Season 2 Episode 1

Thick as Thieves

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 1980 on ABC

Episode Recap

A budget work session keeps the staff up all night. Kraus is woken up at 2:30 am by some shuffling Benson is doing in the kitchen. But she would have been disturbed anyway, as Gene, Taylor and Pete are still hard at work.

When Kraus comes out, she is asked to prepare snacks. But budget cuts affect the kitchen too, so no snack food is within easy reach. Over his objections, Benson is recruited to make a run to Stan's Market, an all-night convenience store. Over Benson's further objections, Kraus is recruited to accompany him.

The market is far from what was expected, and the available menu is not as upscale as the order. Kraus takes the opportunity out to do some personal shopping, promising to reimburse Benson.

The venture is interrupted by a holdup. Stan is experienced at holdups, and Benson is cool-headed. But Kraus is hot-headed, even at gunpoint. Since the thieves don't notice Benson, there's a possibility he can sneak up on them by surprise. But Kraus exposes him, and the thieves hold the three hostage.

It might have been an ordinary hostage situation with the police, except Kraus alerts the thieves that their hostages are from the Governor's office, thus giving the thieves some bargaining material with the police.

The Governor had been alerted to the situation by a phone call he placed to Stan's Market, changing his order. This enabled him to assemble a swat team to rescue the hostages, and to foilthe robbery.