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  • Like Ink Master but gayer

    Well... the title says it all.
  • Best Ink

    My daughter has been in the piercing / tattooing industry for many years and the people getting a tattoo are never dehumanized by being called, "skins". They are called "clients" and are treated with respect. Also, in the 2nd episode, the artists were supposed to cover up a previous tattoo, and Roman was so insistant on just doing what HE wanted, that the client left in tears. He should've been disqualified because he did not do what he was supposed to do, but instead was given a new client, and "Won". How can that be? The reasons that people get tattooed are many, but for most it is something that is important to THEM. How can Roman decide that he is so important that he should be allowed to not only do whatever he wants on clients, get free advertisement for it, and having the nerve to make people pay for his self-centeredness? Every one of MY tattoos are symbols of what is important to ME, not to the tattoo artist. Glad he left the show! Glad also to see how much respect Charlie has for her clients. Love her!