Season 2 Episode 6

Fall of a Birdman

Aired Unknown Feb 13, 1983 on BBC

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  • A tale of murder, stunts, bird watching and dentistry.

    We start off the coast on Charlie's yacht filming a tv ad for his wine producing company. A handglider is being flmed but during a cut in the action the stuntman disappears over the edge of the cliff not to be found - until later, dead on the other side of the island.

    Bergerac and the team investigate and concur that it is murder by strangulation. Combing the cliffs above where the body was found a footprint is found and a dentist appointment card crelessly left by the murderer.

    The two items are traced to a Climbing supplies store run by a Frenchman played excellently by Richard Griffiths. We discover that Griffiths is involved with an Island dentist who is obsessed by rare birds and has paid the climber to get him a rare chick nesting off the cliffs. Griffiths is dangerous and is desperate need of money because of gambling debts. The episode finishes in dramatic circumstances as Bergerac and Griffiths tussle half way down the cliff. This episode shows Bergerac and Celia Imrie playing his girlfriend at the height of their one series relationship.
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