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  • Great show for Friday nights

    Its hard to explain why I love this show - its just so funny and stereotypical but totally true. I think in some way I should be offended by the representation of mancs as chavs (Mick, Janice and Chantelle) but I know people exactly like that!

    The characters are great especially orange, chainsmoking OAP Madge and her equally as orange, thong wearing hubby Mel. Hopefully this'll be around for a third series, (the final episode of series two definately left the door open for another series) as it's a great show to watch at the end of the week when you're too tired to do anything else.
  • Love benidorm !! Think its so so funny!! Love madge , She's just hilarious


    Love benidorm !! Think its so so funny!!

    Madge is the funniest. Then its noleen's daughter , can't remember her name.

    Then its the gay guys. haha.

    I'm Addicted to benidorm. New series coming soon! Yahoo!! Thanks for reading my review on worlds best show , BENIDORM !!!!!!!!!

  • Benidorm is a comedy about a chav family from lancashire, and various couples going on a cheap package holiday to an all inclusive resort.

    I think the show was an absolute classic. It was a hilarious, well written comedy with a fantastic cast. I especially liked the Garvey Family, with the chain smoking grandma 'Madge' and the pregnant teenager 'Chantelle'. The show provided many laughs, and I sincerely hope to see it back on tv soon!
  • Benidorm a comedy to make you laugh after a hard week at work.

    Benidorm follows a variety of couples and family's who all happen to go on holiday to Benidorm at the same time. The show follows, the ups and downs of being on holiday and the things that can go wrong.

    The show is very entertaining as no family's are alike. One is completely chav, whilst another couple are posh and believe that they are too good for Benidorm. Having been to Benidrom myself, I know what the place is like. Even though this is a comedy/drama, some things are just like in Benidorm and others are a little far fetched. Overall give the show ago. It kills half and hour and will make you laugh.
  • Got to give ten out of ten.

    got to give ten out of ten to the writer and producer of the show. and lest not forget the actors and actresess who make this a number one hit. benidorm is a show that makes you laugh with great wit and punchlines, is itv is best show in town.

    From the sunshine location of benidorm the cast and location are a must watch viewing for people in the UK.
    with it now in the 3rd year showing im looking foward to year 4 with the fun and wit charm of the actors who make this a total scream to watch.
  • A surprising gem from ITV

    Benidorm from the offset creates a bucket load of charecters you fall in love with straight away.
    Just about all of them uncoventional charecters that are seldom found else where. Not to mention Fat actors, old actors, odd looking actors, or what I call REAL PEOPLE! This does what very few shows dare to do, and it's very surprising considering many of them are often half naked!

    On paper the mix of personalities may seem a bit over the top, but it works and it all feels natural rather than contrived.

    A times theres a sense of the Gervaisesque comedy, ackward real life moments that are funny because you can relate, and at other times you have a feeling of Family Guy, such as the widespread panic over a poo in the pool! Abd then there is that 'Shamless' touch which come from it having real working class charecters with shock value which are sucessfull because these personalities are so underexploited that this show can't help but feel refreshing for having them in it.

    Don't miss out on this comedy and be sure to give it a fair try. I could have dismissed this show after one episode, but I'm so glad I didn't. This is probably the best british 'sitcom' since the Office
  • benidorm upcoming episode

    the upcoming episode on wendsday will be starring the late wendy richard who played sylvia another motorrised scooter user sylvia and magg another motorrised scotter user arguing round the pool at the solana resort pool was fantastic made me laugh a lot she will be sadly missed so this is not one to be missed but the new series should be on soon but in the meentime keep watching the repeats the new series should be on in the 2nd bank holiday in may they are all going to be 1 hour episodes so this will be funny and hopfully carry on doing so as this is the best show on itv of all time