BBC (ended 1991)




  • Season 4 Episode 9: Avenge O Lord

  • Avenge O Lord has its title from a poem by John Milton (1608-1674), which is also referred to in the episode. The poem was written as a commemoration of the massacre of the Waldensians by the Romish church in Piedmont, Italy.

    Avenge O Lord thy slaughter'd Saints, whose bones
    Lie scatter'd on the Alpine mountains cold,
    Ev'n them who kept thy truth so pure of old
    When all our Fathers worship't Stocks and Stones,
    Forget not: in thy book record their groanes
    Who were thy Sheep and in their antient Fold
    Slayn by the bloody Piemontese that roll'd
    Mother with Infant down the Rocks. Their moans
    The Vales redoubl'd to the Hills, and they
    To Heav'n. Their martyr'd blood and ashes sow
    O'er all th'Italian fields where still doth sway
    The triple Tyrant: that from these may grow
    A hunder'd-fold, who having learnt thy way
    Early may fly the Babylonian wo.

  • Season 4 Episode 6: Chrissie

  • Outdoor café scene at harbour when Louis drops his change.
    In the background (sitting on wall) are the 2 skinheads. The skinheads don't arrive in Jersey until a couple of scenes later when they are seen walking up the ramp from the car ferry

  • The 2 Punks and 2 skinheads who come off the car ferry can be seen standing at the bottom of the ramp before the ferry's bow door drops
    When the door hits the ramp one of the skinheads (Simon Reeves) jumps with fright / surprise

  • Season 3 Episode 1: Ninety Per Cent Proof

  • Two new images are added to the end credits sequence - one of a nighttime scene with palm trees, and the other is of Jim walking through a garden with a rockery.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Fall of a Birdman

  • Richard Griffiths is an excellent actor who, after appearing in Bergerac went on to many stellar performances in other movies and TV series.
    He was cruely miscast as someone (for obvious reasons) capable of scaling cliffs.
    He could have been cast otherwise in so many other roles.