Best Friends Forever

NBC Premiered Apr 04, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • Fun show I initially skipped due a a weak first episode

    When Best Friends Forever came out, I watched the first episode and thought, okay but nothing special and never watched it again. Then this year Playing House debuted, starring the same female duo, and I loved it. So I decided to revisit BFF.

    Yes, the first episode is weak, feeling like a rather pedestrian sitcom only distinguished by the chemistry of the leads, but the next episode was much funnier. While the series isn't as funny as Playing House, it's quite similar in tone and definitely worth watching.
  • Good Start. Worth a watch.

    It's hard to judge any show based on just one episode and only time will tell whether or not this show will merit continued viewing. However, based on the first ep, the show isn't bad. It's nice to see a comedy coming onto the air that isn't supported by a laugh-track in the background. You'd be amazed how big a difference audience reactions and laugh tracks add (or detract) from a show. For example, could you imagine Big Bang Theory without the laugh track in the background? Any comedy show that is going to air without the safety net of a laugh track has to do it right from the get go (think of Modern Family or Community) and this show does a pretty good job. The comedy is dry and witty so it may not necessarily be laugh out loud funny but it definitely has its moments of hilarity. The characters come off as genuine and their on screen chemistry is well suited. I'm looking forward to the next couple of episodes so I'm definitely staying tuned.