Best Week Ever

Season 6 Episode 34

January 16th, 2009

Aired Friday 11:00 PM Jan 16, 2009 on VH1

Episode Recap

American Idol: audition stories; 24: Jack is still torturing people; CSI: Miami: the suspect is Doug Benson; Biggest Loser: Bob Harper goes nuts; Golden Globes: odd interviews, Kate Winslet, Mickey Rourke; Dragon Chronicles: host gets whipped by lizard; the View: Ann Coulter

Shows My Wife Made Me Watch: The Bachelor

As the World Turns: First gay teenage sex scene

Sizzler: Amy Winhouse getting divorced, Kanye West wants less fans, Jonas Brothers fan tosses bra

Interview with Neil Flynn: Flynn fakes a live video and steals 3 million

In Case You Missed It: Destroyed in Seconds: bike rider missed roof; Today: Willard Scott goes nuts; Prayer Cross infomercial; What Would You Do: hidden camera man gets bitched at by his wife

Best Week Ever: President George W. Bush & America.