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  • Berserk

    Any of you Berserk fans would know that this anime is one of the best top quality shows out there. Nothing can really compete with its intricate detail of blood and emotional disposition. Everything that happens in this anime, happens for specific reasons. Hidden truths behind every 'mask' everything so vague for awhile. So I do say with all my heart that I fell in love with this anime. The graphic nature may not be suitable for those with an adolescent mind. Understanding is rather simple if you watch the series 3 or 4 times just to watch blood splatter all over the screen while listening to Drowning Pool - Bodies or something. But yeah, I've loved this anime. Thank you, have a nice day, out.(Oh yeah and any of you Berserk junkies that do know, they have begun to draw up the second installment. So be on the look out.)
  • The story is about the black swords man, gatts. Gatts is a mercenary livng day by thay with he's huge sword. That's until griffith and the band of the hawk shows up..

    Perfect anime based on the manga. Berserk is a much more mature anime show, if you're the tipe that think it's scary with blood, voilance and monsters. I would not recomend it to you. But if you're looking for a timeless classic. This is for you! The berserk manga is still active, the anime just coverd a tiny bit of the universe of bersek.

    the show is shortly a master peace, if you've seen one berserk episode you're doomed to watch the rest. I think that this is one of the best anime ever done. It never get's booring, there is always some kind of twist to keep it intresting. A MUST HAVE!
  • Berserk the last completely hand drawn anime.

    Berserk is a great show, though it isn't for everybody. There is a lone of violence and some rape so those of you who aren't old enough shouldn't watch the show or read the manga. If you are old enough check out the show, because what really drives the show is the story, the characters and how they interact with one another. I loved how Guts and Caska relationship changes as the story progress and they fall in love. The only thing bad I have to say about the anime, which I say about a lot of anime. It's that the story cuts off to soon. I'm not sure if everyone knows that Berserk is based off a manga, and is still on going. In Japan they reached volume 31, I think it's near the end. I wish and hope they make another Berserk series.
  • The definative action/adventure story

    Berserk is a show that can only be described as a masterpiece. The well thoughtout character development takes the experiance from a mere "viewing" to an "immersion" in the world where Berserk takes place. Almost personal attachment to characters and plot is really what drives the show from beginning to end.

    Berserk takes place in what can only be described as an alter- medieval Europe where battles are fought with grand armies and mercenaries with swords, lances, and bows. The story centers around a Mercenary group named the Band of the Hawk. Led by the charismatic Griffith, the story follows the Hawks from nothing to greatness. While a vast darkness creates the underlying tone to the story, the hero Guts discovers himself and what is happening around him.

    Everything from start to finish is amazing. While many might not like the finish, one must realize that Berserk is only a small fraction to the story of the Berserk manga (which has spanned 18 years) and is the real spectacle once the show is finnished

    Also the english voices arent very good. The japanese ver is the best.

    This is a show by no means for those under the age of 18. It is easily one of most adult oriented shows containing blood, gore, sex, rape, etc... However if you can TAKE IT than you will love it
  • (Swedish) Jag kör det på svenska för att göra det lättare för mig, hoppas det inte gör något.

    Hmmm... berserk...
    Berserk är bland dom bästa anime serierna jag har sett (några andra löjligt bra serier är Fruits basket, silver fang, Hellsing och Elfen lied). Berserk handlar om Guts en mercenary som (för att inte avslöja hela serien) slaktar folk/monster i mängder. Det är nästan så man undrar vilka som är onda igentligen ;P Animen är helt underbar och konstigt nog tycker jag att det dubbade till engelska är lika bra som orginalet. Vilket som jag sa är konstigt för annars brukar jag få gåshud så dåligt är det när det är dubbat på eng (det är inte bättre på något språk som t ex. svenska) när det är på svenska går det inte äns att vara i samma rum utan att bli spy färdig)
    Oj... nu har jag börjat pladdra om något annat!
    Jag får ta och skriva en till sen för nu hinner jag inte skriva mer om berserk (även fall jag inte skrev så mycket om det) ;P
  • It would be a crime for me not to review this show. If you\'re an adult and sick of all the lackluster anime shown on Cartoon Network, find this now.

