Best Student Council

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 06, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • This show had absolutely captured my heart before the first episode had ended.

    After hearing the show was about girls at a school where some of the students had more power and authority than the staff. My interest was definitely piqued. So I start watching and the show is clearly focused on a girl who nice and friendly and not really worth mentioning besides the fact that she has a talking puppet on her hand. I seriously had this puppet on my mind for days trying to figure out what was the deal with it. The puppet Puchan is absolutely hilarious and totally a driving force of the show. Of course the girls of the best student council are pretty awesome themselves. The show ultimately is about the council and how it deals with problems that arise for the school and problems that arise in the personal lives of the council members.
  • This show had one my heart over classic Anime High School comedy! I would give anything for them to make more episodes or something like that, and I mean it.

    What I enjoyed the most about this show was the girl Reno and her friend Pucchan the puppet. At first I thought she was insane with the puppet, but later found out it was alive and something else that was shoking but can't say because it's a spoiler. I like how for a High School looking show, there is a lot of Naruto based action going on in it, which is interesting, any kind of funny the way they make it. I forget the girl's name, but the one with the pigtails is funny cause of her child like mind, and I also think Cidney cause of her voice and her crazy car driving. A lot of others were pretty cool, but can't remember there names with their faces. anyways I liked this show and wish for it to come back
  • I wish this is still on

    Rando Rino, who is on her own since the death of her mother, transfers to Miyagami Gakuen, on the recommendation of her penpal, Mr. Poppit. Shortly after her arrival, Rino surprisingly becomes a member of the Gokujou Seitokai, the prestigious student council of Miyagami High. Rino learns that Jinguji Kanade founded Miyagami Gakuen as a place where students can live free from restrictions and that the Gokujou Seitokai was formed to ensure that freedom.

    The Gokujou Seitokai is divided into the three main divisions: Executive, Assault and Covert plus the Vehicle Squad.

    Each of its members has her own special ability, such as special fighting techniques or weaponry such as cards and a yo-yo, or, in Rino's case, a living hand puppet called Pucchan.

    Rino's life at Miyagami Gakuen is paved with hilarious events, but every now and then, the series undertakes a much more serious and philosophical undertone.