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  • A lovely historical drama. Noone does period drama like the British that's for sure.


    Berkeley Square is a lovely historical drama. Solid acting, interesting storylines with twists and unexpected turns and sumptuous costumes. Everything you want to see in this kind of television show.

    The story follows the lives of three young women who work as Nannies for posh families in Mayfair. Forthright Mattie is an experienced Nanny who has her hands full with hostile colleagues, demanding employers and children who don't always treat her with the respect she deserves. Lydia is the farm girl who wants a better life and gets more than she bargains for working under thetyrannical(but with a heart of gold) Nanny Collins. How will she cope when the son of the Lord takes an unhealthy interest in her? Hannah is the third and she has a terrible secret. Can she provide for her baby son and protect the children she is looking after from the vicious Nanny Simmons?

    There are some pretty racy storylines, unusual for period drama. Infanticide, sexual harassment, child abuse, adultery, class war it's all there. When i was shows like this it makes me very glad I didn't live during this period. Yes, the clothes are fabulous but the working conditions were truly terrible and no protection anywhere.

    It's hilarious to see some well established faces in the earlier days. Hermione Norris, who went on to portray the icy spy Ros Meyers in spooks, plays a distant Lady of the House, having an illicit affair with a dashing officer and neglecting her children.

    Jason O'Mara is terrific in this early role, much more natural than i some of his later roles.

    I've not seen any of the three leads in anything since which is a shame because they're all talented actresses.

    I would echo other calls that there should have been a second season as the final episode finishes on an as yet unanswered cliff hanger. As Lady Isobel would see, how utterly mean. It really is too bad.

  • Classic British costume drama soap. Top quality - top entertainment.

    Captivating, mystery, suspense, wit, shocks, passion, tension, class struggle, conflicts, challenges and how to overcome adversity while wearing an attractive tight corset - Berkeley Square!

    Have you seen hit UK 1970's series "Upstairs Downstairs"? This is what "Berkeley Square" is - English Edwardian servants versus their masters drama. This is a modern version, focussing on young beautiful nannies, but with a better budget, modern political/moral inferences and a better-known cast.

    Every episode grabs the viewer and makes us care about the power struggles within the various households. Remember "Dallas" or "Dynasty"? That is the level of dynamics and complex relationships between different families in
    "Berkeley Square".

    The BBC is famous for making brilliant TV shows & then killing them off... remember "Dr Who"? The BBC created this (1960's) & killed it off (1980's). Now, after 15yrs dead, it has returned (2005), it has just won major TV awards for its brilliance. This executive treachery is analogous with "Berkeley Square", yet unlike “Dr Who”, it was only allowed one series before the BBC killed it off, with no reason given! It was brilliant and the only show of its kind on TV at that moment. Everyone talked about it and assumed it would return, but it didn't and a gap in our hope remains, waiting to be filled by a new series of "Berkeley Square"... some day.

    This is an unforgettable show.
    We really need to know what happens next!
    We have waited seven years, so far!!!!!!!!