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  • Basically it is about a recovering alcoholic, Jim Bergerac who combats crime in Jersey as part of the Bureau des Etrangers with help from 'family' and friends in his 1947 Triumph Roadster.

    To be honest I could classify this show aa lots of things: it's my guilty pleasure, no-one knows I watch it, it's absolutely fabulous and I need my daily fix of it. (ask my mum, I reckon she regrets every introducing me to the show while flicking through the TV channels for something to watch: '...Bergerac can sometimes be good...' and the obsession had set in.
    I absolutely love this show it is funny and intriuging and I love following the sub-plots which add continuity to the series and show. The best returning character had to be Philippa Vale (played by Liza Goddard) and I thought the ending to Old Acquaintance was just a brilliant (but sad ending) not only to Jim and Susan's relationship but also to Jim and Philippa's relationship. Every series is good and I also enjoyed series 9 despite it's bad reviews although I have to admit it was not as good as previous series due to the lack of continuous characters and places such as the Bureau. I only started watching this back in January and I instantly became addicted. I had stopped watching detective shows in about 2004 after watching as episode of Midsomer Murders (also starring John Nettles) and when I found Bergerac I was only just beginning to watch them again but Bergerac was far more lighthearted in the crimes as there was less blood so it ended up relighting my passion for crime and detective dramas so that I will now watch Midsomer Murders, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Dalziel and Pascoe, New Tricks etc which a year ago I wouldn't have watched. I am now eagerly collecting Bergerac on DVD and can't wait until the 3rd of September when series 5 comes out and I have now nearly seen every episode thanks to UKTV Drama.
    This show is BRILLIANT!!!!