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Did Katie really deserve a spanking?

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    I've never been so puzzled as to why a kid got a spanking so I thought I would get some feedback from other Benson fans. Did Katie really deserve the spanking she got in "Don't Quote Me"? I say no. Sure, she did do something wrong, but I think that particular incident could have been handled with simply a firm talking-to from the governor. He said he didn't know whether he made the right decision or not, but that he spanked her for not speaking up sooner and for causing everybody a lot of trouble. I argue, how could they expect her to speak up when they were going so crazy over the quote being in the newspaper? Everyone went into orbit, and the governor said "the leak" must be let go. Like she's really going to confess at that point?

    Equally important, Katie's reasons for doing it were honorable. She wanted the kids to like her father. She looked so sweet when she was telling that story. Again, I'm not saying she wasn't wrong because she was. I think the governor was a great father, but I think he was wrong to give her a spanking simply for not speaking up sooner. She was afraid. I know her not speaking up caused a lot of trouble, had people fearing for their jobs and at each other's throats. Ms. Kraus nearly got fired. Still, Katie didn't mean to do it. In my opinion, a stern, to-the-point lecture from dad would have sufficed.

    What's crazy is that Katie seems to know she will get spanked. You can tell by the look on her face after Benson tells his story about the clock. Katie knows she will experience the same fate. Benson seems to know it too. Tell me, am I missing something? Is it really obvious that she deserved a spanking for that? I just don't think I would have spanked my kid for that. Perhaps since the governor was such a good man and valued honesty so much, he didn't want his daughter to get started on any form of lying. Do you think Benson agreed with the governor? Benson looks kind of disappointed when he found out Katie got spanked.

    The episode Katie SHOULD have gotten a spanking in was "Trust Me". She did numerous things that warranted it: she disobeyed her father first by leaving the house and then again by going to the concert, she disrespected her father, she disrespected Benson and the staff, she worried Benson and the staff, she lied to Benson and to her father, etc. That stunt called for a good seat-warming.

    That was the only episode I remember where she should have definitely, without fail, gotten a spanking. In fact, were we supposed to infer that she did? When the governor comes in and passes Benson and Marcy, he looks like he could have just spanked her and made her stay in her room the rest of the day. When Benson says Katie has guts, the governor shakes his head in agreement as if to suggest that Katie did have guts because she knew what would happen when she told her father what she had done. Was that so obvious that we were just supposed to know she got a spanking without them telling us? I bet she did. If the governor would spank her simply for not speaking up on time, I don't see how in the heck he wouldn't have done it for all her mischief regarding the KISS concert.
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    I just saw this episode today (off DVD) and I completely agree with you! It seemed a bit extreme and I agree, if physical punishment was going to be written into an episode, it should've been the concert episode!

    I think you made a good observation re: Benson not approving, it was subtle but you can see in his eyes he was saddened he heard she got spanked. The father at least seemed sad that he had to do it. Then again, I think back to the time this was made and I'm sure it wasn't an issue when this episode aired. I remember other sitcoms of the early 80's also had references to children being spanked without it sounding like a big deal.

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