Episode 6

All for Love

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 1991 on BBC

Episode Recap

Jim receives a letter from French girlfriend Danielle informing him that she is marrying her neighbour in Provence, sending him straight back on the bottle. Hungerford decides that Jim should be kept busy and decides to invite him Bath as minder of a painting that he has acquired as payment of a debt.

Whilst in Bath, Bergerac begins a love affair with Cressida Draper, wife of paintings/antiques collector Rupert Draper, the man who is helping Charlie to sell the painting on. She deliberately takes advantage of him because he is constantly drunk. When Rupert's shop in Jersey burns down and a body is found, Jim is suspected of his murder.

Out on bail, Bergerac knows he has to stop drinking as well as his private investigations, and ex-wife Debbie helps him with the former, becoming good friends with her ex-husband. When he finds out that it was an inside job and that the murder was fake, he tips off his old friends at the Bureau des Etrangers, who, not only agree that he is not responsible for the murder, but that he is a great detective.

Now that Jim is no longer working as a private eye, Charlie advises Jim to apply for a top job as head of a new crimes unit being set up in Jersey, hinting that the job is already his. A great way to end the series.
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