    Berserk, is, in a sense, the perfect anime and the perfect show. Having watched over 20 animes, this scores in top 3 (Fullmetal Alchemist and Trigun are the other two). Berserk revolves around the story of Guts (Gatts, Gatsu depending, an insanely strong swordsman and his friendship with the Band of the Hawk, and more importantly it\'s leader Griffith. It revolves around the themes of ambition, friendship, and casualty. Berserk is full of intense battles that are wonderfully choreographed. It is very well animated and holds the the test of time very well. The story is amazing, characters all very real seeming, an I guarantee you will be enthralled by it greatly, perhaps even picking up the manga (which I wholeheartedly recommend as it\'s my favorite).
  • Guts, a child among mercenaries, accidentally kills his caretaker, he runs from their bloodlust. He learns the world is about survival: kill or be killed. Guts’ discovers his self in this epic of dreams, lust, friendship, love and the ultimate betrayal.

    I was hooked on Berserk from start to start, considering that episode #1 was the true finale, and episode #2 was the beginning of the journey. The psychological depth that this Anime went into amazed me. It was full of action, gore, and sexuality that enhanced, rather than worked against as in some anime, the message being relayed by the series overall. Berserk was also one of the first anime that sent out the message that one of the main characters Caska, a strong empowered woman, was also in need of true reciprocated love. In many other Animes I’ve seen, a character like that would be cold to the idea of love, and would come off as being frigid and untouchable. This anime was dark and depressing, but would fill you with joy and hope at the drop of a hat. I found my sensitive self crying at a number of parts throughout the roller coaster of emotions that Berserk lead me through. Overall Berserk was one of the most amazing anime I’ve come across so far, with a powerful question to be asked…Who controls our destiny?
  • A medievil anime starring Guts, who loves nothinig better than a bloody battle, he goes through life living by his sword alone. Friends? Lovers? Companions? All that really matters is his sword...

    Wow, a very different anime from Bleach and Naruto, the one I mainly watch. Berserk is a mediveal style anime, that features Guts the Swordsman, who feels that he is not living unless he is swinging his sword. The first episode got me a little iffy about the anime, but i decided to watch a second, which got me hooked. Guts is a strong guy, who goes from mercenary band to mercenary band, getting paid to do what he likes best: slice people in two. He continues like this, untill he meets a swordsman better than himself, who then makes Guts a part of his band. They go on lots of adventures, which i though were pretty cool, though you can\'t really see where this anime is going; it just kind of goes. It was pretty cool though until the last few episodes where everything goes to hell...literaly. The ending is incredibly depressing, very unexpected,and makes you feel like you just wasted many hours of your life. You know those animes where the main characters die in the end? This is much worse than that. I won\'t spoil it, but in the end you\'ll wish the characters HAD all died. In the end, there seems to be no plot, no conclusion, and absolutly NO reason to have watched that, aside from a few, albiet overly gory, sword battles. Do yourself a favor, and DON\'T watch this.

    **Note: this is just an observation, but one character who appears twice in here, Zod the Immortal, looks just like Akuma from the Street Fighter Alpha movie.
  • Unlike anything you may have seen before.

    If you are used to anime being defined in terms of "after school anime" (Pokemon, Dragonball Z, etc) you will be delightfully surprised at this series. Personally it was the first anime I had ever watched that sparked in me a desire to see more than one episode. Although many young people enjoy watching this series, and although it has enough blood and guts to satisfy the action oriented viewers, there is a depth of character as I have never seen in any other anime since.

    The characters are fully shaped and gripping, each strattling what is/could be real and fiction, as well as what is good and evil. This ambiguity rests in several characters, even including the demon that is faced. Almost each character is flawed and at the same time redeemable. In other words, the 'evil' men are not standing in high towers draped in black while the good guys aren't clad in white and searching only to eradicate evil.

