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Benghazi Uprising

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Benghazi Uprising is a TV documentary series that profiles a city caught up in the Libyan Civil War. Filmmaker Hassan Alkatib heads to the second largest city in Libya to find out why President Muammar Gaddafi's security personnel opened fire on some peaceful protesters. What Alkatib found in Benghazi are a lot of citizens holding a grudge from a story that dates back to the Abu Salim prison massacre of 1996, where Gaddafi ordered over 1300 prisoners killed. The filmmaker then follows a group of rebel forces, led by Mehdi Mohammed Zeyo, who capture the prison in 2011 and free the remaining prisoners. Zeyo's father was one of the people killed in 1996 for an unjust cause, according to the rebel leader. Anti-Gaddafi forces tell Alkatib that their inspiration comes from the philosophy of a Libyan resistance leader named Omar Mukhtar, who eighty years ago started the Libyan resistance movement against Italian colonization. Zeyo and his rebels soon decide to attack the Katiba compound, Gaddafi's last stronghold in Libya. After numerous defeats and rebel forces dwindling, Zeyo ties two gas canisters to the front of his car and heads straight for the compound's main gate, just before he tells his rebel comrades, "Tell my family that I love them."