Ben Casey - Season 5

ABC (ended 1966)


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Episode Guide

  • Then, Suddenly, Panic
    After a patient is paralyzed by a surgical procedure, a normally enthusiastic dancer becomes extremely fearful when she faces that same surgery.
  • Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes, Here Comes The Cold Wind Of Truth
    A couple of patients are specialists in diagnosing their own ailments as well as wallowing in self pity, and Ben Casey lands right in the middle.
  • Twenty-Six Ways To Spell Heartbreak, A, B, C, D ...
    A violent third grade student almost kills his teacher and it's now in Casey's hands to find the cause.
  • Where Did All the Roses Go?
    Vivian Bennett was an efficient nurse at County General - until her daughter came to the hospital as a student nurse.
  • Lullaby For A Wind-Up Toy
    A pregnant teenager is involved in a car accident and is badly injured but refuses surgery because of the chance that it could kill her unborn child.
  • Weave Nets To Catch The Wind
    Anna Medalle is convinced that if she acknowledges how severely ill she really is, she will lose influence over her son's life.
  • Fun And Games And Other Tragic Things
    Tired of hospitals and the search for a cure, a woman with a brain tumor turns away from medicine to try and make the best out of the rest of her life.
  • Smile, Baby, Smile, It's Only Twenty Dols Of Pain
    A migrant worker turns to addictive drugs in order to deal with the pain of a facial disorder and Casey must get involved before it's too late.
  • For San Diego, You Need a Different Bus
    A crusader can render himself unconscious at will, and would rather die than divulge any details of his medical history.
  • Meantime, We Shall Express Our Darker Purpose
    Doctor Ben Casey is stuck in the middle of pressure coming from a driver accused of a hit and run accident, a juvenile delinquent and a priest, all with their own agendas.
  • In Case Of Emergency, Cry Havoc!
    Casey is running out of time trying to convince a woman that her husband is in dire need of a life saving surgery, and not using a new miracle drug she has heard about.
  • If You Play Your Cards Right, You Too Can Be a Loser
    Casey treats an intoxicated man and his wife - who has been severly beaten.
  • If You Really Want to Know What Goes On In a Hospital...
    Columnist Alan Ames enters County General for tests - and to write an expose on hospital conditions.
  • Why Did the Day Go Backwards?
    The acting chief of neurosurgery suffers a stroke - just after firing Casey.
  • The Man from Quasilia
    Luis Campos, an incompetent intern from South America, is determined to become a good doctor.
  • When Givers Prove Unkind
    Alec Bateman makes a large contribution to the hospital - with strings attached.
  • The Importance Of Being 65937
    A haughty and friendless police officer uses a fictitious name to check into the hospital, concerned that he may lose his job if his illness is known.
  • No More, Cried The Rooster—There Will Be Truth
    Tradition drove a young man to follow in the family footsteps of medicine, but the discipline needed is proving to be too much for this intern.
  • Then I, and You, and All of Us Fall Down
    A famed missionary is brought to the hospital with symptoms that completely baffle the pathologists.
  • Francini? Who is Francini?
    Casey turns detective when everything from a flower pot to a TV vanishes from his ward.
  • What to Her is Plato?
    Casey and Hoffman are baffled by a patient who has neither funds nor friends and is unable to sign her name.
  • Because of the Needle, the Haystack was Lost
    Casey runs afoul of Dr. Hagar Brandt, a member of the board of directors which will be deciding Casey's future at the hospital.
  • Run For Your Lives, Dr. Galanos Practices Here
    Casey is caught in a philosophical battle between a doctor and his father, an aging Latin American revolutionary.
  • A Nightingale Named Nathan
    A cantor believes that his loss of voice is punishment for blasphemy.
  • O the Big Wheel Turns by Faith
    Problems for Casey: a malpractice suit, the resignation of a valuable doctor, a baffling paralysis case.
  • War of Nerves
    War of Nerves
    Episode 1
    Despite mounting opposition, Casey prepares to use a new and unproved operation on two critically ill men.