    More accurately this is a story of the human spirit and its strengths as well as weaknesses, pushing the boundaries of both. What would one do to meet their ultimate goal? What is the difference between those who lead and those who follow, and is there a common trait among those who are successful? What sacrifices are too much, or must you be truly willing to give everything in your life to get what you want? What is it you want? Are you sure what you want in your mind is not truly what you want when faced with the reality? So many questions come up while watching this series.

    Its downfalls are its inaccessibility within the first episode and its abrupt and almost trippy final episode leaving you a little confused and scratching your head. In psychological terms it feels as though there is no 'closure' and the end doesn't feel like the end, leaving you wanting more, but not in a good way. Perhaps it's because the story continues in the manga, but whatever the reason its conclusion leaves a lot to be desired.
  • The Best anime show ever made!

    Berserk! a really interesting story of war, Love and a whole load of blood is definetly worth seeing. The show is based around a strong man called Gutts, searching for his destiny. He then comes across the band of hawks and the pilage castles and stuff.

    And then the Demonic God hand come into the climax of the show and thats when the show gets interesting. I want season 2 to be made so that the show can be finished where the 25th episode left off.

    Berserk is the best anime ever! it should be watched by everyone!
  • Great anime!!!

    The anime is great but it is still not as good as the manga. I just hope (along with everyone else who loves Berserk) that they do a second season. It will be interesting how they add the Skull Knight and Puck into the story lines since they are in the manga from the start.
  • Best Anime Ever

    What more can you say. If you love this show you need to get the manga. The manga is currently being released by Dark Horse and it is incredible. The story and artwork are very depictive of the characters feelings. Those of you who love violence and gore this anime is the best I have seen at showing that.
  • Berserk is the best anime ever, no matter how I see it, I can't think of an anime that had me looking for what was going to happen on next episode.

    Forget about the fantastic animation, Beserk is all about the story and the characters in it. This is the first anime I saw the personality of each character so define, you thought you knew them while the story went by. Its an anime that puts you to think what will you sacrifice to pursue your dream; what really is destiny and what driendship is all about. This anime is for adults for some nudity (not hentai) and some sexual scenes.
    I can't find more ways to put it, I've seen many series, but this one is my top number 1, its a must see.
  • Grrreat!

    This is by far one of the best animes of all time, the only thing that I would say needs to be done, is a better summary. Berserk has a terrific storyline with characters that change with time making it seem like you've known each of them for years. If you haven't seen Berserk yet, go and buy it on e-bay this second!
  • Best anime ever, period.

    Ive never watched anything on tv, animated or not as good as this. It is hands down the best show ive ever seen. I would suggest everyone watch this show. It is old school compared to many o the animes out there, but it has a much better story line and isnt just the braindead crap that is on the air now.
  • Berserk is quite simply one of the greatest japanese animes of all time.....

    Bersek is quite simply one of the greatest japanese animes of all time. The series follows a young mercenary by the name of Gutz as he rises through the ranks of a mercenary group called "the white hawks" until he becomes one of the closest companions of Griffith, the bands' leader. However all is not as it seems, and Guts discovers he is part of a massive conspiracy devised by men who are closely linked to terrible demons. No other fantasy series has even come close to berserk - from amazing battles between the hawks and their enemies and the more intimate moments as gutz discovers more about himself and his past, everything is perfect. The biggest shock comes in the last few episodes as the entire world is plunged into darkness and violence. If you are looking for a slow, peaceful series about feudal times, look elsewhere ; if you are looking for a rollercoaster ride of fast-paced action, beautiful landscapes, blood, rape and violence then this amazing cutting edge series is for you!
  • This critically aclaimed anime series, was before its time. However, that didnt stop it from being superb in almost every form possible. Rich with story, character, action, and some of the most gruesome violence in the anime universe. "Berserk" deliverses

    This critically aclaimed anime series, was before its time. However, that didnt stop it from being superb in almost every form possible. Rich with story, character, action, and some of the most gruesome violence in the anime universe. "Berserk" truely deliverse in almost every way. There are flaws, however dont let that keep you from seeing this supreme experience.
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