Benny Hinn's This Is Your Day

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Benny Hinn's This Is Your Day

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Benny Hinn travels all over the world holding revival meetings and conferences and preaches the good news of almighty God to all the people who are thirsty to help in the struggle to save the lost and to bring souls to Christ.
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  • The man, the hair, the suits, the off-key singing...

    Benny Hinn is fond of holding 'crusades' in the middle of soccer stadiums on the other side of the planet. His white pompadour is sprayed permanently in place. He struts about singing out of tune for ten or twenty minutes, then brings people up for 'healings.' This usually involves just saying a word and then pushing them to the floor. He has been known to place all comers in wheelchairs so that when they run onstage, it looks like they were suddenly cured of the inability to walk.

    Dishonest? You don't know the half.

    As for preaching about compassion, justice, helping people, you know, any of that stuff Jesus taught--you're going to wait a while before you see Hinn do that.

    Hinn is one of many shills who rose to take the place of the disgraced Jim and Tammy Bakker after the televangelist scandals twenty years ago. Shame he didn't fall with them. The man has been busted repeatedly by '20/20,' James Randi, the BBC and others. Sadly, he is as resilient as magic putty.

    Surely his followers can find many better things to do with their time, money and devotion.moreless