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  • "Happy tree friends" made for kids...

    Title: really good. A sort of word play, because it sound like a noun "bested". Geddit? :)

    Theme song: also really good. The main instrument are bagpipes. ;D

    Voices: neutral.

    Story: a squirrel who is tortured and tormented for no obbious reasons throughout all episodes not only by his neighbores but also by his BEST friend.
    Now tell me: what kind of sick mind whould YOU have to have to come up with this plot?!

    Art: probably made in flash, yet could use some more work.

    Humour: The good part: SOME, (and I quote "SOME") jokes are not bad or corny. There is that time when those two idiots are in te car and are about to hit a family of ducks. Mother duck to her children : Duck, ducks, duck!!! Lol, that really kept me goin' .
    The bad part: other 96% are gross, violent, sadistycal "jokes" when the poor squirrel gets bullyed for not doing anything wrong. Egzample: there is one especcialy gross episode where he goes to the dentist because his "best" friend broke his tooth. At the dentist his "best" friend PLUCKS out ALL his TEETH. yes, you heard correctlly-ALL OF THEM. After that episode i could hardly fall asleep.

    Characters: well, there is a fat hamster monster, a dog, a scottish dog, two evil cats, a turtle and etc. The main character is a fat yellow dog with hideous teeth and NO brain between his ears. And his poor buddy-Buddy. Anyway it is never exlained why he has to suffer so much. There was another really disgusting episode when the hamster thing put a curse on the poor fella, because "he was to joyful". Imagine that! YOU get tortured because you are to happy? In conclusion: this show is just sick, it brings shame to Scotland and America. And it delivers a message to kids: torment people who are just happy the way they are!