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FOX (ended 2013)


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  • I don't understand how anyone can hate this show

    From the beginning, everything about this show has clicked for me. It has an amazing cast of fully realized characters and very funny actors. Nat Faxon can take any line and make it funny; Dakota Johnson plays nervous and awkward like no one else; Lucy Punch is blunt and British; Echo Kellum has shown he has the comedic chops to handle more than what he's given; and Maggie Elizabeth Jones is adorable, but professional.

    In fact, Maddie is one of most well-written children on TV. The characters treat her like an adult and she never serves as a moppet. The scenes between her and BJ (Lucy Punch's character) are gut-bustingly funny because she is brutally honest with her. But you never get the sense that she doesn't care about the kid.

    The writing is also top notch. "Ben and Kate" is sentimental but it never feels sappy because all of it is earned. And the laughs don't stop because of it either. For example, after Kate embarrasses herself at a Halloween party, she and Ben have a very touching conversation about sandwiches.

    I wish more people could see how great this show really is, but I fear that this will join Arrested Development or Better Off Ted as great comedies that Americans have ignored and ultimately canceled. So please, give this show a chance.
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