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Season 1, Episode 4: Benson in Love

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    I just watched this episode and am a bit confused at how this whole story came together. Benson meets an attractive woman who turns out to be politician and they begin dating. After a few dates, the whole house is talking about him proposing etc. which I thought was just them teasing him/being playful.

    Well he actually does propose to the woman, who turns him down and of course he is crushed. I just don't understand why the story/romance was written this way, what woman accepts a proposal after a few dates? They had great chemistry, but MARRIAGE? After only a few dates, would it really be that much of a shock that she said no?

    I guess its a sitcom thing, wrap it all up in 30 minutes (or rather, 22min) but this just seemed like such a stretch. Especially for a character like Benson, who is always the smartest/most apt person in the room - why would he think such a hasty proposal would work out?

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