Season 8 Episode 1

A True Detective

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1990 on BBC

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  • Poignant Episode with emotions galore as Susan Tully is found drowned and Jim's determination to discover what happened.

    For three series Susan Tully was Jim's partner but at the end of Series 7 they split up with her leaving the Estate Agency practice for a Recruitment Firm in London.

    Series 8's opener sees Susan sat in London puzzling over some files and she arranges to travel to Jersey to meet her boss and some influential African clients. She is seen trying to enter a reception but she is never seen alive again. Next morning she is washed up drowned on a remote beach.

    Jim refuses to believe she has drowned by accident. She is an excellent swimmer.
    A sad episode with John Nettles putting in a good performance showing deep emotions. He battles with Crozier to find out the truth while maintaing a warmth in their relationship. Charlie is at his cantankerous best