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Number of eps???

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    This show recently started airing in the UK on ITV2, paired up with All Night Long (which has since been pulled from the schedule in favour of back-to-back Ben & Kate) and like with many new US shows, I check here to see if they've been axed yet before investing too much in the show. (Does happen with our homegrown shows to, but not as widely publicised/detailed why, and our seasons are usually noticeably shorter so the show normally finishes its run before getting pulled)

    Anyway, was up to about ep 5 when I saw this was done for but decided to see it through to the end as only couple more eps to go. We are now about to get eps 15 & 16 (ep 14 'Gone Fishin'' features a visit from Ben & Kate's dad and a mission to find Maddie's absent father) So exactly how many episodes does this go on for? And did it not complete it's run in the US? (I know in the past our networks have shown full seasons even when eps have gone unaired in the US but they're usually still detailed on sites like this!)

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