Best Student Council

Season 1 Episode 4

A Brilliantly Clear-Headed Way

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 2005 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The episode opens in with Kaori experiencing a moment of jealous over how much time Reno gets to spend with the President. In a Best Student Council meeting its decided that because Reno's abilities remain unknown she will temporarily be made an assault squad member. Kaori is given the duty of instructing Reno in the duties of an assault squad member. As Kaori and Reno patrol the hallways Pucchan accuses Kaori of disliking Reno. Kaori admits it to be true ands states that Reno is unqualified. Eventually Reno ad Kaori are approached by a group of distressed students in need of the BSC. The group leads them to the Puppet Theater Club where the lead puppet of the upcoming play has been disfigured. Kaori doesn't think its important enough to investigate but Pucchan and Reno convince her that the girls need their help. After questioning all the members and learning very little information Kaori notices a floor window and a cat outside. Kaori tells everyone that the cat was the culprit. And that the cat did it because it smelled like the food the puppet-maker had been eating at the time of its creation. Later we see a short flashback to a young homeless Kaori being offered a home at Miyagami Academy by Kanade. Back in the present Kaori confronts the Puppet Theater Club president alone in a hallway. Kaori tells the girl that she knows she is the real culprit and that as the president she should be ashamed. Kaori also talks about how she should behave like a role model.
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