Season 2 Episode 4

Prime Target

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1983 on BBC

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  • Murder of a Jersey man in France and Bergerac is sent for to solve the mystery

    An episode that takes us initially out of France and into the Northern French coastal town of Dinard where a body is discovered in a farmyard haybarn by a local farmer.

    It turns out to be a Jersey Private Eye and Bergerac is called in by the local French Police to investigate.

    Nobody appears to recognise the body initially until the estranged wife of the dead man recognises his photo-fit in the local papaer. It appears they have returned from the Far East and implausible as it seems the dead man has kept a very low profile on the island since his return to Jersey. ( He wears a ridiculous wig that stands him out in any crowd)

    The episode leads into a story about a wealthy law firm family and the rogue partner who has given up the law to live a playboy's life gambling in Dinard's casino. He is a sucker for a beautiful woman and it is here he meets Catherine Schell's character, a local countess who it turns out owes a lot of money to the casino as a result of her late husband's folly for gambling. She seemingly is seen as a gold digger black mailed by the casino owner to woo the lawyer.

    Jim sorts it all out in the end with a red herring thrown in from Charlie Hungerford who also happens to be in Dinard and in the same casino with a mysterious South African woman who murdered her husband 30 years previously. It turns out that it is not connected to the plot at all and this is why I love this episode. The French Inspector is typically gallic, Charlie wades in when you dont expect him too and there is a beautiful countess who is innocently mixed up in murder. The ending when it comes is sudden, dramatic and kind of leaves you unfulfilled however.