fire extinguisher)

    • (Ohhs and ahhs)
      Heatblast: I'm sure you all want to thank me personally, but really it's all in a day's work for -- (Looks at boy) No way! A gold Sumo Slammer card! (Sits next to the boy) Where'd you get it? I've been searching all over for that!
      Boy: It was a prize inside a box of Sumo Smack cereal.
      (Honks horn)
      Gwen: Yo, super doofus. The fire was just a diversion to cover up a jewelry store robbery. The bad guys are getting away.
      Heatblast: (Turns to the boy, then back to Gwen) Uh, I knew that.

  • NOTES (17)

    • This is the first time Gwen is kidnapped.

    • Gwen reveals that her mom gave her a cell phone at the beginning of the camping trip to use only for emergencies.

    • Main Transformation(s): Four Arms & Stinkfly.

    • Cartoon Network (UK) airdate: Saturday, March 4th, 2006.

    • New Alien Form Bios:
      1) At a mere five inches tall, Grey Matter is an alien race, bred to enter complex machines and repair them from the inside. Consequently, he can squeeze through extremely small spaces. He's extremely smart, which gives Ben a boost in intelligence when being Grey Matter.

      2) Four Arms is an alien of extraordinary strength, and can jump high distances. Unfortunately, due to his body mass and size, his agility is declined and he is very clumsy.

      3) Stinkfly is a winged insectoid alien and expert flier, able to pull off amazing acrobatic moves in midair. He can also take care of himself in flight, using his pincers and tail as weapons, as well as shooting slime from his eye-stalks.

    • Running Gag: Ben constantly tries to get a gold Sumo Slammer card, but something/someone else interrupts and prevents him from getting it.

    • This episode shows that Ben is very balanced and coordinated in handling a motor scooter.

    • Main Villain Bio: Dr. Animo - A reclusive and greedy scientist. If he doesn't get what he wants, he will do whatever he can to get it, even using mutated animals. Dr. Animo also thought that his device (he refers to it as the Transmodulator) to mutate animals would win him an award. However, when he didn't win the award, he went crazy.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:

      1) Heatblast.
      2) Grey Matter.
      3) Four Arms.
      4) Stinkfly.

    • It is shown that Ben is very addicted to collecting Sumo Slammer cards. At this point, Ben identifies that his collection still needs the gold Sumo Slammer card.

    • New Alien Ability: Heatblast has an ability in which he did not show previously: he is able to absorb heat and fire just as fast as he can start one. He can also manipulate fire and redirect it to any area at his liking.

    • Main Villain(s): Dr. Animo.

    • Gwen proves herself to know a few martial arts skills, too, as well as being knowledgeable.

    • As shown in the previous episode, Grandpa Max likes cooking exotic food, such as live octopus or sheep's bladders, which neither Ben or Gwen enjoy eating.

    • New Alien Form(s) Accessed:
      1) Grey Matter.
      2) Four Arms.
      3) Stinkfly.

    • This episode premiered early as part of Cartoon Network's Fridays @ 9:30pm EST/PST.

    • Prior to the series premiere, this episode was listed as the first episode of the series on Cartoon Network's official site. However, it was actually the second episode.

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Dr. Animo: Name
      Dr. Animo's name is a play off of amino acids, a kind of molecule, and animal, referring to his "molecular" experiments on animals.

    • Dr. Animo: Dinosaurs
      When Dr. Amino brought back the T-Rex and the Wooly Mammoth, it's kind of like in Jurassic Park when they bring back the dinosaurs.

    • Four Arms: No bye bye for you!
      When Four Arms leaps onto the monster cockatiel's back, he says "No bye bye for you!" This is a reference to Bye Bye Birdie, a popular 1960s musical.

    • Definition: Verity - The quality of being true or real.
      The "Verities Award" mentioned in the episode was probably no random name, but indeed a metaphor of "reality." The dinosaurs became real when Dr. Animo used his Transmodulator. Dr. Animo desired this award because he could make dinosaurs be real again.

    • Ben: (about Dr. Animo) Does this guy come with subtitles?
      When Ben says, "does this guy come with subtitles," he is quoting something from Beast Boy from Teen Titans, episode "Masks."

    • Street Name: Willams Street
      The burning building at the beginning of the episode is on Willams Street. Though it is missing an "i," this is possibly an allusion to Williams Street Studios, which is a division of Cartoon Network. This branch is mainly focused on their late night [adult swim] programming block.

    • Four Arms: You are going down, Peanut!
      This line is possibly an allusion to Peanut the Elephant, a Beanie Baby made by Ty Inc.

    • M-Mart: Name
      The name of the store where Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max go to, called M-Mart, is a parody of the actual store -- K-Mart.

    • Four Arms: Machamp
      He is built similar to the Pokémon Machamp, right down to the fighting ability and speed.

    • Episode Title: Washington, B.C.
      "Washington, B.C." is a spoof on the city Washington D.C., which is the capital of the United States.

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