Ben Casey

Season 2 Episode 26

Father Was an Intern

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 1963 on ABC

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  • Casey confronts the establishment.

    Casey deals with the fact that his charge is a middle-aged man who postponed his dream of being a doctor. When trapped by Dr. Orlando as he's presenting his first case, Casey interupts and tells the intern to take the patient back to his room. Dr. Orlando: But Dr. Casey, Dr. Forrest hasn't finished his presentation. Casey: No, he's finished for today Doctor. You finished him!
    Dr. Orlando: By what right to you intrude on my clinic Dr.Casey?
    Casey: Clinic or kindergarten Doctor? You weren't just examining him, you were trying to trap him...You're playing cat and mouse with a doctor of medicine. And this man is a doctor of medicine, doctor. Dr. Olando: You're being repetitious Dr. Casey.
    Casey: Then maybe it will penetrate. This is a medical amphitheatre, Doctor. Not a circus tent. We're here to learn. Not to be entertained. What you're doing isn't teaching. It's bullying.