Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince

CBS (ended 1983)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Decoy Droid
      Decoy Droid
      Episode 13
      Zax is captured by the hunters and is replaced by an evil driod. Benji sees through the droid and tries to protect Benji from falling into the trap that the driod is trying to lure him into.
    • Benji Call Home
      Benji Call Home
      Episode 12
      When Benji is accidentally injured in a trap meant for bobcats, Mr. Jenkins feels obligated to care for his injury--at his owner's expense. A couple hoping to rob Mr. Jenkins sees the signs for found dog and take Benji--before Yubi can arrive--then rob Mr. Jenkins. Will Benji get back to the prince?moreless
    • The Flying Lesson
      The Flying Lesson
      Episode 11
      Prince Yubi restores a WWII bomber plane in order to give it as a surprise to Doctor Janson, a former WWII piolet turned veterinarian who has been very kind to him and Benji. But when the hunters arrive in response to Yubi's radio test and a beloved horse is injured, only a risky flight to Dallas in a thunderstorm can save Sugarfoot's life.moreless
    • Don't Fence Me In
      Don't Fence Me In
      Episode 10
      Prince Yubi becomes an unwitting pool shark when 2 con artists try and use him to beat another pool shark.
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 9
      Prince Yubi is arrested for stealing when he's mistaken for a local boy named TJ Parker. While the hunters kidnap TJ thinking he's the prince. It's up to Benji & Zax to set things right and free both boys.
    • Puppy Love
      Puppy Love
      Episode 8
      The young Antarian prince has his first infatuation...on a girl named Tanya whom he has recently befriended. But when Zax' concern for his out of character wreckless behavior leads to a discovery she's secretly one of Zanu's hunters only interested in him as the Crown Prince, not as Yubi, will our prince end up on a ship bound for Antars?moreless
    • The Locals
      The Locals
      Episode 7
      Will, the leader of a gang called The Vikings gets more than he expected when he confuses Prince Yubi's cipher for a simple gold and ruby bracelet and orders the well meaning Joey to remove it from the prince's wrist.
    • Ghostown
      Episode 6
      Two crooks mistakes Prince Yubi as a runaway and decides to ransom him back to his parents. But the hunters hear the crooks CB messages about Yubi and tries to take him from them.
    • Goodbye to Earth
      Goodbye to Earth
      Episode 5
      It's Prince Yubi's birthday and Zax has a special gift for him, a hologram of from his mother filled with words of wisdom. But wisdom is not in the prince's heart as he takes a job at the space administration in Houston at NASA--without Benji and with the hunters in close pursuit.moreless
    • Goldmine
      Episode 4
      Prince Yubi helps an old cattleman, Montana, with his cattle. Soon Yubi discovers Montana is from his home world. Montana has been trying to fix his spaceship which is hidden in a goldmine. Yubi decides to help Montana fix his ship and drive off thieves.
    • The Day of the Hunter
      The Hunter lay a trap for Prince Yubi by leaking the location of his ship out. Soon NASA is investigating the ship and the Hunters try to grab Yubi when he comes to check on his ship and find Benji.
    • UFO
      Episode 2
      Harwell Thompson takes a fuzzy picture of a UFO and published it in a newspaper. Prince Yubi sees the newspaper article and notices it is a ship from his world and sets out to find Mr. Thompson. But Mr. Thompson is really a hunter and Prince Yubi walked right into his trap and is caught.moreless
    • The Prince and the Bag Lady
      While eluding the hunters in a graveyard, Zax is damaged and picked up by a bag lady, but he is later captured by the hunters while they're chasing Yubi. Benji finds Zax and helps him to escape, sabotaging the hunters' van so they can't pursue.