Benny Hill

BBC (ended 1963)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • The Taxidermist
      The Taxidermist
      Episode 6
      The Taxidermist from the show Benny Hill is the sixth episode of the third season, originally airing in 1963. This episode stars Patricia Hayes, Len Lowe, Graham Stark, and Dermot Kelly as the Taxidermist. Benny Hill stars as the host of the show, and he also appeared as several different characters throughout the program.moreless
    • The Dresser
      The Dresser
      Episode 5
      The Dresser from the show Benny Hill is the fifth episode of the third season of this sketch comedy series, originally airing on the BBC Network. Benny Hill plays various roles as well as acts as host of the program, and guest actors include Joe Gibbons, Joan Newell, George Woodbridge, and Anthony Sharp. All of the guests that appear play various characters in multiple sketches throughout the episode.moreless
    • The Trouble Maker
      Benny Hill plays an old west drifter who is pushed into a riotous chase when a ne'er-do-well threatens his love's honor in the town of El Paso. Other sketches include "Lovely Lulu Belle," "Calling all Sportsmen," "Is there anything in it?," and "Variations on Jack and Jill." Guest starring Diana King, David Lodge, and musical guest Dillys Watling.moreless
    • Mr. Jolly
      Mr. Jolly
      Episode 3
      Mr. Jolly from the show Benny Hill originally aired in 1963, and it is the third episode of the third season of the comedy series. Guest actors for this episode include Ronnie Brody, Joe Gibbons, Patricia Hayes, Dermot Kelly, and Annabelle Lee. Benny appears in sketches throughout the episode, and is also the host of the program.moreless
    • The Visitor
      The Visitor
      Episode 2
      The Visitor from the show Benny Hill is a 1963 episode from the popular series starring Benny Hill, Allen Cuthbertson, and Diana Hope. It is the second episode in the third season of this sketch comedy show that features various skits performed by Benny Hill and various guest actors; the early episodes airing in black and white.moreless
    • Mr. Apollo
      Mr. Apollo
      Episode 1
      Mr. Apollo from the show Benny Hill originally aired Septrember 3rd, 1963 on the BBC Network. This particular episode stars Benny Hill as the host as well as several comedy sketch characters, and guest stars include Yootha Joyce as Elvira Crudd, Joan Newell as Mrs. Belfry, and Graham Stark as Norman.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1