Best Week Ever

Season 6 Episode 21

July 11th, 2008

Aired Friday 11:00 PM Jul 11, 2008 on VH1

Episode Recap

Jesse Jackson caught on camera whispering to a friend about cutting off Barack Obama's nuts because Jesse believes Obama is talking down to black people. And the news media doesn't want to say what the actual word was.

Speculation about Madonna being the reason Alex Rodreuigez is getting divorce

Primetime: Charlie Van Der Wall: a guy who lives in a remote cabin in Alaska with wild bears, and may be in love with the bear.

Bachelorette: Jason asks to marry the girl before she makes her decision…and gets dumped.

American Gladiators: Yoko Ohigasi at 52 is the oldest contestant on Gladiators and is the Reality Superstar of the Week:

Paul Scheer interviews Al Roker, the host of Celebrity Family Feud. Al says he was not only the host but was also the head researcher. Then it's clips of all asking questions rather inappropriately.

I Love Money: We learn what the contestants would do with the money, and one wants to spread the word about retarded dogs.

Matthew McConaughey is the new beef spokesman, and his sexy voice makes for some odd adds.

Sizzler: Chuck is with the winner of Hell's Kitchen Christina Machamer and she mispronounces Sizzle "Soffler", so Chuck flips out, just like Gordon Ramsay. Christie Brinkley divorce sketch artists can't draw; in an interview with Flavor Flav claims to have lost his virginity at 6 years old; Chuck gets confused when the British tabloid the Mirror says that Samantha Ronson gave Lindsay Lohan an 11,000 pound ring, meaning he thinks it weighs 11,000 pounds, not the cost; an online petition has surfaced that wants Tara Reid to star in the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street; next week Madonna's brother will release a tell all book called :Life with my sister Madonna, in response Madonna will release a tell all about he brother called Who Give a F**k; Jamie Lynn Spears interview in OK! about being a mom After Chuck closes the Sizzle off, Christian comes back in and yells at him.

In Case You Missed It: Judge Judy has case about people who didn't get rolls; America's Got Talent: 10 year old girl kung fu fights her dad; Scare Tactics: attack of the midget devil.

Masa Oki pitches

Best Week Ever: Kent Couch. Kent flew in a balloon chair and was interviewed, still in the chair. And now he wants to fly over Australia

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