Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince

Season 1 Episode 5

Goodbye to Earth

Aired Saturday 11:00 AM Oct 15, 1983 on CBS
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Goodbye to Earth
It's Prince Yubi's birthday and Zax has a special gift for him, a hologram of from his mother filled with words of wisdom. But wisdom is not in the prince's heart as he takes a job at the space administration in Houston at NASA--without Benji and with the hunters in close pursuit.moreless

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  • When Her Majesty The Queen sends words of wisdom to her son for his birthday, Crown Prince Yubi becomes more determined than ever to end his earth exile--ready or not! Lisa LeMole guest stars as The Queen of Antars.moreless

    One of the four most important episodes for what it reveals about Antars, the royal family, and Antarian culture, Good-bye Earth is also one of actor Christopher Burton's finest moments as an actor and proof why he should have continued acting long past "The Neverending Story 2" (his final role) for the acting here is absolutely wonderful!

    Prince Yubi is greatly surprised when Zax calculates the "2.2 orbiting Zentars equals one Earth day" to the time they had already been on earth--and that this day was in fact his actual birthday. As a gift, Zax receives a holographic message from Her Majesty The Queen (of Antars), Prince Yubi's dearly missed mother, played by Lisa LeMole. The message contains words of wisdom, particularly her wish for him to be safe while using his time in exile wisely to educate himself and strengthen himself so that eventually he can return to Antars as a strong leader, able to lead a counter coup d'etat against Zanu.

    Unfortunately for the young prince, his heart at the moment is more in control than his head. He hears her words while thinking far more of his lonliness for family and home. While we do not learn until 4 episodes later that Yubi's father is, indeed, dead, presumably at either Zanu's hand or by his orders during the Revolution, the death of his father no doubt makes Yubi's longing for his mother and tears that much greater.

    One of the great scenes in this episode is between Yubi and Zax after Yubi has very slyly convinced Mr. Arnold Stevens at NASA to give him a job there. Yubi and Zax are alone in his office and Yubi finally tells Zax what they are doing there. Zax, ever concerned about being found by the hunters, pushes the prince to leave right away. The prince begins his most emotional scenes with, "I'm tired of being on my own! I'm tired of constantly running from hunters. And I'm tired of constantly crying myself to sleep because I miss my mother so!" then puts his head down to weep softly. It is impossible not to weep with him!

    When Yubi raises his head to answer Zax's impassionated plea to stay despite Yubi's anguish at the exile, we see Yubi's tears on his face and a cloudiness from sorrow in his normally bright grey eyes. These were no crocodile tears from Christopher Burton--he was truly weeping and _feeling with Prince Yubi_ in a very powerful performance I challenge anyone who follows this character not to be moved by!

    The episode ends with a very beautiful moment...and contains some of the best music in the series. Not only the action theme was used, but a very beautiful flute anthem during the final conversation between Prince Yubi and Mr. Arnold Stevens. Several very beautiful shots of the prince's grey eyes as he hints to his identity (but does not reveal) to his former boss. A very beautiful scene.

    As much as I love this series, I must say this is my favorite episode of all!moreless
Lisa LeMole

Lisa LeMole

The Queen of Antars

Guest Star

Rick Peeples

Rick Peeples

Arnold Stevens

Guest Star

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Rick Peeples, the actor who plays Mr. Arnold Stevens at NASA, is seen again in the series--as the traffic cop who gives Yubi his first taste of a donut in "Puppy Love"

    • The symbol on The Queen's headdress is the royal heraldry or seal of Antars and is the same heraldry seen on Prince Yubi's Antarian tunic and used as the logo on the DVDs for the series.

    • The first name of "Mr. Stevens" at NASA is "Arnold" according to his name placard on his desk.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Yubi: (to Zax in Yubi's NASA office) Will you shut up?! You're nothing but a pile of plastic, metal, and electrodes! You don't know how it feels to miss your mother 'cause you don't have one! I'm tired of being on my own. I'm tired of constantly running from hunters! And I'm tired of crying myself to sleep because I miss my mother so!

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