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    What is your favorite episode of Benson? Mine is "The Governor's House Call" where he gets trapped at the local house of prostitution with Benson and Clayton because of a prank that his old navy buddy pulled on him.
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    Jeez...way too many for me to pinpoint to one particular episode, but the one I just watched recently (on my VHS copy-lol) that had me cracking up big-time was "A Real Gone Daddy"--this is the episode when Pete freaks out and ends up doing a cheesy nightclub act. The interaction between Benson and the Governor is really good in this one--they have to share a hotel room and the Governor starts singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" really loud in his sleep. There's also a pretty funny scene involving Clayton, Kraus, and Katie in which the three of them end up going to a drive-in movie in Clayton's exchange went something like this:
    Kraus: Well it's your fault for reaching for my knee.
    Clayton: I was not reaching for your knee--I was trying to stop you from getting strawberry slushie all over my windshield.
    Kraus: Well I was trying to get that fly.
    Clayton: Why? Didn't you have enough to eat?
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