Season 9 Episode 9

The Assassin

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1991 on BBC

Episode Recap

When someone fires a volley of shots at them whilst Hapgood is out painting, the result is the termination of Bergerac's services. Undaunted Jim continues his own investigation and via some gossip from Charlie, he forces Hapgood to admit the truth. He is a former assassin who has "turned his back on the game." He is being targeted by his replacement, who wishes to remove him from the game permanently. Hapgood hopes to persuade the assassin to follow his lead and see the light.

Late at night the assassin attacks but Hapgood inadvertently kills him during a struggle. When the police arrive the next morning, Hapgood is haunted by Bergerac's earlier words, that he will never know who the next assassin will be.