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  • Interesting storyline and beautiful scenery adds up to a long running and unique series.

    This series bought the beauty of a very tiny island, and the island's unique place in a very special community into our living rooms; whilst retaining a sense of reality hinging around the everyday lives and activities of the Bureau des Etrangers.

    The storyline was based around one police officer, Jim Bergerac, his life and loves and the complicated relationship he had with various other people including his terminally nosey ex father in law, Charlie Hungerford.

    Charlie's selfmade wealthy business man with time on his hands frequently caused problems for Jim, especially with his desire to keep his fingers in every available pie. And it was the dynamic between Charlie and Jim which kept a certain edge on the series.

    The scenery played a fairly large part in the series, particularly the first series and the small farmhouse which Jim shared with his French girlfriend, Frankie. The valley in which the farmhouse stood was flooded to form a reservoir, which brought a greater sense of involvement in the series.

    True the series now seems dated, but it still has a certain charm and is well worth a look.