Season 7 Episode 22

And the Winner is . . .

Aired Unknown Apr 19, 1986 on ABC

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  • In this final episode of the series, Benson and the Govorner works through their problems and became friends again. The show ends in a cliffhanger, with the fans not knowing who won the election.

    I liked this episode because it was a great episode,but I was disappointed about the ending. I wish that they could have ended it with Benson winning, perhaps he did. It could have been the writers plans to do so, but the network cancelled it. The network should have brought the show back
    to resolved it, like the show Dynasty came back to resolve their ending. I suppose it is to late to bring back the cast and let the fans know what really happened. I wonder if the writers could write a Benson novel like star trek series does.
  • I think Benson became Governor and Gene Gatling became the Lt. Governor.

    If my memory serves the last episode of Benson was that it was a run between friends and enemies. Benson at the time was the Lt.Governor. But Gov. Gatling conceeded at the last moment to support Benson in his campaign. By beating Sen. Taylor, Benson became the first black of Governor. This was one of my personal favorite series. It is hard to imagine that this was a spin-off of SOAP.