Season 8 Episode 2

My Name's Sergeant Bergerac

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1990 on BBC

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  • A daftish plot really. Tony Robinson plays it for some laughs but the beach car is all very weak.

    Bumbling private detective Baldrick with a very hammy jewish accent called Schlomo impersonating a police officer and successfully to a couple of dimwit bankers. Darren Nesbitt playing his customary bad man - all part of one of the weaker episodes in the series.

    Action a plenty as con men, drugs and another rich lady for Charlie to try and woo unsuccessfully. The ultimate bad man is a suave rival for Charlie's woman who has designs on her monetary and other assets!

    Meanwhile Jim has a dispute with the drugs squad over space at the Station. Let's say no room for stolen refrigerators.