Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince

Season 1 Episode 12

Benji Call Home

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Dec 10, 1983 on CBS

Episode Recap

Benji is finally able to spend some time with someone of his own kind...a beautiful little white dog (Lily). Together they take a romp in some woods--where Benji falls into Mr. Jenkins' bobcat trap and injures his front foot. Feeling responsible for the injury, Mr. Jenkins feels obligated to take Benji to the vet for treatment and return home with him--with found dog signs all over town. A rogue couple interested in stealing Mr. Jenkins' money sees the signs and recognizes Benji could be their way into his house. Pretending to be Benji's owners, they convince Mr. Jenkins to give them Benji--with promise to give him the money for his care the next day. Meanwhile Prince Yubi arrives, asking for Benji, only to be turned away scornfully. Pleading with Mr. Jenkins, he is allowed to stay overnight to wait for the couple's return--in exchange for yard work. While working--and unable to hear Benji barking because of the noise of the lawn mower--the couple returns--and robs Mr. Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins discovers Prince Yubi as he tries to clean up the mess and only seconds after Yubi himself has discovered the robbery. Zax reveals himself to Mr. Jenkins and confronts him, then gives him the license number of the vehicle the thieves were using. Together, they all pursue the thieves--aided by Benji, who has found his way back home.