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BBC (ended 1963)


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  • Funny

    I remember watching this show late on Friday nights when I was about 10 or 11 years old. For the most part I never "got" English comedy, but I was always fond of Benny Hill. It was slapstick, sexist humor at it's best.

    It paved the way for many shows to come. The one that stands out in my mind the most would be Rowan Atkin's Mr Bean. To this day some of my friends and I talk about watching Benny Hill when we were young and their kids just look at us and ask "Who is Benny Hill?"

    Too bad most of the shows would not pass the censors on Nick at Nite or they would get a glimpse at a true inovator of the craft.
  • sexist, silent movie style, ladies man humor, English style

    I apologize for forgetfulness or mixing of shows. I rated (but deleted) The Benny Hill Show first and looked at the icon pic here. Presuming, the icons fit the show, this is the one I watched with great humor. I thought this was made at a later date(TBHS)! I watched this in my teens (80's) and loved the show whenever I watched it. I enjoyed seeing the sexy women and the guys boyish grins looking upon them. This definitely is geared toward the mature male either thinking or living the bachelor life. I am guessing that the duration of the series was short because it would have a limited audience and maybe limited stories built upon this type of comedy. Who am I to say, it was short lived.
  • Pretty funny, even for being as old as it is.

    Benny Hill was a very funny show. I, myself, was not even close to being born when this show was on, but I now watch it on BBC. I think what I find so funny about the show is that he, for his time, was probably considered very inappropriate. But watching Benny Hill now, I think that it makes that type for comedy even funnier. It was such a different time back in the 60's, but he was still preforming comedy that could still be deemed inappropriate. And that is what I find so hysterical about Benny Hill. He, using this show, was able to push the envelope and create a very funny show.
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